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  1. Yeah, UBI has once again proven that only they are cabable of doing something like this, again. So clap your hands for UBI, they're something unique. Now playing: Children of Bodom - Oops I did it again But back to the topic, allmost... What comes to the Xbox MP-trailer, it might be a good thing that there's no PC release with that kind of a gameplay. Obviously we're not getting anything like OGR anymore, but should a game looking & feeling like Crysis be called as Ghost Recon? With this I'm referring to GR:O and GR:FS. Not saying that I'd dismiss anything that's not "realisti
  2. Hi! Is there any ladders or leagues for GRAW out there? If there's interest, there's a possibility to run multiple/various GRAW games at www.ghostleague.net . Sadly, our [GR] gaming has ended there (for good I think, resurection would be some 7.th miracle), and it's totally idle atm. If there's enough interest and willing admins to run it, consider Ghost League as possibility, even for this tournament? BR, Seba
  3. Oh, I just spotted this one @ Alpha Mod 2.6.2. where credits were just for Battleborne But, thanks for that clarifying! I want to be precise with these permissions.
  4. Hi! I've been trying to contact few guys who "might have something to do" with original author of this map... I'd really appriciate if some of you could enlight me with contact infos etc. We'd like to include this map into our GhostLeague -mod. [Posts split into a new thread - Please don't dig up a 6 year dead thread (just refer to it in a New one)]
  5. I'll start _today_ excatly the same journey as you Blake wroted last spring.. Starting to make my first completely own map... Lets see am I able to do anything...
  6. Hmm.. What do you modders think if I'm not able to reach some creators is it suitable to use his work if it's mentioned at credits correctly..? After all our projects doesnt have commercial value/arent used for commercial purposes... But still it feels a like stealing...
  7. Thanks, but we've allready made some changes with 40mm nades. And what comes to 20mm, I'm trying to be as gentle as possible here (touching OICW/GL is a like sacrilegious act for some people...) it's quite understandable: people have used to "how" these GL's kill in what situations and where they should be shotted, so I'd rather not mess up with them. I made a little explanation to our admin crew, maybe put it here aswell - If you change back to bullets at blue timeline, you'll notice the bug. - instead, if you dont fire that 3.th round and change at orange timeline, when 2.nd GL's
  8. Hello! We're making this GhostLeague mod here, a little MultiPlayer thing for our league. http://www.ghostleague.net/index.php?l=1&a...&view=downz And, might found out a new bug with GR Aint so big news here, but any ideas how this could be prevented? To the point. I've made a kit with MM1 + MP5 which should be implemented to upcoming mod version, and lowered OICW/GL ROF from 600RPM -> 90RPM. So now when you have OICW on full auto -mode, and you change to GL's, shoot one or few of them and quickly change back to bullets, it will "magicly" shoot your full clip empty, au
  9. Hello! I'm one of the GhostLeague's admins and our community mod developers/creators (www.ghostleague.net). Our mod is just an small fixing for MP gaming, though it's growing here day by day here... Some of you modders know us allready, we've been contacting them for permissions to use their maps, guns, etc. work of arts We're precise what comes to permissions/licences/credits, and now we've faced some problems with contacting few of the modders. Well, GR is getting "a bit" old nowdays and many of these modders have changed circles years ago, but I'd appreciate if someone could help
  10. It's a league Gaming system is build by our other admins (dox, ben, Nemesis) and will be published for this spring season ("quick season...") when we know about the amount of part taking clans.
  11. Hello Ghost Recon community! I'm proud to say GhostLeague is up! There's again change to play tactic hamburger hill with good old Ghost Recon! Check site : http://www.ghostleague.net The site is really fresh; basicly its under work all the time. We're starting our first gaming season pretty soon - and sign up's are ready and working! So if your clan wants to play some GR once again, you're welcome to play with good bunch of Ghost Recon veterans + enthustiastic new players! (gaming is concentraded to European time zones, of course US clans can join but time differences might come an i
  12. Well, again it's a compromise between different values - I think Grin tried that, to please everybody with GRAW balancing qualities though the ending didnt go as well as hypothese... The engine is good and gives lots of posibilities like I said in the last post, but really needs some fixes. My opinion is that GRAW2 is coming too fast out, it shouldnt been rushed after the disaster publishing with GRAW, hope it wont include so many bugs at release... Of course what compicated games go the more bugs will appear on them but less players will play "unfinished" games... Hope that to GRAW2 will b
  13. Hmm.. I liked GRAW single player, but MP wasn't as good as GR - GR MP is a legend actually, mostly 'cause of its maps I think. What I missed at GRAW MP was real STEALTH (you know you can walk without making footstepsounds - it was great though there should been some kind of 'sneaking-button' or quieter steps..), wider maps (updating Strongpoint actually kept me playing GRAW MP...), and better console control (those little things wich makes count - starting timer like GR (30sec, 1min, ...) Without a sniper you could spot easily enemy sniper & take him down, places were rare at MP-maps w
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