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  1. Let me start with a little history Waaaaaay back in the early days of Ghost Recon my clan, |FAST|, ran a server that was pretty much the most popular GR server around for a long time. We played Last Man Standing, no respawns, with 5 mins rounds (iirc). It was an absolute blast to play every night and we usually had a maxed 32 player server going at all times. I was ecstatic to see that GRAW was coming out, but was very disappointed when I read the initial posts on here saying that the MP side of the game was really incomplete. Now that the SADS files have been released, are there any servers like that out there? I've been reading the forums off and on since the game came out and have been holding off on buying the game until I felt like the MP side of things was finished. My only concern is that there seem to be so many people playing with respawns turned on or limiting the respawns to something like 5, which to me seems like it would really take away the tension, and edge of your seat excitement of the original GR. Are there many people playing LMS with no respawns out there? Is this game finally the MP Tactical Shooter that so many people have been waiting to see on the PC?
  2. Well this is all sounding strangely familiar huh? Now more than ever I'd like to see some videos or *SOMETHING* that actually proves this game is ever going to come out for the PC. They're going to wind up shooting themselves in the foot by not hyping the PC version at all. And there is no way in hell I'd go out and buy an XBox360 just to play this game, so this little game that UBI seems to be playing with us by only releasing XBox media and information ain't working on me.
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