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  1. Last night we had a mini GRAW event between two gaming sites and barely filled a room. A month ago we had to break into 3 rooms ...
  2. It also interesting to note that Titles 1 - 4 have all offered DLC at this point (I think GH's came out a little while ago even though it is a very new launch). GoW's was even free. If companies are planning on keeping interest high and maximizing sales of DLC they need to start releasing it earlier rather than later. Even at this time I know regular GRAW2 MP players who might pass on DLC since GRAW2 is not getting the playing time that we had expected (some of this is due to summer coming but a lot is also due to RB6, GoW and CoD pulling players away with fresh content.
  3. Another option that could be interesting is to see more character development based on MP Coop. I don't like havign MP versus play affected by rank advantage but if you r character progressed in terms of skills and availableweapons based on coop play that could add a lot to a game. For instance everyone starts as rifleman but as you progress you gain more skill with a class as you get kills etc. more weapons become available and more classes open up as you gain experience/rank. This could lead to some nice squad development as players would become specialized as grenadier, Sniper, gunner, medic etc. This would also work well with the periodic release of DLC Coop chapters that would have a singel large and in depth mission (the mission area could then be civided into 3 or 4 MP maps). Add to that the randomization and "Simulation" settign that others have mentioned and I think you start to really develop and indepth game that takes FPS to a new level.
  4. Good stuff Ick! TDU's attempt ata free roaming world wher eyou could jump from SP to MP very easily was great. I also agree that the currrent DLC situation is F'd. New content should be planned well in advance and dropped every other month or so depending on its depth. In GRAW2 it would be great to see a new Coop mission on a large map with some new weapons and maybe gametypes on a regular basis. So you get a coop fix, a new map for MP and new gametype that breathes life into old maps. New weaponsare nice but since they can not be overwhelming they don't add asmuch to gameplay and replay as maps, missions and gametypes. In an ongoing conflict youmay have to step away from the US Ghosts and create a Mercenary (Blackwater style) organization so it would make sense that you would fight for whichever side paid the most or provided the best support.
  5. Lots of good ideas Paladin! I don't totally agree with the "OTS is unrealistic" statement but would love to see a game engine that would close down the field of view from OTS to FPV as you get closer to objects to eliminate peeking. That would keep the "Peripheral" vision of OTS but eliminate the ability to look over/arouind objects without exposing the body. I also think the removal of th ereticule when moving is a good idea. I wouldn't mind seeing the left trigger be more of an "iron sights" mode with movement slowed down considerably. I also agree with recoil vs. reticule bloom - make the various weapons recoil in unique ways (harder/lighter, pull left/right etc.) so you have to learn each weapons tendencies and can than compensate accordingly. Objective based Versus gamemodes would be great. Team Mission was a step in the right direction but it would be great to see more in depth scenarios ... on larger maps
  6. Especially key to remember when going after the 60 minute defend ... you don't want to get 30 minutes in and realize respawns are on ...
  7. The # of respawns is set under the game type - not the advanced controls. select the gametype - Campaign, coop elimination etc - and then hit "X" and you will see options for that gametype including respawns.
  8. "A" button is the only route to the launchers that I know of.
  9. No - Lots of options in GRAW2 already such as switching shoulders, going prone, leaning etc. to make use of cover. The only way adding a cover system would improve the game was if it also forced 1st person view.
  10. I understand the frustration that people are having ... but at the same time I can run a full room for some 4 1/2 hours tonight and while I had 1 freeze and had to restart the room and reinvite folks in - it was not the end of the world. Would I rather not have to restart? Absolutely! But taking 5 - 10 minutes out of 360 isn't a big deal. BTW if it is freezing in MP it isn't Ubi at fault but RSE - Ubi isn't going to "fix" RSE code.
  11. Interesting. Whiel ihave had a few freezes they are very rare and I can often host MP rooms for 6 hours+ at a time with no freezes and not have anyone drop or freeze if I stay away from coop gametypes and play strictly versus. In GRAW I had severe issues with freezing and went through 2 modems and 2 routers trying to get it to stabilize finally returned the game twice and the third disc worked fine ...
