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  1. Ok, people play ranked games, to get... what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, RANKS. So if you are a level 5, and you play a bunch of level 1 or 2's, it will take you a lot longer to rank up to level 6. So it's basically a waste of your time. It actually gets boring when you beat up on a lower level, all the time... they pose no challenge at all. When you play a rank that's similar to you, it's a lot easier to rank up. And since when did you learn all about me? Maybe I sucked at level 1 when I first played, and I got a little better? Isn't that the way it usually is? And why should I "become a ranger"? If I didn't worry about ranks, then I would play a player made match. So what exactly was your point?
  2. Yeah... You could have JUST upgraded to a 500Mhz Intel with 128MB of RAM and an 8MB video card.... Doesn't mean it's the latest and greatest hardware. I don't mean to be ignorant or anything. But that's how it is with today's hardware. I just got my x1900XTX and it should rock GR:AW I would suggest an x1900XTX or a 7900GTX (not the GT version, it's only 256MB). CPU is fine, and if you could, get 2x1GB sticks of PC3200 RAM. And if you upgrade to an x1900XTX or 7900GTX, you will have to get a new power supply. One with 30A on the +12v rail is required for the x1900XTX. I learned that the hard way, and I'm still waiting for my PSU to come. (It's torture, having this card sit here doing nothing for over a week lol )
  3. Yeah, I'm in the same boat with cyan1de... I always seem to be on the team against level 5-8's when my team is a bunch of level 1-3's... No wonder why I gave up on GRAW after I got my lvl 5... It took me twice as long to get my level 5, because I was ALWAYS on the losing team. But yet, I would always be #1 or 2 in the WHOLE list of players. I simply started nothing but host games and kick level 3's and under... Call me an ass, but I was tired of XBL matching us up with different levels... If you are a level 5, XBL shouldn't show any matches with people that are levels 3 or under, or 7 and above. That would be nice for all levels. Not too experienced, but not too noobish... Meh, this game has potential to be the best 360 game on XBL... Simple, little features missing is what's holding it back. Also, more medium sized maps are needed, more weapons and such. Get on the ball guys!
  4. Hey SillyHalfMexican, did you use to be in SyN in BF2? ← Yep, for a very short time. Took me a few minutes to remember if that's what the clan name was. That was quite some time ago. I've been in LORD for so long now, I've forgotten the other clans that I have been in. Were you in SyN? I'm assuming you were/are, since you asked. Sorry if I don't remember you, it's been a long time now. Send me a PM.
  5. Sounds great! Great review guys, and thanks for the in-depth LENGTHY (lol) preview. And since it was on medium settings on a 6800GT/Ultra (whichever)... I wonder if it will run on high settings with an Ageia card and my x1900XTX that I just ordered (not the Ageia card of course, YET)? I read somewhere that it won't run on current hardware, on max settings? But if it ran on medium (probably pretty smooth for a demonstration), on a 6800 series card, then why wouldn't it run on high/max on an x1900XTX? No game out there has been able to challenge the x1900XTX or the 7900GTX. Makes me wonder... Got the x1900XTX and X-Fi soundcard just in time for GR:AW. I should be experiencing one of the best times in my gaming history with GR:AW! And I trust that GRIN won't let us down! Keep up the good work guys! You have my $50.
  6. Not sure if it's the same way around where you guys are, so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. But when you pre-order, at this Gamestop around here, it is usually there a day early, and you can pick it up the day early. When I pre-ordered GRAW 360, I could pick it up the day before it hit stores. Now around here, pre-orders get it a day early, no matter what. Even if the shipment gets there the DAY of release. So what I usually do (thank god there aren't many gamers around ) is just wait a week before release and pre-order it. That way I'm not so worried about a push back on release day. And I have something to be anxious about So I'll most likely be ordering this on the 1st of May.
  7. Found a website with a pre-made script. So I used it, and made one up in 5 min. Not the best looking I know... But here it is. http://mexicanhq.com/grawcountdown/
  8. Sweet, just enough time to get a 7900GTX, some more RAM and a new CPU! Definately can't wait for GRAW, every other game is getting boring to me. Been playing the hell out of GRAW 360. It's lots of fun times, but already needs more maps. Hopefully there are plenty of maps in MP that will keep people occupied for longer then the 360 version. We'll see what happens though!
  9. http://securityarms.com/20010315/all.htm is where I go, lots of guns
  10. I'm mainly a PC gamer, but I don't leave out consoles just because of that, I'm an all around gamer, but my main eyesight is in PC. I bought an XBox 360, just in time for GRAW and I have other games for my 360, but not JUST for GRAW. I was going to get one on launch, but didn't because Wal-Mart screwed the 150 people out there. Long story on that one. I have an XBox as well, I have owned 2 of them. First one I owned when they first came out (1st gen controller rocks ) And 2 different copies of Halo 2. Hrmm... I have GR, GR:SS, & GRAW for 360 also. I have all of them for PC and getting the new one for PC as well. I will be upgrading my PC for GRAW as well. Right now I have: AMD 64 3500+ 2GB PC3200 Corsair XMS BFG 6800GT 256MB @ Ultra (425/1150) 2x74GB Raptor RAID0 Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic The soundcard and RAID setup is going into my new PC. The new upgrades I'll be getting will be: AMD 64 X2 4400+ 7900GTX 2GB PC5000 DFI Lanparty mobo Should run smoothly
  11. The PC version and regular XBox version has the actual gun view in FPS mode. Kinda lame that they stiffed the 360 version out of it. I would have prefered to see the gun, but meh.
