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  1. These maps are not decent in size. These maps are as large (or small if you see it the same as me) as Boneyard or Deser Gulch which is saying alot. This game needs larger maps and user controlled rooms. Spawn camping is a given on this game especially if Ubi makes it run and gun the way they have.
  2. First and formost to the jedi guy. Your complaints are obviously warranted and I agree 100%. there is a but but I'll wait to release it. Second to the sgt guy. like the jedi you've been on this forum for all of a few weeks. Shut up and go play call of duty. Jedi here's my but. Like Sgt. You've been on this site for a short time. Which lets me know this may be your first bout with Ghost Recon. If you think this is your only issue for making this game better and more tactical you, too, should go play call of duty.
  3. I purchased my Original Xbox for 75 dollars. That included two ######ty games and two controllers. I went on to buy alot of games from the time I bought it on. In 2005 I bought my first Ubisoft game. Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike. That game introduced me to what is now one of my best friends in the world OPSIXDELTA. I put the game in and the first thing I did was start a co-op campaign room. I had a few people join at first and I instantly saw run and gun and my worries began. So I kicked everyone out and started a new room. I had three people join right away and the first question I asked was "Can anyone play this game tactically" I got one affirmative and two completely silent people. I kicked the quiet ones and set out to tactically take out the Government District. A level that myself and Delta would be tackling for over a year until the Xbox 360 and finally GRAW was released. Delta and I continued our tradition of playing Ghost Recon together. We gained friends and started moving from co-op to multiplayer. And we were good. We gathered a team and started playing every day and we were GOOD. Then we all sort of fell apart. GRAW2 was fantastic but I joined the Navy and everyone else was working hard. one day I picked GRAW2 up used and started playing it again. And Delta and a few of our old squad did as well but it was a strictly co-op thing. The duty players had moved into the game and tactical playing was no longer being done. But the beauty of the GRAW games was I could control who was on what team. Now Future soldier is released and Delta and I are Excited. Then we played the game. We started our ghost recon tradition of opening a player hosted match. Wait. . .it won't let me close this to the public. Why can't I make it a private match. Oh it already is? that's interesting. Oh well lets get started. We learned a couple of maps the first night and by night two we were ready to get into the action of tactical multiplayer gaming. I started a game hoping to be able to host and determine who was on what team. At first it would be randomized but over time I would build my tactical playing team and hopefully get a few people to. . .why am I searching for a game I wanted a custom match that I host and control. . .whatever lets just see how it works out. Overpass. Underground. Market. Harbor. Cargo. FRUSTRATION. Delta and I are the only ones talking that's nothing new but why are these maps all run and gun paradise. So I exit with my party and I go to the maps. And we go from map to map on 5 minute games and realize that these maps are all catered to run and gun gaming. This is a sad day in the Ghost Recon world. For seven years I've been looking forward to every Ghost Recon Game. I play Ubisoft games just because Ubisoft made them. It's why I like assassins creed. Rainbow Six Vegas. It's all because of Ghost Recon. And now Ubisoft has gone the way of Call of Duty. Battlefield. Gears of War. You've sold out the Ghost Recon Franchise Ubisoft. And heres why: The Problems as I see them First off I can't seem to Host my own match. This is a Problem as I am a particular person about who I like in and out of my room. I guess it doesn't matter to Ubi who is in the lobby because, Problem number two, this lobby system is after all in the style of every CoD game I've ever played and that's a total of 4 (and just so everyone knows I burned every copy of that game I ever owned because I do not want it back in circulation) and finally BIG problem number 3 (by the way there are far more than these problems I'm just stating my top three) Every map is catered to run and gun. Choke points surrounded by ways in and out making them just a filter instead of a good spot to mine, no Sniping worth anything. In short these games are just call of Duty, And though I hate these games I know they used to be necessary. And I also knew that they would keep those sweet sweet little children off of my Ghost Recon games. Those run and gun players as well. Battlefield Gears of War and Call of duty and countless other run and gun paradises will keep my Ghost Recon as tactical as ever. But not anymore. In short Ubisoft I will make this simple statement Make a short list and ask a simple question: Statement: You've sold out the Ghost Recon Franchise Ubi List: This is what I see wrong with the game: 1: There are no player hosted match settings or search settings 2: There are no open maps to facilitate tactical gameplay and snipers 3: I can't control what game I join and who in my party will stay on my team. It's more of a push the button and pray method. 4: You've taken out too much of the old Ghost Recon and added in too much of the New Call of Duty Question: Why take a dump on a good thing? Tell me why it is you destroyed the good about ghost recon and made it into something new and different? Gunsmith is great co-op is great, single player is great. But Ubi you've done all of us members of the hardcore tactical playing fanbase a great injustice by turning this game into what it isn't. Run and gun Call of Duty meets Ghost Recon. You've sold out so that you can make more money and that hurts us Ubisoft. That hurts alot.
