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  1. If you flip the right switches in the settings and ignore the silly AI chatter you can immerse yourself in a totally different game than it was when it came out. I played all the beta and could not be convinced to play a gearscore looter GR (I like it in TD2 though) but now I got the Ultimate edition on sale and kinda diggin it. The team experience is good too when you know how to handle your squad mates. Just set them on hold when you do stealthy stuff I wish they would have more lively AI on the islands like in TD2 though. It feels a little empty and lifeless compared to WL.
  2. Same mission from the E3 show but different group and gameplay. We see some healing and stuff. Bullet hits on the player must have been reduced massively for the demo purpose. He died from a car crash but not from 20 rounds
  3. I went undercover to raise my offspring Yea 10 years passed by, I checked my last post before the one in this thread and it was June 2006. You did a great job there with managing a forum and keeping posts and user data alive over that long period!
  4. Here is a longer (uncut) version of the gameplay with less video compression artifacts. My first post in the forum since 10 years, lol, bear with me if it was already covered.
  5. you can, MS did Apple did and lots of companies also, check the facts please ... EDIT: NOX, stop that political statements, it won't help you Diesel itself no, Diesel in combination with another word like DieselEngine, yes. trade mark info for DieselEngine
  6. you can't register a mark for a common word like Diesel in europe But there are countries that allow that! Registering common words like apple ore windows So there is no chance to get them also finish people are dangerous (look on the pic).
  7. This info is not from the GRIN Diesel engine I think. It's from Inmar Software diesel engine. An engine mainly for mobile devices and they are from Finland.
  8. The biggest problem is they take our money to make this crap every year and btw. Lordi, you can't call that metal maybe non innovative soft like lead metal
  9. The invalid CD Key message still happens with the 1.06 after the end of the mission. You have to recreate your server.
  10. I thought the internet was created by scientists from CERN, in Switzerland? Off topic, but to be correct the Internet was created from the ARPANET a US defense project. What you mean is the WWW. The World Wide Web was created at the CERN by Tim Berners-Lee a british computer scientist. So very international as it should be.
  11. I stopped working on it until I get the full game. Still waiting for the package .
  12. I fully understand your point. I think we had lesser flaming here in the boards with all the MP modes in a separate patch after the release like in HL2. SP is/was what make the money for GR and GRAW, modding keep the game alive. For the game modes I like to play with mates against AI. Why? It's because not trouble with cheating, AI use some known tactics, real people tend to do things in games they never do in RL. Like suicide attacks, intentional TK's ... Ok, in a trained squad against another trained it makes sense, but I'm playing for fun and try to relax I'm not playing professional.
  13. Great post Brettzies, GRAW should be a SP + COOP game in the first place. Then as a patch a MP addon like Valve did with HL2. The time for the DOM mode should have gone too the COOP network play, but it's to late now . Btw. I played [GR] 99% in SP or team COOP for years. So beat me MP folks because in your eyes I'm not understanding what [GR] was
  14. As Logos said, these patches have nothing to do with coded multithreading, just special by the compiler optimized versions esp. for the Intel HT CPU's. This is low level stuff. If you have to deal with multiple threads they can be really helpful but also they could bite you in the ######. Debugging is not really funny because of the parallel running code. Also you have to consider which processes run parallel in a game? There are mostly ai calculations that can be parallelised and some of the physics stuff. But all these must be syncronized because most of them depending on each other.
  15. With the current PC hardware (<10% of gamers pc have dual core or SMP) enabling MT would be a drawback for all the single core systems. Dealing with threads is not simply splitting the coumputing power in a linear way, a dual core is not twice as fast as a single core. You have to create threads for functionality that can be parallelised. And you have to synchronize them. Doing all this on a single core/cpu will slow down the game. So this is a benefit for a few people and a drawback for the most people now. If more people having dual or multicore this will change.
  16. I have only the demo atm. Still waiting for the package to be delivered There is maybe only a simple file that I forgot to edit. What I did is adding a player to Mitchells group by creating a new ghost identity based on Allen. There are several files to edit for that, but not the mission files. The full game should include more ghosts (10 in the ghost_members.xml). For what I can see there is only the automated insertion of Mitchells group in the mission not for each member. Lets see tomorrow. Time to sleep
  17. I was able to add a 5th AI player to the COOP mode, everything works fine (weapon loadout, display of the 5th player in hud) util you start to rope down. Then the game crashes with an error in scontrollogics.dxe because of a vector3 expected I should look for that rope sequence, maybe I find the script All done with the demo.
  18. Try it yourself, the bundle extrator from Nemon works
  19. If the engine supports multithreading then you don't have to care about core's, pseudo cores (HT) or SMP hardware like yours. This will be handled by the operating system. But I don't know if Diesel is multithreaded
  20. Already done it Unfortunately, the modifications I made to the SCAR H did not seem to have any effect in game. For others interested in this process, see this thread. You have to remove the corresponding .bin file and enable compilation in your context.xml (at the end) <compile xml="true" scripts="false" mopps="false" texture_db="false"/></context> This should work, but I'm at work and can't try it
  21. unpack the bundle with the unpacker provided by Nemon here. and look in the xml files for the guns. They are self describing.
