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  1. I think these new maps have something for every speciality and you're right. The new, more adaptive AI forces players to do the one thing that not enough people have been doing up till now in coop..... PLAY AS A TEAM ......
  2. I agree wholeheartedly about the small map issue, and I'd be willing to pay the £6.00( $10.00) or so for just one really big map, as long as it came with a well thought out mission...... If you can beat co-op missions solo, they're too easy!!!!
  3. I say chaps!..... I know I'm dreadfully important, but why should anyone else think UBI would wait for my birthday to release DLC.?????. Mother would be so proud......
  4. well you havent played the missions yet so you dont know how they play out .that is first. second. 4 new maps sounds about right. as a matter of fact other games that have been out alot longer have just gotten map packs consisting of 4 to 5 maps. remember graw has only been out 3 months. In addition to that. i am looking forward to the night version of nowhere. that is gonna be sweet. be happy with what you are getting , they could release nothing, and we could wait 2 years for the next game..... .......or we could just not play it anymore...!!!! So what if its only been out 3 months.....shipping with only 10 maps is weak at best considering the fact that the MP side was developed seperately from the SP side of the game. My point is not really to complain...more like we expected more. I think many gamers expected GRAW to have everything set in place...14-16 MP maps.....true next gen graphics.... BUT we got a polished version of GR2 with smaller and weaker MP maps...and not many of them either!!! Ummm.....why did you buy it then??? It was no secret how many maps were coming with the game at release....right??? Nope, you are right...it was no secret...the limited number of maps was well advertised....but still disappointing. I guess I would buy a GR game even if it shipped with one map......DLC is a new thing and a vehicle for games to not only have a longer shelf life but also a mechanism for game devs to upgrade or even fix certain bugs or issues that we the gamers are facing. When new maps are presented or advertised...I want NEW not same with a diff glow.....lol......still, I'm sure the co-op will be fun.....I must have played the other 4 a thousand times so far.... Opinions are good...It keeps this forum sexy.....!!!!! Thank you....I was about to go on a WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT rant!!! People on this forum are ###### and moaning about something that they haven't even seen or played yet (save for the screenshots). If you still don't like it when it's released, feel free to complain till your heart's content. Until then, here's a preemptive "shhh" for ya!!! When you consider that we are talking about not just new maps, but new weaponry as well, (for all specialities as I understand it), we're getting a fair bit of variation on what we've become used to, even if we don't care for the new game modes..... I'm looking forward to tackling the original maps with the new lead-chuckers, just as much as tackling the new maps with the old ones.... (I think I got confused somewhere)
  5. Gimme...Gimme....Gimme ....Gimme .... Sluuuurppp!!!
  6. The only time I worry about stats/achievements etc. is when I realise that I must be close to one, but can't find out how close..... Especially the 10,000 MP kills...... The suspense is killing me!! If the achievement didn't exist though, It wouldn't bother me at all. I think that sometimes, less is more...
  7. I understand the dual ranking/True skill rating idea and if everyone understood, it would be far better than anything that's come before. But unfortunately, while there is a huge number of players who can't, or won't understand, these problems will always occur, and that is why I don't play ranked games. I have been kicked from co-op games just before launch by hosts on more than a couple of occasions, because they didn't want "Unskilled, low ranked players who they couldn't rely on" in their games. I have even been abused during co-op by by players who insist that I must be using cheats, because I have still been scoring kills and completing missions long after they've been killed, even though my rank is 1 and theirs is 5, or more....
  8. Have had trouble designating targets a couple of times when using sniper weapons....... Re-played scenario with other weapons with no hitch whatsoever?
  9. I'll second that Idea........ How about a show of hands..... Virtual, of course......
  10. I love to play it smart, slow, and tactical, or pistols only, run 'n' gun...... Nothing in between floats my boat unfortunately!
  11. My inscrutable ferret says; Trust what Ubi-do, not what Ubi-say
  12. While I can easily understand not releasing DLC until there's enough to warrant charging for it, I do think that if the maps had been just a little larger, we wouldn't all be pulling our hair out because we know every brick and blade of grass already available and we'd still pay for more! Having said that, is it possible to expand existing maps through downloads without having to duplicate what we already have? I'd rather pay to increase the maps we already have by 30% than have a new batch that are just too small!
  13. It would be great to have a couple of maps featuring more tightly packed arcitecture, with shorter lines of sight, making pistols and MP5s a more realistic choice.....
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