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  1. Cool, good thing you said you would recommend it. I bought it today Installing now. By the way, I got the gold edition as well. Great deal. $30 wasn't a bad deal for it.
  2. I'm going to have to urge the admins to not go with 5 spawns. I personally fell in love with 3 spawn servers (mainly went into WDA). I think 3 spawns is the sweet spot. I played the most GRAW then ever before yesterday because of that. It doesn't make it too boring by running around for 20 minutes killing 50+ ppl... But it doesn't make it too cheap with only 1 death. It's the right mix. And btw *little off topic*... Does anyone thing the MR-C is a bit more powerful/accurate? Seems to have a bit less recoil, and I was owning it up with the MR-C, scope & silencer lastnite. So only thing I can say to the 'noobs'... find a server with unlimited spawns and practice from that... Or just adapt to 3 spawns. Sorry, but that's how I feel.
  3. Well, I'm thinking about picking this and the expansion pack up from Gamestop. So, I was wondering, how many people are still playing online? Good amount? Or just a handful of servers? Any information prior to buying this would be appreciated, and I thank you in advance.
  4. I'll give it some more time, but first impressions said that HH isn't fun. Even if I'm on the spawn camping team, it gets so boring... Sure the action is intense, but I also put my self on the other teams side and think of how frustrating it is. Next round, I am on the other team getting spawn camped. It would be one thing if I had a chance to atleast take cover, but I once some how died the split second I spawned in HH. It was the Cape I believe, you seem to fall when you spawn, I died before I finished 'falling' that half foot. They said it's more rural, which it is. But I think the community wants a rural map, that's OPEN, not a small confined circle of love. If TDM doesn't do it for me, I'll be removing this from my PC and waiting for other games to come out. Edit: For open maps, think Battlefield 2 maps. Also, I think the zone that you need to defend, should be a bigger area, so not everyone's confined in the small area.
  5. Depends on how HH runs compared to TDM. I'll most likely be playing TDM, but we can't tell for sure. Never played HH before, so I'll check that out first probably. Hoping that TDM is good, because I really don't like DOM much.
  6. I wonder how long until it's available there? Can't wait
  7. The legit players need this anti-cheat as much as anyone really lol. So they don't keep getting falsely accused of being a hacker. 25-0 isnt too hard.
  8. Your question mark button got stick didn't it?
  9. While a good in depth view, he was basically saying that they probably wont be releasing it at the end of July. It's all good, GR:AW is losing my attention, I have no real reason to start it up again without a patch that adds quite a bit of stuff to it. I'm not all giddy about this patch like everyone else is. What's the reason that it's losing my attention? Well, it's boring, really. No competition, so I normally yield a high score. It can't keep my attention for more then 15-20 minutes before I get bored with it. I will welcome a patch, but if this game doesn't keep my attention for more then 45 minutes at a time, then I'll be putting this game back on the shelf and anxiously await the BF2142 open beta/retail game. Nothing else to play really... I'm not saying that I don't appreciate all the hard work that GRiN has done to make a fantastic game... It's really probably due to the lack of competition. Besides the nade launcher whores out there, to add a frustrating twist with a mix of BS and lack of skill... It's rather boring.
  10. Doubt that will happen. It should be coming in the next few days, if you remember, the gr.com said that it should be here at the end of July, or beggining of August. Patience young grasshoppa.
  11. I enjoy PC and consoles. But I prefer PC over console any day. I have XBox and XBox 360 right now. Both are just fine. Just kind of disappointed that UBI is putting PC as the 2nd choice... No matter the reason behind their madness.
  12. I'm happy with just my single x1900XTX for now. Until DX10 cards come out, I'm not upgrading anymore.
  13. Good stuff, keep up the good work GRIN! Can't wait for the patch. TDM FTW
  14. Yes, and he meant the reticule spread as well. So I added on to that. But thanks for the answer.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25BN2oH1ZTQ That the reticule spread you were talking about? WARNING: Music does have some cusses in it, not work safe. I for one never did like the [GR] spread, and how slow it took you to recover from anything. (No flame either please) I liked GR2's reticule spread and recovery time. It was a lot more feasible. I think the only problem with GR3's reticule spread, is that they are all CQB battles, so it doesn't take much to just spam and get a kill. I've done it plenty of times my self. But when there isn't a CQB match, and it's a longer range battle, the reticule spam doesn't do much for anything. I've tried it plenty of times as well, and I have been shot down. So I think once we get less urban maps and more LONG range maps, we'll be good. And, question, do the bullets lose impact over distance, or lose trajectory? Like say, if we got a really long range map... Would the bullets lose effectiveness and accuracy if you shot from base A to base B, and the distance is... oh let's say 1500 yards or so? If it doesn't, then that's ground for some spam if we get long range maps. Everyone popping everyone in the head pretty easily as if they were 1 foot away.
  16. Thanks for the info. Probably STILL wont be playing that much anymore, mainly thanks to the spawn campers. It had a good run for me tho.
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