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  1. There was so much information to digest, I think ZJJ may have been thinking of the new game-mode "Team Mission". As per the latest blog entry by Prince Arrington posted on IGN -> HERE <- : TEAM MISSION mode basically takes the mission objective driven gameplay of the coop campaign and turns it into a team adversarial game type. Here, one team will play as the Ghosts and the other team will play as an enemy force. The Ghost team must complete a series of mission objectives while the enemy team is given objectives that directly compete with the Ghosts’. (The rest of the blo
  2. Agreed. I've learned to use the waypoint system to call out baddies, but for GP, it would be nice to be able to tell if you are running North once in a while withing having to pull up the map. -PR
  3. I'm up for this as well... -PR
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