  12. That looks interesting. Soemthing to keep an eye on for sure.
  13. Ick - do the Rifleman and Autogunner Stance bonuses carry over to other class weapons? Your chart indicates that this is the case for the Marksman class but not the case for Rfleman or Autogunner ... Edit: From the "Class Encyclopedia" "Automatic Riflemen have increased accuracy with ALL weapons while firing fully automatic as well as increased accuracy in th ecrouhced or prone positions. Automatice Riflemen are less effective with Marksmen Class weapons." "Riflemen have increased accuracy with ALL weapons when firing from an upright position allowing them to fire more effectively while on the move." So both Riflemen and Auto Riflemen get bonuses for all weapons based on Stance ( in the case of Autogunners the weapon has to be on full auto).
  14. I admire his mastery of the "level" gaze ...
  15. I have completed it 3 times and each succeesful run had the timer down to 30 seconds or less and was picked up. Seemed like a long wait for the chopper but other than that it worked fine. I think a couple of guys are trying this tonight and I will see if there are any issues.
  16. I vote for Japan. Lots of variation of terrain between the northern and southern most Islands. Urban - rural- mountainous ... Could have a special mission to take the head terrorists that just happen to be located in the Sony HQ.
  17. RB6 Vegas does allow you to play t he SP campaign in Coop mode. I would like GRAW2 to offer it as well but at least the boosted up the qty and complexity of the Coop missions and have added some MP gametypes that are coming closer to allowing you to play a mission type scenario with oppposing teams. Not perfect but they are steps in the right direction. I didn't see the controller with the optical wheel as a replacement for a driving controller - there are already wireless wheel and pedal combos for those that want them. But it is an example of controllers evolving and supports the possibility of future options in controllers that will make a number of PC gamers happy. s for the "Depth" of games ... again I think you will see developers realizing there are plenty of gamers on the 360 or other consoles that would be thrilled to see more depth in our shooters .. and at some point even niche games will have a large enough console following to make them profitable to produce on a console. Maybe BFS will be the first developer to tap into this niche market on the 360 and be pleasantly suprised at the large number of 360 players that are just waiting for an immersive FPS experience. Because if it is just "type" of game that you don't like on the console I think you will see that change even faster than controller options.
  18. An interesting new offering from Thrustmaster ... http://www.thrustmaster.com/News.aspx?Actu...queSelectionnee I am not sure exactly how the "Optical" wheel works but this sems to be the type of controller evolution that we will see more of ...
  19. WK - I see where our perspectives really diverge ... it has been a long time since I have played beyond the SP Tutorial of a GR or RB6 game I just don't enjoy spending limited gaming time playing Sp when I could be doing Coop orvs. with friends. So to me the console games are improving in terms of the online MP aspect and I really can not comment on the SP portion (I really hated the trigger lag in GRAW2 andbarely made it through the tutorial ... ). I also agree about the mods for PC GR there was some really terrific content developed by the user community and that is one aspect of console gaming that I do miss. The reason I see changes in controllers coming is that Sony and MS and to a degree Nintendo are really pushing each other and are going to be looking for the next thing to entice gamers to their platform. We haven't had the kind of competition in consoles like we are seeing now - the player base is larger in total than it has been and you have to companies with deep pockets (well Sony's used to be deep) really going after a very large and growing market.
  20. WK - again you seem to miss my initial premise that is based on more and better controllers and even keyboard mouse options coming to Consoles. If the keyboard/mouse option was available would you still not see yourself "buying a console or a console game ever again"? Your assumption is that no developer will ever offer a game on a console that you will like regardless of controller options. What "group"? The group I play with all originated with GR on PC's and have made the switch and play a good tactical squad based game. Is it perfect? By no means but there is a huge audience of players that relish realistic squad tactics and we already play console games. I don't think a keyboard/mouse makes a FPS game any more or less realistic than a controller does ... As for Flight sims I agree that they need much mor ethan a controller for input .. and the day will probably come sooner than later that those options are available on a console. Yes they do have to sell more units ... and they do sell more units - conservative estimate is that GRAW on the 360 outsold GRAW PC by 10 x 1. My assumption is that if the controller options (maybe keyboard/mouse maybe something else) are available on a console that many PC gamers would switch and if it is a majority then the development costs of a PC version would be spread over much fewer units and make the PC version less - if at all - profitable while the console version gains the increased profitability of having its development costs spread over more units. Will it kill of PC games .. probably not in the the next decade ... but PC gamers will continue to switch as consoles offer more depth and more games that appeal to them.