  22. It wasn't a step up from the M4, but rather a step down. That was part of the issue. There were heat dispersion issues as well. I have some pics on my site of a cutdown SR25, something else we played around with as well as shots of the HK next gen weapon we also turned down. Any comments on the HK 416? I'm just curious. Personally I don't think of it as anymore than a good M4. The rear site, similar to the MP5, is a real waste of time as that is one of the first things that would come off. We have a BUPS - Back Up Site - that folds flat out of the way of any optic. Which is the only time we use an iron site - when everything else goes to crap. Any specific changes made within the 416 that are not directly interchangeable with the M4 are a strike against the 416. You can mate the upper with a lower standard M4 so that says something good. The 416 is a good weapon but does nothing to advance technology into the future where you will find one of the keys to success on the battlefield. Thanks for the info. I think in the future we should all use phaser type-3 with stun setting.
  23. Last time I checked, several people were telling me that you can edit an XML file to do that? Would any of those experts care to chime in and explain where that XML file is? ABOMB bought a copy for our dedicated server and I can't find it. in the bundle file sorry for bad formatting <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <stats_blocks> <block name="server_settings"> <var name="name" type="string" default="GRAW Server" /> <var name="port" type="number" default="15250" /> <var name="dedicated_server" type="boolean" default="false" /> <var name="message_of_the_day" type="string" default="" /> <var name="game_mode" type="string" default="Cooperative" /> <var name="level" type="string" default="mission02" /> <var name="rounds" type="number" default="1" /> <var name="load_next_maps" type="boolean" default="false" /> <var name="switch_sides" type="boolean" default="false" /> <var name="max_players" type="number" default="32" /> <var name="auto_balance" type="boolean" default="true" /> <var name="max_deaths" type="number" default="0" /> <var name="friendly_fire" type="boolean" default="true" /> <var name="password_locked" type="boolean" default="false" /> <var name="password" type="string" default="" /> <var name="match_length" type="number" default="10" /> <!-- (Minutes) --> <!-- Invisible settings --> <var name="coop_difficulty" type="string" default="normal" /> <!-- Cooperative Game difficulty --> <var name="max_ai_ghosts" type="number" default="3" /> <!-- (AI Players) Maximum AI controlled players --> <var name="spawn_time" type="number" default="10" /> <!-- (Seconds) Time before a player may spawn after dying --> <var name="forced_spawn_time" type="number" default="60" /> <!-- (Seconds) Spawns the player after this time, even if he hasn't pushed "Ready". 0 = disabled --> <var name="resupply_ammo_time" type="number" default="20" /> <!-- (Seconds) How long a player has to be inside a supplied zone before he receives new ammo --> <var name="teamkill_kick_limit" type="number" default="10" /> <!-- (Kills) After how many teamkills a player will be kicked --> <var name="member_info_broadcast_interval" type="number" default="5" /> <!-- (Seconds) How often non-essential information about kills, deaths and score is sent to clients --> <var name="max_move_without_ack_time" type="number" default="2" /> <!-- (Seconds) How long a player may keep moving without server verification. Lower will make it harder for cheaters and people with bad connections --> <var name="auto_balance_limit" type="number" default="2" /> <!-- (Players) How many more people on one team the server allows before forcing a change --> <var name="both_side_ready_required" type="boolean" default="true" /> <!-- Players on both sides need to press the ready button before match starts --> <var name="players_ready_required" type="number" default="2" /> <!-- (Players) How many people in total that has to be ready before match starts --> <var name="allow_sidechange_under_match" type="boolean" default="true" /> <!-- (Players) How many people in total that has to be ready before match starts --> <var name="map_cycle" type="string" default="" /> <!-- (Mapnames) A string with space separated map names, "mp01 mp02 mp05" --> </block> </stats_blocks> <!-- PICKING A PORT Choose a port number that is registered for general use. Registered ports range from 1024 to 49151. If you do not have a registered port to use, review the list of assigned registered ports and choose a port in the range 5001 to 49151 that is not in use. Ports 1024 to 5000 are also registered, however operating systems use ports in this range for client programs. Consider registering a port you choose to use. Choose a port number that does not contain patterns or have a known meaning. That is, avoid port numbers that more likely to be used by others because they are easier to remember. Do not use ports 1 to 1023. These ports are reserved for use by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Avoid using ports 49152 through 65535. These are dynamic ports that operating systems use randomly. If you choose one of these ports, you risk a potential port conflict. --> It's from the demo, I still wait for the full game package to be delivered.
  24. It wasn't a step up from the M4, but rather a step down. That was part of the issue. There were heat dispersion issues as well. I have some pics on my site of a cutdown SR25, something else we played around with as well as shots of the HK next gen weapon we also turned down. Any comments on the HK 416? I'm just curious.
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