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  1. everybody is right. Currently during Blind Siege the BLUE team is always on defense while the RED team is always on offense. The only way to keep the same teams and switch between offense and deffense is to have the host change the colors for the players or have them do it themselves. Kind of a pain, but hopefully they will be fixing this as Ubi is aware of the bug. I wonder when the "rankings" for the new modes will take affect as currently it does not seem that the modes have any affect on rank.
  2. It seems to me that the big rocks you are talking about here are basically dividers between the Co-Cp and MP versions of Jungle Mines. If you notice, in MP the bottom right section of the map is not accessible. The rocks are the dividing points and probably serve as "barriers". Seems kinda strange they are there, but this is probably the reason you can walk right through them.....
  3. ya know. If you don't want it don't get it, but the content is well worth the meesly points. The new maps are done incredibly well, the re-lit maps are much better than hoped for, the guns are great, ........ If you don't get it you're missing out on the best part of GRAW yet!!! to each his own i guess, but no need to complain about the cost of something that is worth it
  4. After spending about 2.5 hrs playing the new stuff, I'll say that I am overall pretty impressed with what we got. Nevermind the cost, but the new maps are really what we should be getting with GRAW and are great. Also, the "re-lit" maps are much more impressive than I thought they would be and can really change things completely. Blind Siege from what I can tell so far is awesome and they really seemed to have improved it over BS on Summit Strike. The bases are well diversified and it really provides a new stlye of gameplaying. Haven't checked out the Team Battle mode yet though.... The weapons are very nice additions. Personally I couldn't be happier with the SR25-SD(the muzzled sound is nice) but the other weapons are handy as well. Tried the long-range scar which was nice, and I think one of the new grenadiers is great. I understand there are people who don't and won't pay for the content, to each his own but if ya do get it. You got some fun new stuff to play with.... I for one don't mind dropping a few bones on it, and think they did a great job so Thanks Ubi and Redstorm!!
  5. I know, I'm downloading it already. But how can you say it will be the same, I mean isn't Live for 360 completely different!! Hopefully you are right, and that makes the most practical sense but just wondering..
  6. Haven't really chimed in in a while on the site, but I'm back because I think this is important to know. I was wondering about the functionality of the DLC. Everybody is whining about the price, when they get it, blah blah. Please Don't ruin this thread with that. What people should be thinking about it whats going to happen when people with the DLC and people without the DLC get together in a room. Will people without the DLC be able to get into rooms hosted by people that have it? Can players use the new guns in rooms hosted by players that don't? I guess we'll know these things soon enough as its available but it would be nice to hear an official comment on this sometime.....
  7. kewl, thanks for the find. Now I know somebody is full of it......lol
  8. Amen on that Camaro. They announced the DLC, now it usually takes 3-4 weeks after they have announced it to appear on the Marketplace. We might be a few leaks a day or so before release but don't be expecting it. At least we know it coming.... Here's all the info I think we're going to get: 4 new Co-op Maps, 7 new MP maps, 3 new weapons, thermal vision, and at least 1 new camo. there are at least 2 snow maps(1 night and 1 day), a rainforest jungle, 1 urban nightime map, 1 night camp. In addition we know there are several maps with "time of day changes". Confirmed is Wharf Daytime, unconfirmed is Old Town Nighttime. I have a buddy who played some of the DLC at E3 and said its well worth the wait and that the ammount of stuff is going to really make players happy. Hopefully they will allow me to change the "couch and zoom" toggles but thats a personal hope i don't think i will be treated to. (at least with the 1st download). Now I know player after player wants to know what the DLC is, but we need to also realize and respect the game developers and the fact they cannot leak this information to the public. I'm perfectly happy with what they have told us, and will wait patiently the next several weeks to see what they give us.....
  9. Bucks, depending on what you are looking for as far as size, weight, and picture you can't go wrong with a few models. Personally, I have a 34 in. widescreen Sony XBR series. Sure its big and heavy, but costs less than lcd's, plasma, and dlp and gets better picture than any of them. I would not recommend getting a "lower" lcd, dlp, or plasma as they are not worth the cost, but if you have over a few grand to drop you could begin considering it.