  4. I doubt it's a .50 the silencer needed for that would be the size of my arm.
  5. GOVERNMENT DISTRICT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both in the co-op and adversarial. I just want to play that level over and over and over again like I used to with SS with my friends. Crazy good gaming times there. Crazy good. And being able to do it at night would give me even momre to love about that map.
  6. How much can you tell me about the clan support for GRAW 2? The symbol tha we are able to have, is it customizeable or is it a choice from a list? and how much can I change my look this time around?
  7. For changes or things that shouldn't in GRAW 2? I have only one left since they have fixed most of my problems. SILENT SNIPER RIFFLE FROM THE START PLEASE?! I'm probably not the first to post this but I've been away for a while so humor me.
  8. Took the words right outta my brain. Pay for it or ###### (my appologies to anyone offended by what I have just said but I'm getting tired of people complaining about having to pay for extra content because they think the game wasn't made the way it should have been in the first place. I'll tell you what I've not played graw in quite some time and honestly only played it for about a month after I got the DLC and I still am very happy that I paid for the DLC because I wanted it and I enjoyed it. It's going to be a new way of life to have to pay for certain things and I don't see some of you complaining when you buy arcade games on the marketplace. And I must say that outpost Kaloki X must be a very popular game for it to have stayed on the marketplace so long, 400 points for the game and another 1200 or so for all of the addition and yet noone has complained about it. if you want it you'll buy it if not you'll need to stop complaining about having to buy it if you don't plan on doing it. I get so angry I want to kick people in the taint when they complain about these things.)
  9. So here's a good idea tobye. Do a little research before you complain. Redstorm entertainment created this little jewel called GRAW Multiplayer. While I have my complaints I completely disagree with everything you said but thats neither here nor there. so anyway secondly why don't you just sell all of your ubi games and never buy one again andstop complaining on the boards. Oh and if you're complaining about lag with yanks it sounds like you're out of the country, if that's true then get over half a seconds lag from thousands of miles away. Better yet play with people from your own country.
  10. Yes, I do. I have played all those games and they are not fun. The video game industry is stale and lacking creative talent. All developers do anymore is throw together ho-hum games with tons of bugs and ghey cut scenes and promote the hell out of it. I don't blame them either, it makes financial sense to do so. Ok nice opinion go sell your x-box 360 to someone who will enjoy it and read a book or stare at a wall or something. I'm sure I speak for quite a few people when I say I don't care to hear your opinion on this subject.
  11. Great just got high speed . Now onto xbox live. VIVA Man i need to play with people a little more mature. I got one good game then the jackasses came out and just kept shooting me for no reason. Also I want to go through a campaign mission but it takes forever to start going. Ghost I get off of work tonight around nine EST I'll be home around nine thirty or ten so if you're on and I hope you can be you me and delta and a few other friends will go through some of the campaign. If not I'm off all day friday and saturday and save for a few errands to run I can be on alot of the day.
  12. I'm sure I speak for Opsixdelta when I say play with our clan anytime. gamertags: MasterKain2053 and Opsixdelta.
  13. What leap of logic are you proposing that somehow links whether a person has the DLC or not to their ability to speculate on how many people have gotten the DLC and what the impact of DLC vs. Non DLC hosting will be? As for being a true "gammer" ... I would say that a person who takes the time to make a post worth discussing about the possible impacts of changes in a game is in fact exhibiting a passion for gaming that really defines a "true gamer". OK first things first night what makes you believe that the lack of DLC makes him not a true gamer? Second Noone said that the person has to have DLC to speculate on how many people have purchased it, but the original poster of this topic was not speculating. It looked as if he were stating fact rather than speculation or opinion. Third I have seen estimations of the number of people who downloaded the DLC in the first couple of days and while not staggering or mind numbing the numbers are what I expected them to be. I choose not to release the numbers because they were given in a private message and if redstorm wants them out for the public they can post them, but I will say that it is what I expected.
  14. Yeah I find it odd as well that there was nothing for chapter two you said there will be though?
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