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  1. Am i the only one that hates the Frag Dolls ??.
  2. Agreed, i hope they make the next GRAW longer.
  3. Why is this not working for me ??. All i get is "Cannot connect to Ubisoft servers at this time" message, am i the only one ??.
  4. Lol i just check it out, and i feel like an [idiot]
  5. I know you guys are going to "let it go" but i agree with BOB 100%, i dont think GRAW2 sucks i just wanted some issues cleaned up before release.
  6. Lol it's funny because i let my lil brother play GRAW2 today for the first time and the first thing he ask me was (Why is this guy running so fast), i look at him like " How did you know" because i never even told him this was an issue. But hey maybe it's all in our heads ??.
  7. Yeah last night i was playing and i saw a lot of running and gunnig ( I think it because the drone ??). I also keep "dropping out" like in GRAW 1.
  8. Yep me to, i have like 7 1/6 figures and i would love a GRAW one.
  9. I ask Serellan to add the USMC uniforms to GRAW a long time ago, i hope he added them to GRAW 2.
  10. It looks fun, but i dont see the graphical upgrade on the MP.
  11. The demo is not bad, but IMO "GRAW 2" is an expansion pack not a new game.
  12. Man all i can say is WOW, the SP looks sick
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