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  1. You were warned about shooting into spawn. Perhaps other servers don't care if people shoot into spawn. However that is a rule on our server and it will always be enforced. We all know where you were located. You were not in spawn. But you were shooting into spawn which is not allowed on our server. I spawn in and start typing another warning to you, i have not moved an inch and you shot me while typing. End of story. You were warned no less than 3 times. Other admins would have kicked you on the first offense. You were not banned and are welcome back anytime. But the rules on our server will always be enforced.
  2. We also play some new maps on our server. Several are made by our very own member, LoBo_FieRo_EBDA. You can download all the maps we play on our server at filefront. http://hosted.filefront.com/murkythud
  3. The Beer Drinking Assassins, formerly the BDA have moved. They are now located at http://elitebda.com and are now called the Elite Beer Drinking Assassins. Stop by and say hello or just let us shoot you.
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