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  1. I've seen this as well. Except he wasn't kneeling or anything, he was running around shooting people with the sniper rifle. The rate of fire it was going at, was about the same speed as the LMG. Can't ever think of the name, the m249 variant. Anyways, he kept going around, not even scoping in. I finally killed him and said, nice sniper rifle there eh? And he left. It definately wasn't lag, since our pings were the normal 80-150. Which is border line feasible. (It's kinda hard/sad to say such a thing, since I normally don't even consider joining any other kind of server with a ping over 65 ) Everything was going smooth as well. He killed our whole team up close and I saw every bullet hit that missed. Happened after the patch came out I believe.
  2. I don't know... The player models look like they are something from a game 5 years ago or something. The movements arent smooth at all. I hope they tune that out a bit. Other then that, it looks pretty decent from that video clip. Btw, no audio in that clip Damolee?
  3. I'm resourceful. I can play GR:AW and Armed Assault not devoting a huge amount of time to one or the other. I have a vast number of games on my comp that I try and play evenly. So even if ArmA is the next best thing, I'll play it about as much as I do every other game. Seems cool though, will most definately be checking it out. Anyone have a link to the video that Poita was talking about?
  4. Gas is basically required though. Overpriced GRAW content isn't.
  5. Small Group huh??? Hmm...I guess that's why it took forever to download the thing overnight....... Umm, isn't anything slow when you download it from the marketplace? Many people are downloading other things as well...
  6. Ubisoft already has plenty of my money. No way I'm droping another $15 for this weak amount of content. PC version is getting free content, so I'll stick to my priorities. I could justify 5-8 dollars. But that is rediculous. Especially being a big GR fan. It's really a slap in the face to the comsumers. I'm pretty sure them not having my $15 isn't going to hurt them as much, but I won't let them slap me around with their overpriced content. The small amount of people who bought it, have fun playing with your small group. I'm sure that the majority rests in the original GRAW 360 content .
  7. Yeah, that's so annoying. I was hoping it was like in GRAW 360 where you can't shoot or can't be killed within the spawn time. Even though that it self is flawed in the 360 heh... [For those of you who don't know the 360 invincible flaw, it's basically a 3 or 4 second invincible time. When you start off, it says Combat starts in 4, 3, 2, 1. When it reaches 0, your vulnerable to fire, but you can't shoot atleast for another second. So if someone has an LMG just shooting at you while your invincible, then you can be killed when you are vulnerable. Really annoying too.]
  8. Yeah, I think that's everyones Gripe about DM. Maps are way too small for any server over 10 people. DM is fun for 5 minutes. TDM should be so much better. Can you give us some details on the map that you're making? Keep us updated!
  9. ER(+)SER Your post was totally uncalled for and not needed. That's the kind of stuff that's not needed in the forums. Flamers like that.
  10. Now is when an admin should step in and close the thread before it gets out of hand. lol
  11. I'm not trying to start a fight. But everyone bashing people over a post is getting old in it self. If the admins thought it was out of hand, then they would do something about it. If it gets out of hand in a certain post, they will say so and it calms down.
  12. Your not an admin. So it's not your job. Your being immature now by the way. Much like UBI forums are. This is a far better community then the UBI forums are. This community gets credit in the game and patches. It's not being over run by UBI kids. So a few posts that are repeated, only assures that GRiN knows about it. If it was rampant like UBI, then sure, quit with the posts. But it's not as bad as UBI by far.
  13. No one's forcing you to read these posts. If you see a post that's already been done 100 times, why read it? Just skip over it. Simple as that. I don't mind reading everyones posts about the game. Just re-assures me that I'm not alone in my feelings about it.
  14. Yeah my video in game, folds or shrinks for like half a second. Most of the time it does it in crucial moments. Then I die.
  15. I keep getting errors with some servers that says Your CD Key has been rejected. It happens to me when I join a game half way through. When the game loads again, it will load just fine, go to the long black screen and then give me that error. It's never done it since today. And it has done it to me 3 times now. Anyone else having a problem with that?
  16. I crashed when I was selecting my kit. I selected my primary. Went to select my secondary. The background turned into what seemed like the night vision. Then a few seconds later it crashed. I wasn't actually moving around, I was still selecting my secondary weapon. It was in the night map, DM. Got this error: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.16 data\lib\units\extensions\hudinventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: _unit_name in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\extensions\hudinventory.dsf(0) Hope this helps. No modded files what so ever, by the way.
  17. It's in Start/All Programs/Ubisoft/GRAW/GRAW Map Editor
  18. Headshot = 1 shot. Few shots to the body = death. It is a huge improvement.
  19. Yeah, DM is fun for 5 minutes. Then it gets lame/boring. This game is going back on the shelf for me until TDM.
  20. http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/6/16/72272/graw-1-1.jpg http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/6/16/72272/graw-1-2.jpg http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/6/16/72272/graw-2-1.jpg http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/6/16/72272/graw-2-2.jpg Did a comparison with AA. It's meh, but oh well. Better then nothing, people got what they wanted, sorta.
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