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  1. You know, it might not be RSE's fault. Updates don't just appear once a developer is done with them - they have to get past a certain very large company in Redmond. jb
  2. http://research.microsoft.com/mlp/trueskill/FAQ.aspx jb
  3. I see from some of my reading on the official Ubi forums that this is a well-known bug. I hope it gets patched - Blind Siege is a GREAT game type and the only way to play Siege, IMO. jb
  4. Tonight I hosted two five-person teams in blind siege (one base), and no matter how I set the team starting points - standard, swapped, alternating, random, etc. - blue team was on defense EVERY time. In order to give people some variety, I finally had to just have everyone switch teams. If I recall correctly, before the DLC, "alternating" allowed the teams to switch spawns every time in regular siege. I realize that since the base is always moving you can't really alternate "spawns" as such, but shouldn't there at least be a way to switch offense and defense? Was I doing something wrong with my settings? Thanks, jb
  5. I haven't decided yet whether I'll buy this - I had been sure, but the more I think about it the madder I get. Wingshot is exactly right about how this doesn't represent nearly the value that GR2 and SS did. This should have been a free or cheap download. I don't know whether I'm down with a boycott, but those who are taking part in one shouldn't be called cheap or crybabies (even though I jokingly called Wing a cheapskate earlier. ). They're voting with their wallets. jb
  6. Ditto, guys - this was an awesome opportunity and a lot of fun. Thanks for GR:AW and the great games tonight. jb
  7. Hell they must be putting it in the game at some point or there wouldn't be the shoot x number of helos down in multiplayer. I doubt UBI could make that big of a mistake if they didn't plan on having it in at some point. Not necessarily. With helicopters turned on, you have a lot of opportunities to shoot down a lot of helos in existing MP modes. It's just that most rooms have helos off. Sissies. jb
  8. How's your experience been in ranked rooms? I've had the game since release day and only this weekend have I spent much time playing in ranked rooms. My experiences have been mostly negative because, my Lord, there are a LOT of a-holes out there in Xbox Live land. Most of them will kick you from the room if you're not a 6 or better (I went from 1 to 3 since last night). The ones who let you stay will stack teams against you. I have so many cool people on my friends list - where are the people like that among the random strangers? jb
  9. I could swear I heard early in GR:AW's release that if you're running a ranked room you shouldn't change the settings from the default if you wanted the games to count toward players' rankings. Is this true? Thanks, jb
  10. In MP, when someone gets dropped from a game because of lag, usually they drop dead and are counted as such. But a few times last night, they didn't, and their avatar remained "alive," just standing there. jb
  11. Played multiplayer co-op with some buddies tonight, and I'm wondering whether GR:AW has gone back to canned death animations for AI players. I ask this because of the identical way in which AIs convulse off the ground if you kill them while they're prone. Any idea? jb
  12. I'd love to play - thanks, ZJJ! jb
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