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  1. lol and you are whining about the people who whine about the whiners. [Thanks Angel ]
  2. All this thread did was fire up the usual whiners, and bring them here to start another useless 20 page thread. Good idea though, shows who the whiners are
  3. It would be simpler to just close this thread, it's going no where. *Dropped*
  4. GR2 is pretty different from GR1. The over the shoulder part is what seperates it. Both sides are tired of this crap also. If you like it, excellent, game on! If you hate it, too bad, there's other games out there. We've heard both sides over and over again, and I think that the people who said that they deserve to be heard... You've been heard, too many times. It's making me not want to come to this forum anymore. People bashing other people for hating the game, people bashing other people for loving the game... People bashing the developers when they should be bashing Ubi. Not once have I read anyone talking trash on Ubi, when they are GRiN's bosses... Or maybe I missed something. But I think everyone gets the picture now, it's a game with mixed feelings for it. I hope that if this thread gets locked or just gets old, that no one forgets this discussion, because I think this was the biggest thread in GR.net. And I hope people don't continue to give invalid reasons or no reason at all, as to why we should all give up on this game. Even though the people who love it, has no desire at all to leave it. So it's a useless mission that they will fail on. Sure they may bring in 1 or 2 supporters, but it's not going to make the community just say: You know what? I don't like this game anymore. *Throws game away*. So if anyone's trying to accomplish that, you fail. Please don't restart at the save point.
  5. Good way of trying to stop the arguement Warlord. ...
  6. Get over it then people. Christ. You guys are wasting everyones time with keeping this crap post going. It's a no win situation, the people who don't like the game is on a mission to discredit anyone associated with liking this game. As I said 10 pages ago, if you don't like it, get over it. Find another game to play. Move on, get the hell out of here. This post has gone all over the place, and it's getting rediculous. I think we all know everyones feelings on this game, twice over. You don't like it, ok, let it go. Go sell it on E-Bay, put it on the shelf to get dusty. Just give it a rest for christs sake... What's the point of keeping this thread going? Are the guys who hate it, trying to bring as many people as they can with them? You trying to change peoples opinion on the game? Seriously, what is your goal here? Go back to your GR1 forum if you don't like GR:AW.
  7. Then why bother voicing their opinions if you think it doesn't have any influence what so ever? Why post the same opinions over and over again, then? What good will it do, if that's what *YOU* think? If it takes around 3 years to make a game, and they did what they could in the 1.5 years they had. How do you expect them to finish up the game, in less then a few months after release? Cmon now, think of what you just said. You expect them to finish up 1.5 years of work, in a month or two? LOL Silly. I guess you can see the future and garuntee 100%, that this won't be an improved game within a year?
  8. I do not discredit the people who post something constructive. I have no problem with that. It's the people that post nothing except 'omg lets all hate this game because I said so, and that's that'. I discredit those people, yes. What's it adding to the game? Nothing. Like I've said in this post, this game is far from perfect. But I still enjoy it, there are problems with the game that I do not like as well. I read peoples complaints about this game, and I give them props for posting what they seem is wrong with the game. And I do not discredit those people. But I'm not going to try and start a GRAW hater crusade. If you want to do that, do that on your own webspace, start up a website for the GRAW haters only, or something.
  9. And how exactly are you contributing anything remotely constructive? How am I trying to discredit GRAW when all I do is praise it? Do I troll around trying to discredit GR1? No. Do I troll around trying to discredit the people who like it? I would be a hypocrit if I were to do that, since I like it as well. Do I troll around trying to discredit GRAW? No. Do I troll around trying to discredit the people who like it? I would be a hypocrit if I were to do that, since I like it as well. The people that deserve discredit, are the people who bash others for liking the game, and trying to get them to follow him. There wouldn't be a problem with that really, if they gave reason why. All they do is say, OMG ABANDON SHIP BECAUSE I DONT LIKE IT, IT SHOULD BE LIKE GR1. That's not constructive. I'm all for constructive ideas, but I'm not the one to convince. The dev's are, and I'm sure they too are even more sick of seeing these flame wars without people giving any constructive critisism at all. Am I at work now? No. Will I be doing stuff later on in the day? Yes. Do I have to play GR:AW like you suggest, 24/7? No. If you dislike a game so much, why come to a forum, say abandon ship, give no real reason as to why we should 'abandon ship' and expect a joy ride? If you don't like GR:AW, what are you going to do? Go find another game or go play GR1. If GR1 is so great, then go play it. Simple as that. What other choice do you have, if you all want a GR1 mock up, and don't get it? Complaining about this game now, wanting tons of changes, as said by the dev's, is impossible. Thanks mainly to Ubi as well. "You got the new game you wanted obviously, how about letting the rest try to get theirs." How am I stopping them from 'getting theirs'?
  10. Hmm, some of us might be at work? Nah, no one here works right? ... Some of us might be out doing stuff? Nah, no one has a life, right? ... Cmon sleeper, not all of us who like GR:AW have to play it 24/7 like you're suggesting. The people here who don't like it, are worse then the people who do like it. They troll the forums all day trying to discredit the game and their followers.
  11. Breeze, wishing someone slandering a persons daughter, is about immature as his accusations. It was uncalled for, as was his accusations. Act like adults here. Kiss and make up
  12. Nicely said Hacksaww, 4R33DOM, and GreyHaired. That's a little bit more mature and constructive. Not: OMG LETS ABANDON SHIP BECAUSE I DONT LIKE IT AND THATS THAT. While I agree this game is far from perfect, it still brings me enjoyment. Which is what I paid for, and it delivered. Do I want a GR1 with better graphics? No, I want something that's evolved. And different.
  13. I hope you don't mind, but I uploaded it on a place that hosts files freely, with direct linking as well. No more waiting. I also bundled the pictures you included in your post to this as well. Download 1 [No Screenshots Bundled] 2 [screenshots bundled] Hope you don't mind. Good map too. Good job, keep up the work man!
  14. This thread is like the Cow in Me, Myself & Irene.
  15. UberSoldier, go wait on the InsurgencyMod forums then. And let the people who enjoy GRAW, enjoy it without your silly posts that turn into 10 pages of flames. People will come to defense on this game, whether or not you were just trying to stir up some stuff or not. It's simple as that... I think you have made your case clear, so now that you have, it's time for you to move on. Go abandon ship.
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