  21. And my point was that developers will push for more and greater variety of controllers for consoles in order to draw those players in. Will the licenese fee cut into profits yes - but it would be more than offset by having no PC development costs associated with the sale. Say the sales would hav ebeen 500k 360 units and 100K PC sales. If a controller option was avaialble making it easy for the PC gamers to buy a 360 version (making it 600K units for the 360 and 0 PC units) you will have licenese fees for the additional 100K sales but no additional development costs. If they can sell the PC gamer the console game and not incur the cost of developing a PC version that sale is more profitable since there are no more incremental costs for development. As it stands a PC game may have a higher profit margin but that is not necessarily going to translate into a higher profit and in most cases won't if the title is a gametype with any kind of following on a console platform. "Sure console games outsell a comparable PC game, but the PC game creates more profit." - I sincerely doubt GRAW for the PC generated more "Profit" for Ubi than GRAW for the 360 even if it had a higher margin. especially when you add in the profit on the DLC.
  22. I think you will probably see some changes in controllers in thenear future that will eliminate any disparity (if it exists) between the mouse and controller. Maybe a thumb pad or rollerball ... I think the "common hardware" element of the controller is a good thing for gaming vs trying to ensure you have the latest and greatest mouse with the most mappable buttons etc. Obviously software will continue to play a role in how input is handled in games - Shadowrun will be the first large scale test of te melding of th etwo and it will continue from there ... because at the end of the day it is in th ebest interestss of developers to get all PC gamers onto consoles as that cuts their devlopment cost while maintaining sales.
  23. I was just trying to emphasise that you can do a lot more than "....you really can't do nothing, but edit respawns!" and "Right now i don't see no use to it, but to adjust respawns" On CTF you may want to try and change scoring to "Capture and Hold" amd change the object from a "Flag" to an "Armed Officer". I think that the biggest changes come with No IFF ( yeah I know you want the crosshair host option) adding a player officer as that does change the dynamic quite a bit, adding Helos to territoy/objective games, changing victory conditions from time to occupy all, changing zone control from capture to occupy ... Personally I haven't played all the gametypes enough with default settigns to really start to tweak them...
  24. Preacher with the following list of built in game types Iam not sure how much more you can get out of them Campaign - Mission Co-Op Elimination - Firefight / Helo Hunt Co-Op Territory - Defend Co-Op Objective - Intel Recon / Recon / Stealth Recon Team Elimination - Last Man Standing / Sharpshooter / Takedown Team Territory - Blind Siege / Domination / Hamburger Hill / Siege Team Objective - Capture the Flag / Recovery / Search and Rescue Team Battle - Battle / Divide and Conquer Team Mission - Mission Solo Elimination - Bounty Hunter / Last Man Standing / Seek and Destroy / Sharpshooter / Thief Solo Territory - Domination / Hamburger Hill Solo Objective - Escort / Flag Carry Add to that the ability to adjust respawns from individual to team, turn IFF on and off, change victory conditions, add helo's and AI, change capture zones, add player or AI officers, randomize zones, tweak kits to at the individual weapon level .... And whiel I too wish Team Mission was more complex (ie. the Coop Missions) it is a step in th eright direction with multiple targets and an extraction.
  25. For last man I have started using 5 team respawns (seems like a good balance to keep people interested) and also add in the "Player Officer". Since the Officer is worth more points it can change the outcome drastically and awards a team that goes out and hunts him down. I also like the Team Mission a lot as a change from LMS/Seige. Again I think this works well with limited respawns and you should adjust the # of Zones based on the map. I also think this actually works best with 3 Zones and a room limted at 12 - 6 x 6. This gametype does not seem to work so well on Hydro. Aslo, try turning IFF off completely to add a bit of a change and force some more team comms.
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