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  1. Today I received the rest of the components for my new rig. I was really intimidated about putting together my own PC. I have been around PCs for quite a long time, but never took the leap of faith to assemble one myself. I usually purchased a ready made PC. I was really surprised how EASY it was. It took me only about 1.5 hours to assemble the hardware. I won't be able to install the OS and other software (GR of course!) until Monday. (It's killing me!!!) The final rig is ... ASUS P4G8X Deluxe mobo P4 2.53 Ghz 533 FSB, 512 L2 Cache Processor PNY Geforce4 Ti4200 64MB video car
  2. I don't think GR supports that view ....... maybe GR2 ....
  3. I use AnalogX POW ... go here. You can edit the pop ups that you want to kill. Works great for me!! BigT
  4. I use a Cordless Optical Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer and love it! I would buy another .... or a Logitech. I haven't heard much about the creative mice.
  5. Hello all. When the parts for my new rig are assembled I want to use a headset for games so I don't bother the rest of the family. I don't have a front headphone/mic port, though. I was thinking about getting one of these. How do *you* switch between speakers and headphones? Thanks. BigT
  6. Hiya Mark and welcome. The people here are great and very helpful. Enjoy your stay!! BigT
  7. My plans have been for building my new rig have had a set back for a month or so. My wife gave birth to our first child last week! A 9lb, 9oz boy! Anyway ... when I do build the rig I want to use imaging software for backups. I want to capture an image right after OS install and all of the updates from Windows Update. At work we use Ghost 7.0 and it works just fine. Does anyone have any pros & cons for Ghost vs. Drive Image? As always, thanks for you input.
  8. good luck. that kind of thing is frowned upon here .....
  9. sorry Xavier .... currently i have 600MHz going .... very soon it will be 2530 MHz ......
  10. Is there a team already set up? If so, can someone post the team number?
  11. Nothing offical as far as I know. I know that all of the GR2 domain names have been purchased, though.
  12. I don't ... yet. I have been thinking about starting. Let's start a GR.net folding team. Anyone interested???
  13. OK ... you've convinced me. I'll get one ..... Thanks guys!
  14. I will be building a new rig in the next few weeks and have been toying with the idea of skipping the floppy drive. I can't tell you the last time I used a floppy. Other than flashing th BIOS I don't see the need. I have a USB thumb drive that I can use to flash. Any thoughts? Thanks
  15. you could say that .....
  16. If you are looking for free picture hosting I use villagephotos.com. They have free accounts and pay accounts. The free accounts are limited to 25 images (I think) and a certain bandwith per day. Tony
  17. OK .... the time is very near for me to purchase the components for my new PC. Here is what I am pretty sure I am going to buy ... Chieftec Dragon case (Thanks Stinger) Windows2000 Pro SP3 360W Power Supply ASUS P4SDX Deluxe mobo P4 2.53GHz Northwood w/512 L2 cache CPU NVIDIA Geforce 4 TI 4200 either 64MB or 128MB (Thanks DarkRanger) 512MB RAM - see question below I will be using my existing hard drives and optical drives. I have a question regarding RAM. The mobo supports Dual Channel DDR333 RAM. I was thinking about getting RAM from either Crucial or Corsair XMS in one 512M
  18. I have the issue of Computer Shopper with the day-glo orange cover. I think it is the second article in a series of articles. It is a good article to read for the newbie in assembling PCs. Also there are a lot of references on the 'net that the guys here have pointed me to. Thanks to them, I am looking to start putting my new PC together in a few weeks!!
  19. DarkRanger: You are correct ... I just found the old posting. The main reason for "purchasing the card twice" is budget. Can you recommend a video card?
  20. Can someone please explain to me the difference between a nvidia geforce 2 mx400 and geforce 4 mx440se? Also, is there much of a difference between card manufacturers or are they pretty much the same since they are all using the same nividia video chipsets? I am looking for a "budget" video card for a system that I am building. I am looking for a 64MB video card that is 4X (the mobo I am going to buy has a 8X AGP slot). I don't want to spend too much on the video card now, just something that will last me until more funds become available. Thanks for your input. Tony
  21. DarkRanger: I am looking to spend about $300 on the mobo & CPU. I would like something for "down the road" upgrading. I would like to get a P4 system. On board sound doesn't matter to me. I have a SoundBlaster Live Value card from my current system that I can put in the new one. I would like to have 533 FSB and the ability for fast RAM (PC2700?) and at least a 4X AGP slot, although 8X would be nice. Also, on board USB 2.0 & FireWire would be nice, but not really necessary since I have PCI cards for both of them already. That is all that I am certain about. For anything else
  22. I am going to be building my first PC in a month or two. I want to go with a P4 system. Do you have any opinions on the ASUS P4PE BP motherboard? Here's a link ...ASUS P4PE BP Motherboard Any opinions on this mobo .... and any suggestions on other mobos would be appreciated. Also, I have noticed that on some mobos there is one blue PCI slot. What is that for? Thanks in advance. Tony
  23. Please bear with this newbie. In my current system I have two hard drives and a DVD drive and CDRW drive. My question is regarding the optimum configuration of the IDE channels and how the drives are connected. Currently I have a 27GB hard drive as the master and a 120GB (2 partitions) as the slave on one IDE channel. The second IDE channel has the DVD as the master and the CDRW as the slave. Everything works just fine. I am really asking this question for when I build my new system (in a few months I hope). My plans are to use the 120 GB drive as the master (40GB for my "C"
  24. Wow! Thanks for all of the advice guys! Keep it coming. Since we are talking about it ... here is what I want to do. On my new system I am going to use my existing hard drives, CDRW drive and DVD drive. I know that I need a new mobo, CPU (would like to stay with Intel unless someone can convince me otherwise .... I am open to suggestions), and memory. I run Windows2000 Pro now and will probably install that on the new system unless someone can give me a good reason to go with XP .... or XP Pro. My problem is I have never built a PC before. I have installed RAM, PCI cards, ha
  25. I currently have a AGP NVIDIA RIVA TNT2/TNT2 Pro 32MB video card(according to device manager). Is the NVIDIA GFORCE 2 MX400 a good upgrade? I have seen them on Ebay really cheap .... between $25 - $40. I am going to be building a new system for myself in the coming months and was wondering if this card will get me by for a while. Of course I would love to be able to afford top of the line, but there is a budget of around $600. My current card has been working fine since I purchashed my Dell system in 1999, although GR sometimes runs a little slow. My current system is ... 600MHz
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