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  1. Correction, OPSIXDELTA: Ubisoft had the first demo ... on the OXM hybrid disc (Xbox & Xbox 360 demos). They haven't had any content on the marketplace as of yet. As for a mid-February demo, that was simply wishful thinking by some of our members here.
  2. Like Maulasses said, online co-op is limited to those 4 maps (Old Town, Temple, Treasury, and Wharf). That's because there's a story sequence here, not just a bunch of enemy thrown into a map and voila - co-op support. Christian did mention those 4 maps have will have a few sections cut off to support adversarial play without the need to spend an enternity looking for the other team ([GR]'s Big River, anyone?)
  3. Lysander, you are completely missing reckless's point.
  4. I doubt you can. Your goal should be shooting the drone down, instead of hoping it won't tag you.
  5. Thanks, Christian, for clearing that up Oh, and get some sleep.
  6. None of the videos I've seen shows anyone using cover. But if the option exists in MP, I believe it'll be accessed using the Action Button (A by default). Here's to hoping that the 360 pad allows for more intuitive controls.
  7. Since we're getting bombarded with GRAW multiplayer news, there's a 5-page preview @ TXB that reiterates a lot of stuff we've gathered from the OXM, IGN and Gamespot articles. However, there's a few new new screenshots as well (screenshots 58-64). Final Map Names (recommended player size): 1. Boneyard (2-8) 2. Desert Gulch (6-16) 3. Drydock(6-12) 4. Fishing Village (8-16) 5. Nowhere (6-12) 6. Old Town (8-16) 7. Rocky Cove (6-14) 8. Temple (6-12) 9. Treasury (8-16) 10. Wharf (6-12) :: 4 large, 5 medium, and a small one. These maps are not part of the 4-mission Nicaraguan campaign (online co-op only).
  8. en4rcment, I think it had to do with the UAV being directly above them. In other words, since the enemy could still be see via crosscom, the red tag was still on him, to a lesser extent. On the co-op question, Arrington said in the interview 16 players are supported with difficulty scalability based on how many people are playing (16 players in a room assumes the host has a decent connection, something most people on Live don't seem to understand as folks assume they are running on dedicated servers). Since you start with a squad of 4, I'm not sure if that means 4 squads of 4 are allowed in the online co-op in Nicaragua. If so, co-op could become immensely popular. 'Wish Serellan could clear up the details regrading online co-op. I also wanna point out that hiding the TrueSkill Ranking behind the Private to General ranking was a nice touch I hope we see in more games.
  9. Cool. IGN has a new preview up. Lots of relevant multiplayer stuff in the write-up. Much like BlimBlim over at Xboxyde, Doug Perry acknowledged the major improvements made to the game since the X05 showing. Good news for very many folks on this forum who wondered if they were setting themselves for a disappointment. Aside for the very customizable MP, one thing I'm very proud to see implemented is restricting cross-com to first person view only. Not only will it encourage that view in most rooms, but it answers the question: "Since the cross-com is not part of the HUD, how does the hovering camera pick up crosscom footage"? Now if ZJJ can just get that transcript posted, my appetite for GRAW news will be satiated ... until release day. Oh, one more thing: With Sony's recent acquisition of Zipper Interactive (SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALS), do you think future versions of Ghost Recon (including GRAW) will see a Playstation port?
  10. If you are referring to the X05 demo, that was the Rocky Cove map, not Wharf. ← Ah. Thanks, Christian. I wondered how you would fit a "forest further inland" into a symmetrical map with so much water.
  11. While waiting for ZJJ to get the clearance to post that transcript from 2 months ago, I thought I should chime in with some new (well, kinda) information: Maps: 1. Arroyo An uneven series of hilly rocks in the middle of the desert, this small/medium-sized map is designed for CQB. We've all seen pics of this. UAV supported. 2. Drydocks Again, this symmetrical tribute to Nightdocks is one we should have all seen pics of by now. 3. Junkyard "Half-like 2-like is all about surprise attacks, be it from the centrallly located airplane-cockpit husk, the northern crane platform, or the south side's building roof. The piles of garbage in the middle are aple hunting grounds." Snipers can perch at high points all over the map. 4. Rocky Cove "A Sniper's paradise. A lagoon in the middle is like a cereal bowl, surrounded on all sides by much higher ground, including a central mesa that tempts players with a spy drone (the UAV)." 5. Wharf The beach map Serellan demoed a while back. There's also a forest further inland. That's half of the 10 MP maps for the 360 version of GRAW. The Xbox version has 12 MP maps. I am also under the impression there will not be cross-platform support for the maps over Live. Release Date: Splinter Cell: Double Agent was listed for a "Spring 2006" release. GRAW, however, had a "March 2006" release date. Last day of March is what I'm thinking. Differences between the console versions : Xbox: Ubisoft Shanghai (SP & MP) Running on Unreal Engine 2.X. Crosscom will be limited to 10 fps for MP. Like the PC version, this is restricted to first person, weapon view only (E3 vids). 1 AI Ghost to command & a sprint button. Prone stance is not supported (It's using a similar engine, and I think that because they couldn't fix slant glitching, they decided to prevent folks from going prone) Umm, is the PS2 port still being made? Xbox 360: Ubisoft Paris (SP) & RedStorm (MP) Running on a next-gen engine by Ubisoft Tiwak (makers of Tork). This, I believe, is different from the PC engine by Bo and the fellas at GRIN. Christian Allen is still lead multiplayer design. First person, weaponless view (classic GR) AND OTS (closer than GR2?) with scope/zoom view. 3 AI Ghosts to command & no sprint button. The 3 stances are supported. New Interview: A new interview @ Gametrailers, this time featuring producer Prince Arrington. He talks about the 360 version of GRAW.
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