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  1. Where are we getting deployed? In the woods, the desert or the jungle ?
  2. Too bad I realized this just recently. The game is much better without saving and loading. Then it pushes you to be more careful, consider your tactics and think twice.
  3. So we would just have to send recorded demos? What about disabling saving and loading?
  4. Who owns that golden MP5?
  5. I'm under 18. Been playing for about 5 years and still killing. One thing is that I never tried playing online. Maybe I'll start now.
  6. Man, I hope they skip the second part of the GR campaing. So if Georgia stopped attacking Ossetia the russians will go away?
  7. I can ID one map from the screens
  8. Some city in Cuba. Walking across a street as a supporter and suddenly i'm getting shot at from somewhere. The street looks clear and I can't find the guy. I'm getting hit by semi shots but not getting injured so I run to cover behind a car. I'm still taking lead so it takes a while. Then I look up to find the guy in a balcony and pop him. I swear he took about 10 rounds at me. Cheap handguns :DD
  9. Can we get a description on how the flashbangs work? Also how long will it take to reload the shotgun?
  10. Photo 18 is just awesome. I have never seen a sniper rifle with such configuration.
  11. This isn't WoW. 55 is pretty quick to get. I leveled up in about 36 hours and still see 55 lvl noobs. Also if you haven't heard there is a patch that gives you level 55 when you apply it.
  12. Bottom scope - NVG, magnification etc. and the Eotech for CQB.
  13. Awesome movie. If you like these gaming and geek related comedy movies I REALLY suggest you find Khottabych somewhere. It's a Russian movie but the best comedy I have seen EVER! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0466043/
  14. If there would be a Hollywood GR movie I'm afraid it would just be a cheap action movie with the Adwanced Warfighter system and 4 guys who save the world. Then it wouldn't make a diffrence if the squad is acted by Schwarzneger, Willis, Cage or Stallione.
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