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  1. 'Talking about widescreen horizontal split, buddy. Why do I even bother?!
  2. I doubt you'll find a game out there that will split a widescreen image horizontally, creating two 32x9 (~3.5:1) windows, when an 8x9 (~1:1) window would be better suited for play. FYI, there's no option on the console for this. For the reason stated above.
  3. I find that apart from RTS games, gamepads (especially the Xbox's Controller S and the 360 pad) are certainly easier to game with than KB+M. To Prozac360: Halo 2 will be out on Vista early next year. As for Halo 3, don't expect a Windows port for at least 2 more years. And only on Vista at that. To Druac_Blaise: You can turn off auto-aim in the 360's preferences. This should have an effect on GRAW. I believe Halo 2 has this option for campaign play only. Aim-assist is essential for console FPSes. Some games, however, do get carried away with it.
  4. My wife and I are on two seperate 360s connected to the same router (open NAT). I set up a public room. After an eternity, a few people join but I can't hear anyone. She can hear everyone, including myself. Still think it's a NAT issue?
  5. Is it just me or is the team AI just awful in the single player? The enemy AI as well. Although, they get quite cheap - shooting and hitting me when my countersniper on 4x zoom can't seem to pick 'em up. But outstanding AIs ruin gameplay balance by being too "smart". What do you guys think of the music in the multiplayer and are you having a hard time turning it off? I like it, though turning it down like you mention would have been nice. My beef, however, is with the menu music. I really liked it, until I noticed it still plays in the lobby. 'hard to believe those testing the final build didn't get headaches. Is anyone playing in 1st person only? I am, although it's hard to tell if you're peeking in this view. And you're right, my TV does cut off some of the HUD. I suppose this should go into the bug list (like when the HUD doesn't display your weapon once a game starts, or you notice your buddy is shooting an invisible gun - this happened on co-op 1-4). Anyone else having a hard time joining a game after an invite? I think this has to do with NAT issues. If the host has a moderate NAT, you might have a problem joining. If the person hosting the room has a closed NAT, I doubt anyone will be able to join. What gun do you like best? My wife and I spent several hours trying to decide. Right now, I pick the same weapon she does: the SA-80. Personally (having skipped GR2, and not finishing Summit Strike), these guns don't have the same kick or stopping power they did in [GR]/IT (SA-80, 7.62 carbine, rifle and sniper, OICW, M4 SOCOM, SR-25 - those guns were AWESOME). Did I miss something? Also, can anyone here consistently snipe in GRAW? I noticed that any weapon in scope view, especially the snipers, move on a grid (ie. skip a few pixels), even with auto-aim disabled. This, to me, is quite frustating, as sniping is more frustrating, than difficult. If the target is moving, forget about it. Anyone care to comment? What do you guys think of the smoke bombs? They work well. The smoke effect seems to me to be turned up a few notches in single player as opposed to multi. I am thoroughly enjoying the game and have had a lot of "wow. didcha see that?" moments. However, I'd like a few things added to the expected multiplayer update: How about 1. Allowing the reload/rate of fire button to reload when a clip isn't fun, change the rate of fire when it is. This is useful in multiplayer, where your finger is on the left stick, not the d-pad, especially if you suddenly need to go full-auto. 2. Peeking modification: Add a custom configuration akin to Controller B in which the shoulder buttons (LB, RB) take the place of the left and right d-pad buttons (L, R). The shoulder buttons control the cross-com views, LB+LS,L becomes L and LB+RS,R becomes R - peeking like we did in the first game. The RB command that switches the camera in third person view is unnecessary in first person view. That's why I am proposing this controller config for that view. 3. Turning off the music in the lobby. 4. Removing the text that displays whose eyes you're supposedly seeing through when the cross-com is disabled. We already ready knew the "stop and drop" play mechanics were not going to return, but how do folks here who played a ton of GR and GRIT on the Xbox and now GRAW on the 360 feel about the controls?
