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  1. Pledged KS: Jeremy L Smith http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/jlsmith1101
  2. Actually gaming technology is heading towards the eventual death of consoles. The licensing costs associated with publishing a console game, the costs of pushing out a Patch, the time it takes to get the patch tested by the Console Certification, the outdated technology, even the fact that they're becoming more and more PC based. They're ever more so creeping towards being PCs in both price and function so in a sense You the consumer are signing the consoles death certificate even though every Media site has been repeatedly rattling off that PC gaming is dieing... You want the console to d
  3. the image 101459 posted is an Ubi Declared official screenshot of the PC version from the horses mouth, not some media site grabbing concept art...
  4. UBI hasn't in my knowledge made a good game yet aside from prince of persia and Assassin's Creed. All their franchises or games that were good were made by outside companies who were published by Ubisoft, they now cater to making shovelware. Ghost Recon - Red Storm Entertainment Rainbow Six - Red Storm Entertainment both those series when produced in house at UBI have suffered. Raven Shield was about as close as Rainbow Six got to the old Red Storm Entertainment days... and was made by Ubisoft Montreal... after that it was disaster after disaster from Lockdown to Vegas's crap... Ghost
  5. I gather you're on the ignorant side of things regarding piracy and the music industry. Sure UBI could go after every Tom, Dick, And Joe Prate but ultimately it'll cost the publisher more than what its worth and in the grand scheme of things do nothing to curtail Piracy on the open sea. Now on the other hand if they go out and say fine Captain Black Beard of the SS. PIRACY who's responsible for Hornswaggleing the game's code and distribute his Booty they may actually get somewhere... on a More serious note, ultimately we as consumers will lose either way because neither side is backin
  6. title screams to me Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2.0... which is something that brings me mixed thoughts... to me this seems like UBIsoft trying to milk the sentiments of the old fans with the definition of Preditor while still advertising to the "new" (casual gamers) fans with predator meaning the same diamond displaying overhead drones.... which are called predator drones... (like it needed to be said) and following ubi's horrible track record with all their series I'm voting towards a GRAW continuation... instead of a ghost recon continuation...
  7. and that's when I posted apple doesn't sell sub 1000.00 computers. so if we use logic, any business and schools (which is apple's real nitch) using/buying a mac has/will more then likely spent 1000.00 on each machine . even in the link you posted its not that those PC's cost more its just they charge more for less... which means their 1000.00 price tag means bout as much as Bush saying there's WMD's in Iraq...
  8. you cannot stand sit there and look at the following example and say "well apples OS runs better with less" to summarize your previous post... so without further a due... lets shoot this flying myth before people think Mac's are somehow superior with games... Call of Duty4 Modern Warfare whats this mean? well honestly you're going to spend too much money on a "gaming" machine built by Apple that will run/look worse due to porting or cheaper hardware than evil money grubbing Microsoft... wait Mac's cost more than a machine built by "money grubbing Micro$oft?... the reason is compet
  9. you do realize that Apple doesn't sell but 2 things under 1000.00 they being 1. The Mac Book @ 999.00 2. The Mac Mini @ 599.00 also most Macs around the 1000.00 range come with 2.5ish Ghz Dual Core Processors and 2GB of Ram... hell a 800.00 dell (which only needs 300.00, 200 for a decent Video card, and 100 for a monitor) comes with 3GB of ram and a 2.6Ghz QUAD core CPU... so as far as believing most "gaming" rigs are macs would be absurd, hell I built a serious gaming rig that makes the dell offer look absurd for 800.00 let alone the 1000.00 for the sub par parts... not to
  10. you can blame those other "Tac-sim" games (vegas anyone?)on the run and gun gameplay they expect to be able to do in every Tac-sim type games.
  11. Aye, but he doesn't say if it was consitently boosted or just whenever he looked up at the counter (which is to say unreliable) sure he could get 32+ FPS standing still looking down an alley with nothing else on screen but my point is IS if consistent all the way through the game EG the Average FPS count would go UP in a benchmark meaning yes he did consistently see an increase in FPS not just whenever he glanced up an looked at the FPS counter. its easy to say yeah I seen higher FPS when I glaced up but thats like saying I seen 70 FPS on a 8800GTS while I was looking at the artillary pie
  12. he never specifys if overall (the average Framerate) actually increased or if it happens to be when he's looking at a poster board and nothing else is on screen. Fraps offers a free FPS benchmarking program but yet theres no evidence that with the non-hacked files he was any slower...and with them any faster
  13. hate to break it to ya, but this isn't an awareness day more like a reminder that we've been preaching about removal or making the kits an option. personally I want the M416 scope/frontgrip no need for a silencer or grenade launcher as it packs quite a punch...
  14. or dont bring them at all (you do have that option also)
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