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  1. Apologies if this has been posted already... Found this on a site at GameBorder.com, they are offering a ton of free games. Ghost Recon is on that list! Click here for a direct link to Ghost Recon. Now everyone can experience how great this game is! Other notable games I see are: Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe & Full Spectrum Warrior Have fun! EDIT: Just read the whole description and it says this: "You will need an Ubi.com account and you must live in the U.S. to play the game." Sorry for the UK'ers
  2. It's all up to personal preference. You can still find [GR] in stores, but you won't find a deal like this in a store. If you like the hard copy, then go for that. If you don't mind having a "digital archive" of GR, then go for Steam. If you don't mind either one, flip a coin. Me personally, once the money is in the bank for me... I'm buying the Steam version. I'm sure that there's plenty of people playing [GR]. They are most likely playing mods or different maps. Since GR is full of both. There aren't anywhere near the amount of people playing like say, Call of Duty 4. But still there'
  3. Very true, I still prefer the hard copies. However, I also like to put my games up in storage. So Steam is becoming a great way of doing games. I'm growing on it. When I want to launch a game, I don't have to go searching through my shelf for the game. I just double click the game I wanna play and voila. Plus I never did pick up GRAW2 for the PC, so this is a great way for me to get that game and have a digital copy of the other GR's, since my GR games are a little scratched (I didn't take care of my games back then).
  4. Not really sure, it doesn't list regions anywhere. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish That's what it says on the page, but I don't think we can go entirely off that. Considering rookie can't get it apparently.
  5. Should be, all the games that I have bought over steam have been compatible with the original CD/DVD versions. It's the same game, just distributed a different way. Steam does have their own patch system though. Same patch, but it just auto-updates for you. Mods work the same way as usual, just in a different directory (Steam directory).
  6. Sorry if this is either posted in the wrong section, or if it has been posted already. I didn't see it posted anywhere else. Anyways, just logged on to Steam and noticed they released the Ghost Recon Collection for $36. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Complete Pack You get: Ghost Recon Desert Siege Island Thunder GRAW 1 GRAW 2 Great deal for those who haven't gotten some of these yet. Or those who would like to have it in digital format. You can also purchase separately.
  7. If any of you guys are still interested... I'll definitely want to play with some people who will take it seriously. Not just rush through and everyone goes in Rambo style. Which is the main reason I haven't completed all the maps yet. Actually, I just end up trying solo, which has worked out for some maps. I have all the map packs for GRAW2, so I don't know if that will be a problem. They are well worth the 5 or 6 bucks though! If you don't want to buy them, I can simply delete them so we can play. Or in fact, I don't think you need to worry if one person has the pack and the other d
  8. Sorry if this isn't the place for this topic, but I couldn't find a forum topic suitable for this. So I figured I'd post in the forum that's most read. I was reading an article and this group was holding an interview with Ubisoft, asking them a bunch of questions. One of the questions was: lavalant asks: I'm a longtime fan of the old Ghost Recon 1 games on Xbox 1 and PC, mainly becuase they were more realistic, with one-hit kills, no recharging health-bars and massive levels. The newer Ubisoft shooters seem geared towards a mass market. Are there any plans to release or re-release any
  9. Awesome, getting this now! 50% done. Nice price too. Kinda came out of no where also lol.
  10. So uh, is there a place to check out the changes? Still curious to know what was changed.
  11. I bought mine in January 2006, more than 12 months... But I feel compelled to answer these questions. I am NOT a console fanboy, far from it. Any other questions, feel free to ask. I'll be more than happy to answer them. I'm assuming you are considering purchasing a 360, if so, what decision are you most leaning on? If you decide to get one, feel free to add me to XBox Live. C1trousMexican is my gamertag. Anyone else feel free to add me as well, it won't bother me.
  12. Don't mean to nag, or add on to the 100 beta questions. But I got an e-mail a week ago stating that since I tested some of the beta patches, that they "invited" me to the beta. So I filled out the survey, and I still haven't gotten any e-mail back. So I was wondering, has anyone? Am I missing something? I'm not talking about the fileplanet crap either. Talking about the ubisoft e-mail invites (Just incase someone misinterprets.) If this has already been answered, sorry.
  13. Wonder if there will be a forum setup here for GRAW2 Beta? Got my e-mail this morning.
  14. Yeah I don't get that... The FAMAS is in the MP demo... lol Pretty lame if you ask me...
  15. I'm sure that's going to spark some more UFO sightings But yeah cool stuff nonetheless.
  16. It' obstructs your view too much IMO. His head seems to be right in the middle of the screen, and I had a little bit harder time finding the enemy sometimes. I then tried to bring the camera down a little bit, but it took time to bring up the crosshairs to aim at someone. It didn't effect my gameplay a whole lot, but it was just an annoying little thing that I first noticed. If it is brought out just a little bit (the camera), it would be perfect. Perhaps it's trying to emulate your characters head twitching from a bullet whizzing by him? Not sure, but that was in GRAW1 I believ
  17. Don't worry Rocky, the demo took me 5 minutes to go through. Here's what went down: ***POSSIBLE SPOILER*** Killed maybe 4-5 people, then we got to use the mule, then we sniped a few people, a chopper came down and gave you your teammates, walked a little bit (while beind under some weak mortar attacks), killed another 4-7 people. Then a message TO BE CONTINUED came up during the heat of battle. ***END POSSIBLE SPOILER*** Pretty lame if you ask me. You aren't missing much... It seems as if the camera is closer to the guys shoulder, which was kind of a pain. Mitchell got in the wa
  18. Thanks Nutlink. First article: "Apparently, the key factor involved with these findings is the increasing popularity of casual games, especially among women." Casual. Give me a thousand bullets and a hundred rockets and make me near invincible so I can win. Look, like Lysander said, it was on EASY. Maybe it's different if you put it on HARD? Unless a game is a straight port over, the game (for console) is made for casual gamers in mind, hence it doesn't take someone a week to get the game down, like GRAW for PC. GRAW1 was just as arcadey as GRAW2, yet it was a hit. Because i
  19. Don't people know that console is aimed at a much broader audience? Kids these days want to be the "one man army". A very small audience wants realism. If you want a bit more realism, stick with the PC. I don't know when people will learn that console is nothing more than a kids toy and these types of games will appeal to them... It's where the money is. Don't blame the dev's, blame the kids. I for one will be getting both, I like both ways, and I can accept that one will be an aracade shooter and one will be a bit more realistic. I don't like 100% pure realism 100% of the time.
  20. Some people are just too picky... Atleast you aren't able to jump in the air twice and shoot 20 rockets at people.
  21. I'm a sucker for any of my favorite series GR, R6, Battlefield... I typically buy new games on the day it's released or that week. Don't see myself breaking this 'rule' Just gotta save up $110 now (PC & 360 version)
  22. Hmm, the only thing I can agree on is that there is noticeable lag, even with decent pings. But then again, that's always been like that since day 1. I see people still running and killing me. That's the one major turnoff that made me completely stop playing, was the lag. But I don't think that they messed with anything like the guns... I think it would be in the change notes.
  23. Yea, unfortunately it said it was for UK members only. Signed up and updated my address and it said that it was for UK only. Too bad!
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