  12. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=31721 ...
  13. When I pre-ordered mine at Gamestop, a week before it came out, the guy gave me a faceplate for The Outfit... Don't ask me why, but I'm like, Cool? 8^) That's all though.
  14. I just beat GRAW. All I can say is... WOW. This game is THE best game on console. I personally think it out-did Halo 2 (It didn't have a weak ending). I however, did only beat it on normal, going back and doing it on hard. Man, this game is just awesome! I can say that all this waiting has paid off. Good job Ubi, you have partly redeemed yourselves with me. But mainly the good job goes to RSE/GRIN and all the other developers, props to you guys. Visuals are top notch, the sound is just awesome and gameplay, some of the best. There were times where I was just getting pinned down and getting killed out of random stuff, but I switched my tactics and smashed the enemy. And not one problem with the 360, no graphical glitches/bugs that I found. Multiplayer is top-notch as well, it's pretty nicely done. Just some minor nit-picking's. Getting dropped from about 75% of the games... Little lag here and there, but that's probably just from the server side. Totally exceeded my expectations. If you weren't a big fan of the GR MP, like I was at once, definately give it a try. I know, I'm sure you've heard people say that from a hundred different places, but I truely disliked GR2 SS MP, it turned into a spam fest and just wasn't enjoyable at all for me. I was reluctant to buy this, but I had no other games for the 360, and man I won't regret it!
  15. Fixed, had a text setting set to something on accident. My bad.
  16. Well, I just got bored... So I looked around for a GRAW userbar, and couldn't find one. So I took 15 minutes and made one. I guess you can consider it a WIP. Suggestions are welcome, and you're, of course, welcome to use it if you want. Only thing I could fit in such a small area for GRAW. So here it is. Hope you like.
  17. Anyone else getting disconnects on some servers they go into? I'll start the game, run up a little bit, and then it disconnects me. I have a friend over that's on his XBox online. I figured it was that for some reason, so I disconnected it from the internet, still the same thing happened. It happens atleast 3 out of 5 matches I go to. And it's quite annoying. Also the server browser blows, takes forever to search, and then I'll get into a server that has like 5/16 in it, so I join it, and it says there are no more spots left. So then I have to hit Ok and go back into the browser and wait for it to refresh. I get that about 90% of the time. I'm gonna start hosting my matches because this is getting annoying and rediculous. Anyone else experiencing these issues? Other wise, awesome game! Best one yet.
  18. Totally agreed as well, very awesome game! Only had a chance to play it for an hour, but all I could say was, wow! I HATED GR2 SS, I just absolutely HATED it. So I was reluctant to buy this, but I bit the bullet and went ahead and got it. So far, no regrets at all! Very nice visuals, the aiming system is WELL improved over GR2SS. Definately will be playing this for hours on end.
  19. Looking good, I love each new movie they release, just gets me more excited for GRAW
  20. I agree, that's the one thing the GR games had on the XBox were in the audio department. The sounds were just incredible for even the XBox. And the videos seem like the audio took it even further for the 360, but we shall see.
  21. I guess that's why it's being released on the 9th
  22. Whichever is native to your TV. ← How would I know which one is native? ← Do some research on your TV model. One simple search on the model number in Google will give you the specs from a random website. And what it supports.
  23. I just hate the fact that they aren't promoting the PC version at all. The XBox 360 chats were long and had quite a bit of good information in it. The PC version gave off.... absolutely no information we already knew. I know that they are trying to sell the games on console and get the stale 360 back alive... But why stiff an already huge community that's not about to die out? I'm a PC gamer and a casual console gamer, and when I get hopes up for a game, it's quite hard to get my hopes down or lose my interest in it. And I'm just losing a lot of interest in it, because I want to see what the game play is like, how demanding is it going to be? We saw some min specs, but I would like a demo to see how it runs on my current PC before I go out and blow another thousand dollars on it. Not go out and spend 1000 dollars on my PC, and then have the chance of it flopping like GR2 did, or it turn out to not be as great. I am buying a 360 when Microsoft said that you will 'be able to just go into a store and pick one up'... And from what I have seen for the console version, I will definately be picking up a copy for the 360, but my interest is still in PC. I just hate that they are promoting the console version WAY more then the PC version. Usually it's the other way around But meh, oh well... It will come out eventually...hopefully...(GR2 )
  24. Just curious to know how many people will be upgrading their PC to play this wonderful game at it's most wonderful settings? I am currently in the process of upgrading my computer. Also if you are upgrading, post what you are going to be upgrading to. So people will have an idea of what to upgrade to. Sorry if there is already a post here for this. My current rig is as follows: AMD 64 3500+ @ 2.5 GHz 1GB PC3200 @ 240 FSB 2.5-3-3-6 nVidia BFG 6800GT @ 425/1125 [256MB] 2x74GB WD Raptors in Raid0 2x120GB WD IDE Drives Antec TrueControl 550W PSU Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard. The upgrades will be: AMD FX-57 @ 2.6 GHz OR AMD X2 4400+ OCed to 4800+ 2GB PC3200 (2x1GB) ATi x1900XT [512MB] 2x74GB Raptors in Raid0 2x250GB WD SATA HDD's Antec TruePower 550W PSU DFI LanParty mobo [nForce 4] That should definately run GR:AW [Merged into existing thread]
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