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  1. Exactly what you quoted is my sarcasm. I'm saying that Ubi stated that DM was the #1 mode requested so they put that in instead of TDM. But when I browse the servers, the majority of the DM servers are empty. So *start sarcasm* #1 requested mode, eh Ubi? (Due to not many people playing DM) *stop sarcasm*
  2. While DM is pretty fun with *no more* then 10 people. It still is very arcadey. It does bring you to your senses though, when you have 2 people running around you. And you can't tell which one is closer. Then bam, a guy spawns right in front of you, and you try dearly to kill him. Only having that 1 bullet kill you after you loaded him up. Invulnerability FTL lol Sorry I didn't recognize you FWF.Osteo, it's been a long day. GG's earlier btw.
  3. I hope your just agreeing with me, or you lack a sense of sarcasm.
  4. I like to have fun with a game every once and a while, it doesn't all have to be tactical. Gets boring at times. Considering the amount of times I've beaten it on the PC and 360 version. But no, I didn't intend to say I want Run n Gun DM.
  5. Thanks. Wow,I didnt bash him. THAT IS HOW I FELT. If he got his moneys worth, good.Im glad he likes it, I wish I did. Id rather be playing the next Ghost Recon than arguing pointlessly over a forum with you. Bit testy are we? The only one doing any bashing on anyone is why oh you. Sorry that you were trying to steer someone away from thinking they got their moneys worth with silly metaphors. Only thing I'm bashing is your metaphors.
  6. Did people ask for your metaphors? Or did they ask for a deeper explanation? Don't bash someone because they felt they got their moneys worth and you didn't, or use retarded metaphors that account to nothing in your explanation.
  7. You certaintly like your metaphors don't you? Don't start trying to justify one persons thought, or change his mind around. If he said he got his moneys worth, then he did. Some people have different tastes, and a lot of people don't enjoy MP. Simple as that. It's like if he bought GRAW and was mainly wanting to play it for SP. But they threw in some MP on it. Does he still want to mainly play SP? Yes. Will he play that 'added bonus'? Sure, but that's not his main reason for buying it.
  8. Umm, the game play is fine for me and the other 500+ people playing. Apparently you and a few others don't like it. And it seems as if you don't want to play this game anymore. If that's the case, please close this case and move the hell on to another game. As I said before, I'm done, this thread is going no where. And I'm wasting my time on this useless discussion. But before I leave, please answer my question now: Give me an example of the benefits of your complaining. What's it going to do? What is your goal for posting your rubbish? What has come out of it?
  9. Patch 1.16 is a start. Read the readme, the majority of it was requested by people giving constructive feedback. Give me an example of the benefits of your complaining. What's it going to do? What is your goal for posting your rubbish? What has come out of it? Nothing.
  10. Is ok keep you have the right to defend a sub-par amature attempt and keep waiting all you want. This game was made for noobs like you. You got what you deserved. 2006 next patch :wall:next patch 2007 next patch next patch 2008 I got to fight the forces of evil . I can't abandon this big patch called GRAW. And you requested not to be insulted?
  11. Im sure you would, you definitley dont sound like the Martin Luther king type. We all have our way of expressing ourselves. Want to complain? Ubi forums. Want to post constructive feedback? GR.net Anyways, I'm done in this thread. It's going no where.
  12. If a restaurant changes thier ingredients and it tastes bad, I go to a different restaurant. Simple as that. And I like checkers.
  13. /me watches the few people jump off the ship ... Watch out for the sharks.
  14. Heh, I start up the map editor and I'm lost. I get a few buildings on the ground, I'm still lost lol. But yeah, good job man, can't wait to give it a shot. Keep it up!
