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  1. Insect Infestation is a total conversion for Half-Life 2 that really warrants being called a game more then a mod or even total conversion as the Developers have really gone balls-to-the-walls in creating something that really pushes the envelope, is original, visually stunning, and offers some impressively original game-play to boot. Even if you don't have Half-Life 2, the videos you can download through the site are quite impressive and worth a look. These are some talented, motivated and committed souls that have obviously poured enormous effort into something that will unfortunately pro
  2. Please, resorting to feeling insulted just because I responded to your remarks and questions and you don't like the answers, doesn't qualify as me "condescending" to you. I never regarded this as some manner of prize fight for audience share or approval that required "tactics" -- are you suggesting that you do? Neither is a recitation of facts that you solicited is not the same as a tirade; quite unlike the last paragraph of your post quoted below... Now if that isn't bottom of the barrel, personalizing, petty, insolent swill I don't know what is. You're the one dive boming th
  3. I don't think waving the red flag helps anyone unless you're a Moderator... To actually solve the issue would require moving the thread back to the PC forum where I started it, and even that probably won't help much as the same individuals dive bomb threads on the PC forums with unsolicited proselytizing for the console. The nature of the debate, the sophomoric remarks, and the fact that this happens on the PC forums and there's no reciprocal behavior from PC Fans (who are in fact experiencing declining support for their platform) in the console forums -- suggests something about the nature
  4. My contribution to the off topic discussion is not a digression to what people 'see' it's a recitation of the limitations and differences of respective platforms; I've said absolutely nothing about what people: 'see', like, prefer, or perceive as a benefit. That is a gross oversimplification and over-generalization... As there are on consoles... Another over-generalization and oversimplification; even if you had a point, which is certainly arguable and miles more then you've already gone off topic -- many serious realism Fans are not looking for the Counter-Strike nir
  5. Yes, those games are virtually the same because they are ports, that is thae Developer took a design-build approach to make the game most appealing on a specific platform; in the case of Vegas the Xbox 360, and they shoe-horn that game design into and on to other platforms with little/nothing changed but new i/o device code and compatibility code for render back-planes etc.. The point here is not that games can be made to behave similarly on two different platforms; you can make an F1 spec car perform just like a Ford Pinto -- but what company would want to make a billion dollar racing car
  6. Your remarks are nonsequitars. And you can disagree till the cows come home; that doesn't make me an elitist any more then it makes the Moderators segregationist or elitist for having separate forums for PC and console... Neither do your opinions and the gross simplifications and over generalizations based on those opinions regarding the differences between consoles and PCs make them fact.
  7. The topic pretty much says it all; I'm just wondering if PC [GR] Fans still reading and posting here recall their first contact experiences with Ghost Recon? What appealed to you? And what kept you playing the game for so long? Just to sort of illustrate, I'll share some of my experience... My first contact with Ghost Recon was the demo, on a system that was below the minimum spec capable of playing the game, and I'd only had whimsical exposure to the R6 games: read everything about them, but couldn't afford a computer capable of playing them. When I first got my hands on the Ghost Rec
  8. No hard feelings of any kind; it's your forum to moderate as you please... But the discussion in this thread is just one more poster child example that there is a lot that seperates Console STS Fans, from PC Fans of the same genre, and the differences really don't make the discussion more constructive or productive. I did start what I feel might be a more productive discussion for PC [GR] Fans here called What Attracted You To Ghost Recon?, it will certainly be more helpful for something I'm working on...
  9. Yup, that's the what I thought it was CR6, but it looks like swartsz actually beat me to it... Depending on who's using it, it will be a custom job that probably won't look as pretty -- some will have a kick counter (even though you're expected to do that in your head), be illuminated, have black duct/gaffer tape all over them, and means to strap other junk you may be hauling along to your destination and want easy access to in murky/zero visibility water. Does sort of look like a U.S. Army camo pattern we can see in the teaser, but only JS knows...
  10. By moving my thread to a forum where PC and Console discussion for the 'ideal game' are lumped together; I think my post, the thread it created, and the intentions of this sub-forum are all made irrelevant to what they've intended to achieve. Even though I like the 'virtual guy' and enjoy many of his posts; I hold to a position that's the epistemological opposite regarding console/PC game design to the one implied by the quote in Sup's signature; which is little more than marketing proselytizing based on Ubisoft's inevitable console marketing shift. There's obviously explicit and implicit
  11. A fair number of people still do, and the volume and the quality of the mods available is an easy match for Ghost Recon... With some of the mods from the 'Best Add-On List' the game gets a complete make-over that adds: · new animations · high resolution textures · new Foley · DirectX render backplane configuration · leaning · new maps/islands · new vehicles · new weapons & equipment · new high resolution foliage ...in essence updating the game and bringing it much closer to the current state-of-the-art; not to mention offers you virtually every weapon on the planet
  12. Probably not, but I think BIA will create a means for motivated individuals that really want to experience VBS·2 and have a lot to offer to contribute. It also makes a certain amount of economic sense when the product has reached sell through and bottomed as far as support contract income, to seek other venues of income -- as nothing lasts forever.
  13. Well, as to my 'semi' getting it right'; I didn't recognize any way to make an educated guess based on the image as to which force this image is representing; the uniform and other equipment you can just make out appear pretty generic -- though I could make a few WAGs about the camo pattern it could be an easy miss for several reasons. At least two hundred special ops units that have trained in the use of blind underwater navigation, and all use something that resembles this item. But the SAS and SEALs were the first to use and train others in various techniques of blind underwater navigatio
  14. Yeah, looks to me like a Navy SEAL or SAS underwater kickboard/counter & nav compass...
  15. Everything that has been modeled in first person shooter's jet aircraft HUDs can now be fully integrated into the game as virtual world scale modles and interactions; which not only add more realism, but more depth of play, and to scale play skill to a game: Realistic ironsights aiming machinery, with real vection based accuracy systems model realistic weapon handling and make shooting a man target a much more of a scale/skill marksmanship experience. Modeled magazines can replace magic digital bullet counters, with realistic load/unload, look and count ammunition management making it a re
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