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  1. OPSIX how much is 1750 points in actual $$. Don't have live and i think this dlc should come on a disc to upgrade g.r.a.w. or with an expansion pack (like summit strike) with new single player missions as well.
  2. It will only work if your the only person playing . Can't play split screen . Cause if you have two or more people its first person only. You can play system link two or more people just borrow a freinds copy.
  3. wel i am not saying that the glitch doesnt exist. but i have personally never seen it happen, and i have heard that particular glitch is not in the game. but hopefully the patch does fix these issues there are countless threads on this on the ubi forums and nobody wants to spill the beans. Kinda like children its a hidden secret to them it doesnt matter to me cause i dont play live but it would be cool to know and I understand why this will bother people. It would be funny to shoot a grenade up their and watch them fall.
  4. at the end of the oxm demo showed off about 3-4 different wallpapers i havent seen yet so im sure they are new. Any way serellan or another developer can release these. Are more wallpapers / concepts. Anyone else seen them they pretty cool.
  5. i meant i never will because i dont have live. Not i never will because im impatient i know ubi is fixing the dlc . and it will be ready when its done but i cant get it cause i dont have live.
  6. Does anyone want the traditional night vision goggles. This would allow you to walk around and actually see what your enviornment and have to look for your targets instead of it being a dead giveaway if they are close enough.
  7. no prob. just want to play this stuff but probably never will.
  8. yeh but its a different post so i thought i could be diff. ? i know the first one was false but this one was a little diff. Oh well one post wont kill anybody
  9. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3...13/m/8041017944 4 co-op maps. 7 new MP maps. Day and Night Options for pre-existing maps. 12 new weapons 5 New camo. suppose to be june 7th according to this guy 900 MS points True or False? Is this person telling the truth
  10. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/marketplace...hter/themes.htm 150 points Any chance these pics will be released for us without live? . Those are some cool concepts>
  11. You have to destroy it with grenades. Get your freinds to shoot at it not your tank/bradely. Throw grenades at it . It should blow up. Also get the grenadier to shoot it.
  12. One thing that should be included and would be really cool is if you could play co-op in the single player missions. Or even multiplayer in those missions. In adition to redstorms multiplayer part.
  13. is this maps or drawings and art included No, I'll have to work on that, takes a bit more to get together. Kinda busy right now. Oh man no promblem. Your doing alot for the community all ready thanks for your time and comittment to the community.
  14. http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/ghostrecon3/downloads.php It shows of mitchell vs one of the mexican rebels. From the pc version. They are pretty cool hope there is more coming cause those are awesome
  15. is this maps or drawings and art included
  16. There are plenty of RSE devs that frequent the various forums. yeah but your the one thats on the most.
  17. he is the only developer from the console versions that i know actually come on the forms and chat or hint at upcoming things. Your cool in my book.
  18. Use your team to kill people. Or go back and find a weapon from a dead body. Throw grenades. lol my team is dead, and i loaded (after loading there dead bodies no longer remain there) so can i just start the mission over ? Yeah make sure your rocket guy doesnt die. What gun are you using
  19. Use your team to kill people. Or go back and find a weapon from a dead body. Use the L trigger to precisely shoot your enemies . You dont need a scope to shoot the enemies. Single Shot is more accurate
  20. I'll see what I can do. I'll see. No promises. Already, thanks all gr fans of texas thank you.
  21. anyway you can get any concepts/ drawings/pics.
  22. No they are not. research the thread a lil bit. C Allen, already said that the time of day alternates are in ADDITION to the NEW maps. Get em
  23. Since we are on the subject of pictures. Do you have any pictures of character models, sketches, concept art etc. Like of individual soldiers , like the ones released for ghost recon 2. Any kind of wallpapers. I recently lost all pictures do to my computer screwin up on me. And would like some cool ghost recon ones. Cant seem to find any sketches or concepts. 3d pictures to concept anything . Please
  24. you mean when you turn around or walk forward and an object like a car or a box just pops in out of no where. Then Yes. Annoying it is.
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