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  1. everybody is right. Currently during Blind Siege the BLUE team is always on defense while the RED team is always on offense. The only way to keep the same teams and switch between offense and deffense is to have the host change the colors for the players or have them do it themselves. Kind of a pain, but hopefully they will be fixing this as Ubi is aware of the bug. I wonder when the "rankings" for the new modes will take affect as currently it does not seem that the modes have any affect on rank.
  2. It seems to me that the big rocks you are talking about here are basically dividers between the Co-Cp and MP versions of Jungle Mines. If you notice, in MP the bottom right section of the map is not accessible. The rocks are the dividing points and probably serve as "barriers". Seems kinda strange they are there, but this is probably the reason you can walk right through them.....
  3. ya know. If you don't want it don't get it, but the content is well worth the meesly points. The new maps are done incredibly well, the re-lit maps are much better than hoped for, the guns are great, ........ If you don't get it you're missing out on the best part of GRAW yet!!! to each his own i guess, but no need to complain about the cost of something that is worth it
  4. After spending about 2.5 hrs playing the new stuff, I'll say that I am overall pretty impressed with what we got. Nevermind the cost, but the new maps are really what we should be getting with GRAW and are great. Also, the "re-lit" maps are much more impressive than I thought they would be and can really change things completely. Blind Siege from what I can tell so far is awesome and they really seemed to have improved it over BS on Summit Strike. The bases are well diversified and it really provides a new stlye of gameplaying. Haven't checked out the Team Battle mode yet though.... The
  5. I know, I'm downloading it already. But how can you say it will be the same, I mean isn't Live for 360 completely different!! Hopefully you are right, and that makes the most practical sense but just wondering..
  6. Haven't really chimed in in a while on the site, but I'm back because I think this is important to know. I was wondering about the functionality of the DLC. Everybody is whining about the price, when they get it, blah blah. Please Don't ruin this thread with that. What people should be thinking about it whats going to happen when people with the DLC and people without the DLC get together in a room. Will people without the DLC be able to get into rooms hosted by people that have it? Can players use the new guns in rooms hosted by players that don't? I guess we'll know these things
  7. kewl, thanks for the find. Now I know somebody is full of it......lol
  8. Amen on that Camaro. They announced the DLC, now it usually takes 3-4 weeks after they have announced it to appear on the Marketplace. We might be a few leaks a day or so before release but don't be expecting it. At least we know it coming.... Here's all the info I think we're going to get: 4 new Co-op Maps, 7 new MP maps, 3 new weapons, thermal vision, and at least 1 new camo. there are at least 2 snow maps(1 night and 1 day), a rainforest jungle, 1 urban nightime map, 1 night camp. In addition we know there are several maps with "time of day changes". Confirmed is Wharf Daytime, unc
  9. Bucks, depending on what you are looking for as far as size, weight, and picture you can't go wrong with a few models. Personally, I have a 34 in. widescreen Sony XBR series. Sure its big and heavy, but costs less than lcd's, plasma, and dlp and gets better picture than any of them. I would not recommend getting a "lower" lcd, dlp, or plasma as they are not worth the cost, but if you have over a few grand to drop you could begin considering it.
  10. got a 34in. widescreen Sony XBR tube. Not as big as some others are using, but I can guarantee the picture is some of the best around. I got for quality, and tube picture is still the best of any format
  11. The last few days I've noticed that you can keep a Ranked room open for more than one match. I finally got to talk with a host last night and he said something about setting the "Auto-start" timer to 5 min. or something along those lines. By doing so, it keeps the ranked room open for multiple games. Does anybody know exactly how to do this? It would be much appreciated....
  12. well, as far as talking about downloadable content a week after the launch...... ah why not? The suggestions I have would be as follows, not in any relative order of importance: 1. compass 2. ability to "see your stats"(points towards achievements, ranking, etc...) 3. being able to switch the "zoom" and "stance" toggles from right to left 4. keep a ranked room open (although i've already seen this done, supposedly you set the auto start timer to like 5 min. or something) 5. one idea I had, when the ID is set to "friendly" and not when it is off, when you switch your cross com view be
  13. oh, just thought you were talking about that 1 gun.....my bad
  14. The magazine isn't removed from the clip becuase there is no magazine. I'm guessing you are talking about the MRC or whatever it is, which is Caseless ammo. So there wouldn't be a magazine. Just some input.
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