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  1. Am i the only one that hates the Frag Dolls ??.
  2. Agreed, i hope they make the next GRAW longer.
  3. Why is this not working for me ??. All i get is "Cannot connect to Ubisoft servers at this time" message, am i the only one ??.
  4. Lol i just check it out, and i feel like an [idiot]
  5. I know you guys are going to "let it go" but i agree with BOB 100%, i dont think GRAW2 sucks i just wanted some issues cleaned up before release.
  6. Lol it's funny because i let my lil brother play GRAW2 today for the first time and the first thing he ask me was (Why is this guy running so fast), i look at him like " How did you know" because i never even told him this was an issue. But hey maybe it's all in our heads ??.
  7. Yeah last night i was playing and i saw a lot of running and gunnig ( I think it because the drone ??). I also keep "dropping out" like in GRAW 1.
  8. Yep me to, i have like 7 1/6 figures and i would love a GRAW one.
  9. I ask Serellan to add the USMC uniforms to GRAW a long time ago, i hope he added them to GRAW 2.
  10. It looks fun, but i dont see the graphical upgrade on the MP.
  11. The demo is not bad, but IMO "GRAW 2" is an expansion pack not a new game.
  12. Man all i can say is WOW, the SP looks sick
  13. I agree man, this thing is to short .
  14. All i can say is spend your money on something else, because GRAW is .
  15. Lol so only real gamers have the DLC ???. Then i guess i'm a "Super Gamer" lol, because i have GRAW 360, the DLC, & GRAW PC . j/k
  16. It wasn't a port.... far from it. PC uses completely different tech than the 360 as well as plays out a lot different. Lol yeah that's what i was going to tell him. PS. Maybe it's just me, but Sometimes i wish that "Red Storm" would have made the PC version of GRAW. Because the 360 version is sooooo fun!!
  17. LOL yeah to me the MP is like this . But the SP is fun as hell , the only complain i have on the SP mode is my squads AI .
  18. I agree, its just a blur is all. Yeah agreed.
  19. Yep same thing . PS. Will try with the drone on. Ok no glitch with the drone on PS. Co-Op rules i want more.
  20. Anyways, on the original question, at this moment, no, it is not available on a disk, although that is not ruling anything out. K. I heard the A.I. has been upgraded does it allow you to be stealthier? The A.I. was o.k. from the start except for some moments when they will just sit in front of you or run past you without doing anything. I hope it does come on a disc in the future and I know many other gamers do as well Do you have DSL or High speed internet ??. Because if you do, you can get "(the free)XBL Silver" and download "Chapter 2" . That's what i did because i dont have XBL Gold. Or take your 360 to a friends house and download it (If they have DSL or High speed).
  21. Agreed, i'm loving the AI . Good job Redstorm .
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