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  1. Are you saying the 1.2 patch fixes this "Ready for Bear" Crash where you are exiting the camp?
  2. Try to lick your elbow, now that's hard I really laughed out loud...for real! The game is a challenge but not that hard. You are in enemy territory...sneaking around enemy camps. Try that in real life in a hostile environment! Ain't a medic on earth that's gonna "get ya back in the game" then. It takes systematic methodical movement. "learn" how to move your men. You'll do fine.
  3. Hmm, some people just have problems with certain games. This doesn't make GRIN a failure. If you've read, most of the people posting here have seen things "FIXED" not broken. I am running without fail. How can we expect any developer to publish a game that everyone can run flawlessly?....yet some people expect it! Makes no sense to me. Sorry for your luck Mike, sincerely. If you haven't, maybe do some clean up of your system. Disk defrag. Registry cleaner, "Fresh" install of vid, sound and mobo drivers, and perhaps even a fresh install of windows. I just don't think we should call GRIN failures because your system doesn't work when many others do. I am impressed with the game. Clearly its a pretty advanced game graphically and programatically. It does push systems to the edge. Even mine which is by no means a low end machine. SP MayDay mission opening vid was just simply breath taking if you ask me. I just sat back and enjoyed the view..immensely. Maybe we can focus on the good for a bit and be glad we have the game and be glad GRIN is even here to talk to and respond to our wants and needs. Cheers Mot
  4. Got It. It was kinda tough. To "lock on" which was my problem, it takes a little while and if you don't clear most of the tango's down there, they nail when you pop your head over the wall. Took me about 4 or 5 tries. Moving on to the next mission.
  5. Hold down the right mouse to use the sight it will lock onto a heatsource then fire Can you shoot it from the rooftop? I kept getting an target obstructed message or something. So hold down the right mouse and when it locks on hit the left mouse button to fire? I tried this about 3 times and couldn't get it to fire. I'm sure its me, but just not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
  6. I seem to read/hear this comment alot. "where's GR" or "Its not like the original" or something similiar. I guess I don't really understand. I've played all the GR's and belonged to a gaming community where GR was king for a while. We played some tournaments, had organized tactical training with GR. I've written some missions using the old beloved IGOR. If people want more original GR there are a TON of missions, campaigns, maps etc the GR community has to offer you. GR changes with time.....like every game does. We change, the "times" change, warfare changes in real life, computers change, programming ability and technology changes. To me GRAW has at its core original GR. It still feels "similiar" but yet different because of the things mentioned above. Its a campaign set in Mexico City. Thats the story, thats the intent. Who's to say the next "published" retail add on to GRAW won't be thick in the Jungles somewhere with lush green environments? We just don't know but what we do know is that the conflicts in todays world seem to occur in this "urban" setting in dry, "tan" environments. I think GRAW is in "touch with today". I'm well pleased with GRAW and am very thankful that UBI and GRIN brought this title to us PC Gamers to enjoy. Disclaimer "comments not intended to start a flame war or negate Fin Players desires as posted, he thinks and feels what he does and has every right to"
  7. they call this "mp map pak" but some of these changes are for SP as well correct? Such as - *You can now aim down while lying down(in prone) where it's natural to do so *AI UPDATES - AI now correctly identifies mounted weapons and gun nests as threat. AI will now attack vehicles with soldiers that they can harm (including helicopters). AI will now always go into combat mode if being fired upon. AI teammates are more prone to seek lower covers. They will sit down instantly when taking fire. AI teammates will try to avoid running in front of you when you are shooting, if you are close enough. *Anti-Alaising option etc, etc.
  8. I was more interested is "real" dates. If it isn't announced yet no reply would suffice or a simple No official date announced yet.
  9. I'm sorry..I've never worked with the actor files..just exactly how do you "check" them to see the name? some utility needed?
  10. Hi, I'm setting up a hostage rescue and want the hostage to be a eithopian soldier. Can you tell me which actor to use that will display on screen when you mouse over "ethiopian soldier'? Thanks
  11. You mean they will smoke and drink and stuff if you give'em a plan with a path and not go alert? Or just not go on alert?
  12. Ok..I have some friendlies at a tent camp..set to bored...with things like smoking,drinking,discussing...general "tent camp" activities A few seconds into my misson they go on alert. I have them locked to bored...and the animiations set for each character. any ideas? I destroy on startup a couple vehicles next to them...but they were doing that before I did that. I destroyed the vehicles cuz they were sitting there smoking in MP. Thanks for your help
  13. Umm..Negative en4rcment.. Please read my post above Set the Highlight parameter to True in the MapZoneShow dialogue (for smoke to show). By default there is no smoke Oh sorry Jack..I wasn't being specific enough...I meant that Highlight had to be set to true... I've actually never done a map zone show color with the highlight on false... I've done one... but you haven't seen it YET either Soon tho
  14. So you don't have to set a particular platoon in the parmeters of the Defend Stations? What about priority? that need set or to be different? What if I set one as high and one low..do they visit the high more often?
  15. Exactly right San Thanks much man!
  16. your saying...use the add zone plan step and set your zone on the map..then in the same plan...use "another" add zone plan step the set up the zone etc etc. Then in the same plan after you have your "unlimited" zones set...you use the patrol plan step. then the team will patrol each of the zone randomly? do the zones have to touch one another or overlap one another to get the team to move out of the one zone to the next? Seems my team just stays in one zone
  17. Ok..i've read a bit about multiple zones being able to be used for a team to just randomly go from one zone to the next to the next to the next...yada yada. I've also read that anything after the "patrol" plan step will not be executed. How exactly do you get a team to patrol more than one zone randomly? Do you do this all in the same plan? Please provide plan steps that illustrate this.
  18. does zone color emit a colored smoke? or just show a zone on the in-game command map?
  19. Does anyone have a shots of characters from the 3 Official GR releases? Its tough to know what person to put where if your going for a particular look when you don't know what the heck they look like. thx friendlies and enemys presently looking for a friendly soldier.
  20. Thanks Chavez. I was a dork I had my set scoring counter to add if the value of the objective1 counter was GREATER than 1 which of course it was supposed to be greater than OR equal to 1 DUH!! Although, I did change to just "set" the objective counter instead of increment counter since there is a different counter for each objective so I can score them separately. That is a better solution...gets the same result but seems "cleaner" in my mind. Thanks Mot
  21. Hey all...as you prolly know...I'm working on adding objectives mid game. Can you put or set your waypoints or map labels on the map mid game..ie after you've revealed the objective to the squad. Seems silly to have a map label on a map in the briefing screen at a location for an objective and haven't even told your squad what that objective is yet. If you can't...how do you all handle not wanting to reveal the location via map labels to the player but wanting him/her to be able to know where to go for the newly added objective when the timing is right? Thanks
  22. Ok..got the scoring to work well..just one tweak I'm having trouble with. If I add the objective during the mission..it didn't score for me in my extraction script. Is there a trick to getting a counter to recognize a objective added mid game? Seems like it shouldn't be a problem thx
  23. I would like to display the time elapsed from the insertion point to the point that the players hit the extraction zone and the mission begins its xtraction sequence. Any thoughts of how to do this? Thanks
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