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  1. We now have over 90+ members in our GR 360 Division. Would like to see more people sign up to help us build our GR PC Division. We are currently building CoD 360 Division. We are also in the process of starting SOCOM PS3, Gears of War 360 and Rainbow Six 360. So lots to offer!!!!
  2. Show everyone you clan is the best in coop Sign up
  3. Check us out Already over 30 members in our GR 360 Division and the game is not even out of yet We are also looking for more members in our GR PC Division. And of course, if you want to create a new Division for a different game or platform, please sumbmit your request via e-mail @ tw@twhq.org
  4. Santino's Nightmare Tactical Warfare's first COOP tournament for Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter on the XBOX 360 Register you team before the game even comes out. Registering your team right away will ensure your team will be able to participate. It could also allow your team to participate in the pre-tournament pilot project using Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike. Visit Tactical Warfare Head Quarters @ http://www.twhq.org for all the details. Tactical Warfare (PC, 360 & PS3) http://www.twhq.org
  5. Tactical Warfare Head Quarters: http://www.twhq.org Intro: http://www.twhq.org/index.php?showtopic=51
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