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  1. It has been under development for many years. This is the one game I have been waiting. 2015 is the year of tactical gaming revival!!!!
  2. XBL: PitViperB1 Avatar: Male Thanks in advance...
  3. Good points DeadPreacher, I later discovered the "Select' button will give me the commander view I was looking for. I knew I just needed to play a little more Now as I said using the d-pad to see what unit is what in the minipad kind of make you think "What were they thinking". It's fine if you only have few units but when you have too many it's get hard to scroll through all of them and get the one unit you need. I'm sure they will correct this. Overall the game is great fun. It's like World In Conflict but more serious, more strategy based.
  4. Sure thing... I have only been able to play for like one or 2 hours and so far I'm liking it. The Good: Excellent voice command response. Maps seem big enough Sounds are great The feeling of chaos get to you quickly if you are in the wrong path. Controls are very intuitive. The Bad: Not really bad but hard to play when you are not really used to the equipment. Need to practice more and find better ways to use vehicles. Lack of map access/view. Maybe I don't see it but I just can't guide myself using the minimap on the right. I wish there was a way to zoom in and have a tactical or commander view. I hope is there somewhere. <-- Never Mind I found out the "Select" button will give you the commander view. This is great. A little hard to locate my forces in the minimap. Most of the time I wasted precious time trying to locate my forces. Would be great if the unit numbers are displayed all the time in the minimap. I only see the unit numbers when I select them. The number will flash in the minimap for few seconds then will be gone. Lack of world view. You are stuck with the zoom of the unit. I'm fine with this I guess brings more tactical feeling to the game. Just need to get used to.
  5. Hi Rocky, just wanted to come back to say Thanks... your code worked like a charm and was able to download the game... now time to try it If you happen to have some spare token for COD:WAW add me in please Thank You...
  6. Rocky! Thanks so much! I got my code ... very appreciated.... I have been waiting for this game for a long time
  7. E-Mail Sent As well.. Thanks for the offer... very appreciated.
  8. LMAO..! As soon as I knew about Black Studios and the new projects, the first thing it came to my mind was the footprint over UBI's logo, sorry but I'm describing my honest thought Feel free to wear this sig guys .... I would love to see the PC community show we have a hope for tactical shooter games... Keep it up Black Studios and re-take what you started
  9. Good job now there gonna delay the patch cause of a leak yay.. Photoshop leak? Is there a new version ?
  10. Lol Brazil 4-1 Of course
  11. Ghana + FIFA =2 USA = 1 That penalty thanks to FIFA's incompetent staff costed USA the game... the whole game was totally unfair to the US team... it was obvious many times the Ghana team was playing dirty games and the Judges were eating all I'm fine if US don't win but that was totally sad for the World Cup I'm guessing FIFA won't fix it's mistakes...
  12. I would like to see the Ghosts in real life and in game in South America. Target: Venezuela Objectives: Capture Hugo Chavez (Venezuelan President) Disrupt Cuban-Venezuelan Communist Plans in the continent. Free political priosioners. Secure Oil Refinaries Monitor and strike Colombian Guerilla financed by Chavez. Disarm Military Loyal to Chavez Strike Cuban Installation on a Venezuelan island called "Orchilla" where Cuban military has been spotted. Destroy russian attack helicopters and Migs Hugo is trying to buy. BTW 30,000 AK-103 Rifles just arrived last week from Russia and 70,000 more to come in the following months. Read this article if you are not familiar with Chavez: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/news/050531a.aspx
  13. Here is my toy... I don't like to miss my targets J/K
  14. I just wanted to say I have been using Qtracker for several days for other games and I just love it. Farewell All Seeing Eye.... I wish there was a way to make this work with GRAW as I really think Qtracker will quickly replace ASE.
  15. 1680x1050@60Hz, FPS(25-44 ) 256MB 7800GT AMD Opteron 175 2GB Mushkin Redlines RAM
  16. You guys are wrong..! Al Gore invented the Internet J/K
  17. I have killed many of those suckers and believe me those things are freaking russian armored tanks. I grew up in South America and and from time to time during holidays, weekends or vacation we used to go to our beach house and it was a ritual to totally clean the house and fumigate the surrounding areas. Almost everytime you could find few of them and I used to kill them with a beer bottle (Hmm beer bottle) and I'm not kidding not matter how many times you were pounding them they will still walk like nothing... even against concrete you could feel how hard the suckers are... best way was to smash their head... those things are mean.
  18. Call me crazy.. but I always loved the old R6 map called "Hacienda" I think will work great for GRAW. This map will work for stronghold tactics for the team starting inside the area and great for raid tactics for the attacking force. If the map is made bigger than the original can be fun for GRAW of course with some variations.
  19. Thanks for taking your time on this Nemon.
  20. Great work you guys are doing... it's nice to see we have talented people (excluding myself ) in this forums.
  21. I'm interested on Crysis and ET Quake Wars please try the playable demos and let us know Lucky dog...
  22. Why do you guys try 50 ppl at once? May I suggest at least 8 ppl first? You know, baby steps.. or you are talking regular domination mode..
  23. Two Qs. Is there a mod competition or something, and if it's already been done why redo it? I think you are getting tested Nemon J/K
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