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  1. If I'm understanding you correctly, I believe that these are templates to be used in creating your own skins for the game, and not a "skin pack" for use in game.
  2. They fixed it, Now $59.99 & includes a $10 GC(WooHoo)
  3. A-TACS looks good WP33, nice to see you still doing work
  4. Good game Cannuck, the war of attrition is over, and the great white north can savor the medal they've been longing for.. I held out hope until the very end. See you again in 4 years
  5. May the best North American Win
  6. thank you sir - this thread actually had a useful link.
  7. Have been away for a few days and wondered if they'd addressed the STEAM Editor issues, as in how to get it working?? - Anyone know?
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