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  1. Never mind Snow! Take your time. We're enjoying Masadas now!
  2. Downloaded right now, but i have a question: can i use it with Brett's mod ?
  3. Everytime i get back home, Snowfella is ready with many eye candies!! Thanks man !
  4. This is a fault in the game programming...or at least in its moddability...
  5. OPS...lol So this one could be used on other weapons ??
  6. Thanks for this great explanation EricJ! Now it should be the time to press a little on GRINs for some help...
  7. Snow how did you managed to get the EOtech on other rifles than MRC ?? In the discussion about Brettzies mod i asked about it and someone explained me that it was a Grin limitation, and it couldn't be backed... I'm particulary interested in that because i hope in the future to see it on many weapons as well an optic for the SAW...
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