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  1. I for one am very happy to here that Serellan and his crew at RSE are the one putting together this game. I have no doubts that it will be very well done. If any of the crew has played the xbox AA then they are probably just looking to upgrade graphics and fix the small issues (getting stuck in doorways when crawling). I loved the way AA:RoaS made each team look like the enemy and how you could here chatter from opposing forces when the were near, but it was scrambled into some foreign language. Thanks RSE crew. September can't come soon enough. GQ
  2. I use only suppressed rifles. The reason is not for my immediate enemy that I am shooting at but because his teammates might not hear the shots and therefor have no idea where I was when I shot him. I do agree that there seems to be a reduction of the stopping power, but for me that doesn't outway the stealth that I get. GQ
  3. Thanks for the new old maps Serellan. There are a couple I could've done without (Desert Gulch) but you didn't directly ask me which maps to include. I understand there are people who like small maps and some also like playing respawn games like sharp shooter. Wierd, huh? I am very happy with the content and say keep it coming. BTW, tell everyone at RSE...."Well Done!" GQ
  4. Hit me up anytime. I am usually on playing GRAW. GT: GQCamper
  5. Great times, I'm glad I was able to participate. Looking forward to the rematch, but not to seeing Braybot's name on the screen everytime I get killed. That got a little old. GQCamper
  6. I think it all depends on who you are playing with. Send me a FR to GQCamper as I play with a bunch of guys who mostly take a more cautious approach. GQCamper
  7. I'll throw my hat in the ring. Possible benefits of having me on the team include: 1) Perfect Bullet Sponge 2) Active Decoy 3) Usually doesn't teamkill GT: GQCamper
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