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  1. Ok here we go. It's based on a large building. I'm thinking missions will be based on two levels, so a couple of missions. But here's an initial look. Bottom two levels are parking garage and the upper two are office spaces. 2nd level of the parking garage is completely under ground. Still working on it in 3dsm and gmax. Slow going as I'm just learning this stuff. We'll see if I can get it into the game soon I hope. The missions will be some type of infiltration/rescue or document grab or something I'm thinking. Co-op and multi-player are my goals for mission types
  2. couldn't get the pics to load right will need to modify them later and post sorry, couldn't delete this post either.....
  3. Roger that. I'll post after next time it crashes. And verify DS IT are enabled. I'm pretty sure they are. Thanks guy's. Scully
  4. Anybody have issues with running HX5 in MP? It keeps crashin on me and some others. Is there a patch available? Cheers! Scully
  5. Is there a way to let more than 9 play co-op in muli-player? cheers! Scully
  6. Thanks! Looking forward to seening yours. Let me konw what the first look is available. FRAPS 2.0(i think) Full screen 15fps. That gives me good quality to work with and then when I produce it I can change the output for whatever speed or size I want to use it as. As far as editing goes I've tried a lot of differnet free version software. Not Ulead yet though. Those 2 I made with MS moviemaker 2. The first MSMM sucked but version 2 has a lot of nifty new features. I don't have a good sound editor. Just using the stuff that came w/ my creative 5.1 card. Since you copied those to FP I'll post my big movie on my site for you to look at. I'll let you know when. Cheers!
  7. Ok, Sorry bout that fixed the second link and should work now. It's very time consuming that's for sure. I have a 13 minute clip of a whole mission, 18megs though. Took me better part of a day to turn out. The next one I do I want to work on multiple angles which mean watching the replay and recording if from multiple angles and then editing all the recordings...... Cheers! Scully
  8. Couple of movies I made from missions They're about 5 megs each so may want to download rather then stream them. http://home.comcast.net/~scully87/gr_stuff/shv-pw.wmv http://home.comcast.net/~scully87/gr_stuff...aining_dsl5.wmv Let me know what you think.
  9. I was thinking mainly for mp. But for missions would split out and one mission taking place on first two floors and a second misson taking place on the next two and roof. Still trying to put ideas and reality together. I'll try and post an image of the first floor. Just got to find a way to host it.
  10. I just started working on a new map centered around a large office type building. I've got the building done, not textured or imported into 3dsm yet. I'm also just learning so it could be awhile. The building is big. 4 floors, two parking garage levels which will be partially underground and two above ground office type levels. Interior stairs connect all the levels. It's about two football fields long 200yds. Still working on mission ideas for it. Cheers, Scully
  11. Will the max4 export level plugin work in max 5? cheers! Scully
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