  6. Well you really can't compare the 2. The Halo 2 affair went down like this: 1. 1.1 update is released. Maps 1 & 2 are available for free. Maps 3 & 4 cost you $6. 2. 6 weeks later, Maps 3 & 4 are now available for free. Maps 5-9 are available for $12. A disc is available at retail with all 9 maps, the 1.1 update, and extra material for $20. (The extra stuff alone is worth the price for a true Halo fan). 2 special playlists are designed giving you access to play maps 2-9 in matchmaking (for folks that got the new pack early and want to play on them outside of custom games), while Map 1 is integrated into the Big Team list. 3. 10 weeks later, Maps 5-9 are free, making the disc only necessary for folks without Live or those deploying the maps & update on a lot of boxes (ex: MLG). All 21 maps are integrated into the revised playlists. Now, take that model (which you can blame of the marketing geniuses at the Xbox division), and compare it to standalone games like Island Thunder (which, with GR1, offered Desert Seige maps as DLC) and Summit Strike. I wouldn't call GRAW's "mission pack" a "map pack" - it's more of an expansion/stand-alone content.
  7. To curb the rather large amount of demo talk, I thought I should point something out. This game has ridiculous buzz and word of mouth. It already has all the marketing it needs to get fans and similarly interested 360 users to buy it. Non-360 owning GR fans are planning on getting the console just to play the game (that is, if they are not getting the PC version or are dissatisfied with the Xbox port) There is no need for a demo right now. Sure we'd like to play the game ahead of time, but that's not the purpose of a demo. It's to sell you the game when you would not have considered it or otherwise not cared (Fight Night R3, anyone?). Unlike the PC space, an Xbox demo has no intention of giving you a glimpse of a game that's still months out (that's what preview videos and trailers are for). An ideal time to release a demo would be weeks from now when sales of GRAW have dropped. This is what Activision did with the Call of Duty 2 demo (releasing the best selling 360 title yet in demo form 3 months after release). Do you expect Microsoft will allow Bungie to release a Halo 3 demo ahead of release date when the rabid fans (myself included) will get it no matter what? And lastly, a look at costs. Microsoft can take 50% from the purchase of Live Arcade titles because they host (/serve) the games, advertise it (in 2 of the 5 spaces reserved for game ads on the dashboard), and manage live updates of the leaderboards (Try playing Marble Blast Ultra - it's amazing how much the servers are taxed with folks continually updating their time in a global leaderboard in realtime on 60 levels), ranking servers and matchmaking models. Since not so much can be had for retail titles, publishers have to pay them a nominal fee for every demo that is downloaded (hence an incentive to advertise the game within the dashboard - to get the small fee for the demo download, and the few dollars from an actual purchase of the game). Do you see any ads for games without any marketplace content (DOA 4, for example) on the dashboard? Therefore, if your game already has all the publicity it can get, there's no immediate need for a demo to drive further sales. You'll need such a device when new gamers get the console, have not heard of your game, or are not so sure it's what they want to spend their money on.
  8. I think one in four Americans being left handed is a slight exageration. Nonetheless, perhaps the devs (single player in this case) should have looked at Quake 4's buttom customization: you pick what button you want to do what (with no overlaps), instead of being forced to use different buttons for similar actions in FPS games.
  9. Because videogames were out when you were just in liquid form. Ouch! Debating? Are you serious? Come next Friday, you won't be "debating" anymore, too busy ripping folks on Live a new one while our PC brethren wait with baited breadth for May. When you finally start playing your 360 games, don't forget to check out Geometry Wars. Xbox Live Arcade is surprisingly a ton of fun. . . . . . . . . . For readers just tuning in, be sure to check out other people with the game ahead of time. GRAW game has 925/1000 points. Condemned has 975 points out of 1000. Since these are the only titles that don't offer the complete 1000 or 200 gamer points, I have a feeling these 2 games are gonna reward the remaining points when you play the respective sequels/expansions.
  10. Word. That was Everlast doing vocals?? The former Boom Shalacklack Boom dudes?? Wierdness. Anyway, that version sounded like it didnt know whether to be punk, ska, or rap. I wish they would just stick to the Hans Zimmer-esque musical scores and keep it serious. But then that would contrast to the gung-ho-me-rambo theme of GR:AW I guess. Having just heard the original for the first time, I'll have to respectfully disgree. The remix blows Hendrix's version out of the water. Then again, I am of a different generation ... well, pseudo, anyway.
  11. Woah. Thought Rocky was gonna stay true to his PC roots. Great trailer BTW. This game is gonna be TOO awesome.
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