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    GRAW Vids

    Downloading them right now!
  2. No you wouldnt, then it would be more like Rainbow Recon, than Ghost recon.. because GRAW for the xbox is basically rainbow six, with a hint of ghostrecon -.-
  3. Ok seriously, people please stop saying that companies arent gonna put their full effort into last gen consoles. First Off the xbox version was made by ubisoft shanghai, and 360 version by ionno ubisoft paris or canada, one or the other. I mean look at BLACK for the xbox, that game has an excellent singleplayer experience, good graphix, physics and stuff.. And meanwhile criterion was working on Burnout for the 360. The xbox version was more Rainbow six than ghost recon. I actually think that the people that worked on GRAW for xbox, we're the ones that worked on RB6: Letdown.. Ionno, it really isnt fair..
  4. Yea i restarted my comp and it works now.. did he change his cam or is it the same one he had running the other night ?
  5. I did i have been refreshing for like 30 mins lol, ill just restart my comp..
  6. Bigol whats the X at the top left mean ?
  7. oh.. how do you know hes playing if he dont got his cam on lol \
  8. sweet lemme check if its gonna work! Edit: I got the "X" again.. even though i have the latest version of java.. and i checked if i did or not too.. and i do.. ='(
  9. " i dont get it, now if u refresh its java again...with a red x in the top left hand corner..." Yea i get the same thing too.. hmm
  10. is the cam working ? Cause when i go to the website, it shows the quicktime logo like really big and below it, its like loading.. but it's been like 15 mins and nothing.. weird..
  11. so when is the cam going back up
  12. Comon put that cam back up hehhe
  13. Oh ok thanx alot then.. i'll be back here tomorow.. well it's 7:30 p.m. here.. and i believe its around 1 a.m. your time.. soo well see ya tomorow.. lol
  14. hmm did he shutdown his cam ?
  15. You guys liking the lobby ? From the 2 second shot i just seen.. it looks great to me.. what do you think ?
  16. Yes im finally watching him.. Damn.. i really really want a 360 with GRAW...
  17. Damnit i wanna watch him play from his webcam.. but when i go to it, it says page cannot be found ='( waaah.. oh welll..
  18. Accept my friend request plz.. and why isnt the webcam thing working.. it says page cannot be processed.. I'm using Firefox browser..
  19. someone plz upload the videos.. to yousendit.com or filefront.. plz!! PLZ!! im begging you.. Bigol' and who ever else please man..
  20. I like how you can hear mitchell breathing..and stuff.. i think when you run he breathes harder and stuff.. pretty cool..
  21. Heres a new vid.. it's french though, and the quality isnt the greatest..still nice though.. Click Here For SP Video Enjoy!!
  22. Hey Serellen I have a question.. In Splitscreen is it OTS or FPV ?.. because some people on the GRAW console forums over at ghostrecon.com..
  23. yep i saw them, pretty cool, and yea some of the AI just stands there for 3 seconds and then shoots.. But overall nice.. My #1. Why is it that when an enemy AI is prone and you shoot him he bounces up..like.. a foot..
  24. I think they'll actually put up some more Co-op campaign maps for us to play via xbl marketplace to download.. Cause that would be a good thing..ionno you never know what they may do..
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