  10. got a 34in. widescreen Sony XBR tube. Not as big as some others are using, but I can guarantee the picture is some of the best around. I got for quality, and tube picture is still the best of any format
  11. The last few days I've noticed that you can keep a Ranked room open for more than one match. I finally got to talk with a host last night and he said something about setting the "Auto-start" timer to 5 min. or something along those lines. By doing so, it keeps the ranked room open for multiple games. Does anybody know exactly how to do this? It would be much appreciated....
  12. well, as far as talking about downloadable content a week after the launch...... ah why not? The suggestions I have would be as follows, not in any relative order of importance: 1. compass 2. ability to "see your stats"(points towards achievements, ranking, etc...) 3. being able to switch the "zoom" and "stance" toggles from right to left 4. keep a ranked room open (although i've already seen this done, supposedly you set the auto start timer to like 5 min. or something) 5. one idea I had, when the ID is set to "friendly" and not when it is off, when you switch your cross com view between players it would "highlight" their diamond on the map for a sec or two. not to mention: 6. claymores 7. and for me a silent sniper We all know downloads are coming, who knows when they will be so enjoy the great game they have given us for a while.
  13. oh, just thought you were talking about that 1 gun.....my bad
  14. The magazine isn't removed from the clip becuase there is no magazine. I'm guessing you are talking about the MRC or whatever it is, which is Caseless ammo. So there wouldn't be a magazine. Just some input.
  15. agreed, it would have been nice to have a compass.
  16. Game is Unreal!!! it takes some serious getting used to as its completely different than anything you've played before. But man am I imressed!
  17. Came to work early this morning to get off at 2pm and pick it up!!!
  18. No I'm not complaining Jammo and why would I have any reason to brownose....what are they going to give me the demo earlier than everybody else or something?? I just think they should be given credit for all their efforts and not badmouthed about some "demo" coming out a week before the actual game. I find that hard to understand. I've been a GR fan from the beginning and 90% of the time its the game in my console which is why I don't think its right!! I want them to listen to their fans like they have been and not shun us I was hoping people would see this as constructive
  19. It is getting harder and harder for me to understand the ammount of blaming, complaining, and pointing of fingers that people are doing about this whole "demo". I mean come on and grow up, the game launches in a week and all I seem to be seeing is negative comments towards Ubisoft, Redstorm, and others that have been working their hinies off to deliver what is sure to be one of the BEST games released in years. You know, Ubisoft cares a lot about their fans and just look at the attention they have paid to their gamers when it comes to the newest addition to the franchise. How does it look to them that all they hear is complaints and people who are honestly angry about this whole "demo" thing??? They have done an incredible job to deliver a absolutely fantastic title, and instead of voicing your opinion about something which they have NEVER made an official comment about regarding when it would be available. Is every game released for 360 going to need a demo now to make people happy? I for one would like to give my appreciation to everyone who has had anything to do with the development, marketing, etc. of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. I know that someone will make some smart comment in this post, but lets give them some CREDIT for an incredible job on what is sure to be one of the best games of the year. For me it will be the best!!! Thankyou UBiSoft!!
  20. Well, I've decided I'm done with rumors but it sure would be nice!!!
  21. From the Ubisoft site: Today Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, is pleased to announce the official release dates of the game and that it has gone gold on Xbox360™. Also Ubisoft has decided to devote additional time on the PC version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™ to perfect the next installment in its award-winning squad-based military shooter and the specificities of this version. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™ will be released on * March 9th 2006 on Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. * March 16th 2006 on Xbox® video game system from Microsoft * March 30th on PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. * PC-DVD Rom next May 2006
  22. Well, since this lucky guy for some reason already has GRAW..Freakizoid.....you can take a look at exactly what the achievements are by going through his gamertage....kinda neat here's a link to the achievements: http://live.xbox.com/en-US/profile/Achieve...d%3bei*h1%02%05
  23. You know, its all these game modes and options that is really going to make GRAW stand out among its predecessors I think. I mean yes, the graphics, engine, and mechanics of the game are going to be what wow me and everyone else. But its the variety of MP options that is going to keep the game in our consoles. Personally, other than siege the two mp modes which I am looking forward to the most are the Objective and Deathmatch: Bounty Hunter. Supposedly, just about any objectives can be placed, and did I see sensors in there, nice. For example, you can set the flag to be an armed soldier which has to be escorted to a base while the other squad tries to prevent it. Siege while trying to protect somebody is what is sounds like!! Also, Bounty Hunter has some great possibilities as well. I mean, who doesn't want to team up with 12 of their buddies and go commado on some poor little