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  1. OK ... here's my question. I am a systems admin and I support about 150 users. Currently I carry around a CD that has some files on it that I use regularly. I am considering purchasing 128MB “Thumb Drive” or “USB Drive” to replace the CD.

    Does anyone have any experience using these devices? How fast are they? I would like to know if they require drivers to be installed to use them. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I am willing to spend about $500 or so.

    From what everyone is sayng ... motherboard, processor, memory & graphics card are the main things I need to upgrade.

    Does the BIOS come with the motherboard or is that something else I need to buy.

    Also, how do I know if the motherboard will fit into my current case? Or should I get a new case too. My current system is a Dell.

    I am comforable installing memory and PCI cards, so is installing the motherboard/processor something I can handle?


  3. Hi all. I have a PC that is from 1999. It is as follows ....

    PIII 600MHz (no clue on the FSB speed ... how do I find that out?)

    Windows2000 Pro

    640MB PC100 RAM

    32 TNT2 Video Card

    27GB Hard Drive (C:)

    120 GB Hard Drive (Partitoned into 3 partitions)

    17" monitor

    CDRW drive

    DVD Drive

    Cable Internet connection

    I am thinking about building my own PC.

    Don't care about "modding" the case too much, but I would like a LCD readout of CPU temp, load, etc from one of the drive bays.

    I want to make it a PC that will last me another couple of years. Should I wait for the "hyper threading" technology to come down in price? I mean the PC runs fine now ... just a little on the slow side. I just want a new toy that won't set me back too much.

    Any suggestions? Any websites anyone can recommend me checking out? :blink::wacko:

    Thanks in advance. :rocky:


  4. I am a GhostRecon newbie. There I said it. I would like to play online sometime, but I am intimidated. Is there ever an online game that caters to newbies? I think that it would be beneficial to all of us noobs who want to learn how to play online before we jump in with all of you experts out there.

    I look forward to seeing you "on the field." :D


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