  15. Im just saying that in the end, it wont play excactly like gr1(unless someone mods it ofcourse) it will be diffrent. better to some.worse to some(mainly the old hardcore gr1 players I think), its called change and sometimes we just have to accept it. the Casual gamer that actually IS the largest buyers group, doesnt care one iota if it plays like gr1 or not. they play the sp game and put it on the shelf with the rest of their games. Thats how most people play games. Whatever changes we do to the game to please you guys to make it closer to the gr1 experience we do pretty much do against the will of Ubi or atleast have to take a huge battle with them to get through and into the game.(I cant name any specific features..as I dont know how much im allowed to say, legally) but I think you would be VERY suprised how the game would have been if Ubi had gotten their will through on all points...we (bo especially ofcourse) has fought many tough battles to take it away from a clean console port and closer to what you consider "gr". Obviously it hasnt been taken all the way but you would whine and moan ALOT more if Grin hadnt been so persistent on certain points... and we do it for YOU. the people here in this relativley small(on comparison to the amount of people buying the game in total) community. and some of us do appreciate that Which isn't shown by a lot of the people here. But I hope they know I appreciate their work.
  16. Exactly LOL. I think they call it run n gun, because you can run? I guess that's not realistic or something. Who knows with people these days?
  17. Domination mode isn't the most fit game type for GR:AW. All people do is run around trying to capture points. I don't do that. I try to defend spots, move up and defend some more. Sure some people run n gun. That may or may not be the majority. But, what game can't you run n gun? All the people I play games with, they play BF2, CSS & COD2. They don't like the feel of this game. They are plagued by that run n gun style of game play. They say it's way too slow paced. I think you think this game is run n gun because of the maps. Which are pretty small and too urban, yes. But we can wait for long range and less urban maps. When I'm on TeamSpeak with another person, it helps a lot, and I notice my self playing a lot more. You should try it some time Nice sig btw, using GRAW characters, VeLocityChaos. The game you dislike.
  18. Some may have put it on the shelf until it has more modes in it. Some may have just had enough with it, and went on with their life. Playing some other game. Which, if you don't like this game, you're more then welcome to go play some other game. No one's forcing you to play GRAW. If you don't want it, sell it. Let another person enjoy it. There's only a small group out there that like this high level of realism. The others play CSS or BF2 or some other aracady game. It takes a certain taste. GRAW is too much for the run n gun shoot em up guys It probably sold 500,000 and people didn't realise the semi-steep requirements for this game. And their computer can't handle it. Some probably didn't like the feel, it does take some time getting used to. Some may be waiting. You never know what happened. So put some constructive feedback on here, or move on. Simple as that.
  19. Well you guys can sit around and wait for what *you* think will be "The true GR1 sequel". Or you can have fun with what has been given to us. I personally love the game, it's the type of game I've been waiting for. Only a few *small* things keeping me away from making sweet love to the disk. I love the feel of it. Yesterday, I played a few rounds of BF2 after playing GRAW like crazy, and BF2 seemed like the biggest pile of dog crap ever. I haven't touched BF2 in quite some time, around a month I'd say. Things have to evolve. Adapt, or just sit there and let time rot away. Ok, so it has 2 modes, and the one isn't all that... great. I'm patient, I can have fun with Domination mode until TDM comes out. TDM is the only thing I'm waiting for really. Anti-Cheat isn't up to par, bad mistake on Ubi I suppose. SA dedicated server files around out, ok. Will they be here? Yep. I'll enjoy my Dom until then. For a group that doesn't have much experience in the FPS genre, I think they have done a wonderful job. What other developer group comes into the forums? Probably every group. But, what other group actually responds to peoples questions? What group kids around and jokes with us? What group puts up with peoples whining and gripes? What group puts a special thank you in the game it self, and patches? GRiN. They deserve a lot more credit then any other group does IMHO. What's wrong with this game UberSoldier? That's all I ask. You make some bold statements. I'll take a bet up on that, that it's more then 25 people.
  20. I'm just still trying to figure out which forums Ubi went into, to see where DM was the most requested game mode out there for this game. While it is decently fun for 5 minutes, it gets old, annoying and just a plain old frag fest that I should expect from Quake 4 or some other game of that style. TDM ftw I hate how my browser is plagued with DM. DM DM DM DM Dom - Ping 200 DM DM ... But DM mainly has 0 people in it. Yeah, #1 requested mode eh?
  21. Tactical shmactical... Who cares? It's a game, have fun with it
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