ghost. Vice versa, who doesn't want to go Rambo on a squad out to get him.... Without further comments from the peanut gallery: GR:AW Multiplayer Options Any game boasting the Clancy name can be expected to provide unique and immersive multiplayer game types and options, but Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™ brings this tradition to new heights. Let's dive into some of the most compelling options available and then unravel the game modes you can expect to encounter. Game Modes Before messing about with unbelievably detailed customization options, you must first decide the basic structure of the game you want to play. You can select from: Elimination: At its most basic, this is the deathmatch mode. The goal is to eliminate as many targets as you possibly can to either reach the set goal or find yourself on top when time runs out. Territory: Whether solo or with teammates, you need to control specific points on the map for the longest amount of time possible. It's very similar to the Halo® 2 game type of the same name. The strategy required (solo or with a team) is unique as you try to trick and bait opponents into making mistakes while trying to protect yourself, even as you attempt to control a position for a few seconds more. Objective: In opposition to the straight deathmatch of Elimination and the more centralized strategy in Territory, Objective requires you complete specific objectives on each map in opposition to the opposing team or players (for example, placing sensors without alerting the enemy). Campaign (co-op only): Playing cooperatively with fellow gamers, you battle wits with the A.I. in more mission-style objective gameplay. Not copying levels from the single-player experience, Campaign mode online introduces whole new missions and scenarios to play out with friends. With the exception of Campaign mode, the game types are available for solo, team, and co-op play. It's also important to note that each game mode features unique rules that change the way the game is approached. For example, when playing Elimination matches solo online, you can choose from: Bounty Hunter: You're given a target at the beginning of each round with the goal of only killing whoever is currently your target. If you kill anyone else, your score is penalized. Sharpshooter: This is more basic deathmatch, with everyone being fair game, and everyone worth one point when you take them down. Thief: Whoever has the most kills is designated the Thief. If you kill the Thief you score two points, while everyone else is worth just one. Seek and Destroy: The player who tags the first kill is given a special weapon and is designated the target. The target gets points for killing everyone else; however, everyone else hunts the target only. Further Customization Of course, even beyond the sub-game-types are literally dozens of different options. Standard options (like number of players, voice channel, respawn wait timer, and map rotation) are all available, as can be expected, but here are a few unique options to consider: Method of Player Assignment: Picking and organizing teams can be a tricky business, but you have the following options: Player Control: This lets each player decide which team they play for. Host Control: Much the opposite of Player Control, this puts the onus on the host to decide who plays with whom. Random: If cooler minds don't prevail, stick it on Random and let chance decide. Class Modifiers: Four different classes each posses different strengths and weaknesses. For example, you want your Grenadier wielding the big weapons rather than on sniper duty. However, in multiplayer matches, you can choose to turn the modifiers on or off, either ensuring that each class functions differently or that everyone is on a level playing field, with no specialties or major weaknesses. Kill Camera: This feature has been used before (think Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, letting you spot just where your attacker is after they kill you, but Advanced Warfighter lets you decide whether to keep the camera on or turn it off. Allow Weapon Pickup: Turn this option on to let players swap out their primary weapon for that of their fallen enemy. Respawn Invulnerability: No one likes spawn campers, and if you're worried about them ruining the experience, you can make sure that players that have just spawned get a moment to collective themselves before getting shot at. Don't worry, the players that just spawned can't shoot until their invulnerability has worn off. Perspective: The host can choose whether the viewpoint is locked into either first person or third person. Of course, they can choose to lock into neither and let the players decide. Edit Identity The glut of customization options doesn't end there. A few options affect only your player. You can: Choose Default Class: Specify which class you always want to start out as. Class Appearance: You can customize some basic appearance options to create a unique look for each class. For example, you can swap out different hats, sunglasses, facial types, and even camo-face-paint patterns. Controller Setup: Everyone has their own personal pet control configuration, and you can set yours under Edit Identity so that you're always set to go with the arrangement you like. With three basic game-mode structures customizable with different sub-types and a host of more specific tweaks and changes, there's nearly no end to the unique experiences you can play out in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Now you have a solid idea of what to expect, but, remember, we haven't listed every last option, nor have we discussed the ten different maps available. There are plenty of little surprises left to discover
  24. Killer, come check out www.elitecombat.net On our site you will find many mature teams which compete on our ladders that you might be interested in playing with.
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