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  1. Awesome good help good-tutorials. com is a good one I go there alot.
  2. k im messin around with others ill post it here later ←
  3. k im messin around with others ill post it here later
  4. Some specific part? ← How do you get the frame / metal bar part. And the object on the very top Check out the thumbnail if you want to see which parts
  5. Thought so . It looks very difficult. Any tips
  6. What program did you make that in?
  7. I will and i intend to. But when its over its to the army to make the $$$ but more about other things. Then go to college. Then create the next Tactical Squad based shooter that will make you say Ghost Recon what.... hahahah
  8. Hows my new/modified sig. I addes Sam fisher in there. I like it Which is better this or sam fisher one?
  9. Why would someone have to send it to you? You can't d/l it? ← Don't have xbox live So now I have to get it from somewhere.
  10. http://forums.xbox.com/4015517/ShowPost.aspx I myself have the online issues where you can't join friends games, with or without an invite, nor can they join mine.... I've just recieved an email from Ubi about the GRAW patch, they are currently working on it at the moment but still no release date. it will most likely cover fixes such as: (if there's a "?" at the end of the list item it's not 100% confirmed). 1.Clan Support? 2.Compass? 3. More MP Maps (a definate) 4.Fix unstable servers (Bye Bye connection problems) 5.Maybe a few more customizations? 6.proximity voice when you are around the other team? 7.fix for Achievment bugs (a definate) 8. southpaw controls for those who need it (I don't but many do) 9. spectate when you join in progress? 10. Be able to see your total number of kills, deaths, wins, and so on... (Keep Track of those kills for the 10000)? He said they were looking at some otther options but didn't list them. Stay tune as I'm being very Proactive on this one and will get further updates from Ubi in due course. -Rocky If this is true someone will have to save the content on a memory card and send it to me where I will download it and send your memory card back
  11. Sounds like the saying in close combat:first to fight the marine based squad shooter. Thanks though. The only thing that I don't want to happpen is to get blown up by an ied. Because almost all of the deaths in Iraq are from those explosives.
  12. Won't be a civi in two years. Airborne or marines . What it do
  13. One of the weird things was that I asked the APC commander what it would take to take the Bradley out and high said that it could take rpg fire. And I asked where would hir rifle be if he had to high tail it out of there . He showed me right next to his seat but also said that if you had to get out in that quick of hurry and The Bradley couldn't take it that your good as dead. So I guess it takes alot to take down.
  14. I was on a trip today to a military station today. It was so cool . That I can't wait to join the military. I know its not all fun and games but I want to join. We got to go inside the M1 Abrams and the Bradley APC. We had 4 students and it was really packed inside. The Sergeant Major on our tour said that the most they had was 9 fully combat ready soldiers inside. With complete gear. So we got 8 on the seats and one on the floor it was funny. I got to mess around with the aiming system of the tanks and APC's along with the 50 and 30 cal machine guns. The 80 pound tank rounds that you have to load in 3 seconds. The Humvee just left me feeling unsafe becaus it had no armor door or roof just a vynel covering. All in all the military was just cool . I felt like I was straight out of the game. Coming out of the APC. Although the seating was different. Anyone Else have experiences like this.
  15. How do you make a image bar . .. let me give an example: You have 3 images in a line like so _____________________ (image)(image)(image) _____________________ when you move your mose over the 3rd image the images will scroll to the right revealing more images. When you move it back over the first image it will go the other way like a scrolling image. Any one know what im talking about? How can I figure out how to do this...
  16. I've just go done playing and I was really into the game. I had rock music playing and I was on the mission where you have a sniper rifle and my team was far down the field so I zoom in to order them into cover and their uniform lost all texture their was just white helmets and white blocks on their chest. Not all of their body but peices. This just really bothered me. How so many things sliped up. I hope the have alot of these features addressed in a new expansion pack with new single player missions. Still this game is really good but When a soldier starts floating in the battlefield it take away from the immersion.
  17. Cool I have a 32 inch and a 16 in monitor. Planing on getting a bigger one. What vga cables did you get. MS , pelican , joytech
  18. Cool will be looking out for them. K, don't forget to get some pics.
  19. can you post a pick of your setup running a game and show how it is connected.
  20. Who sings it and will it be in the pc version?
  21. You just start one. Or look on the xbox.com/forums under ghost recon and type looking for a clan.1 i know of is eliteghost.com
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