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  1. Here us what I found from here

    mdm - mdm.exe - Process Information

    Process File: mdm or mdm.exe

    Process Name: Machine Debug Manager

    Description: The Machine Debug Manager is used for Debugging Applications and is Installed by the Microsoft Script Editor which is included in Microsoft Office

    Common Errors: N/A

    System Process: Yes

    Maybe someone can explain further ...

  2. How long have you had your ratpad? I've heard stories on how it gets worn out over a long period of use.

    I've had it for about six months. No sign of wear at all.

    RE: Teflon tape ... Make sure you get the adhesive type. I found mine on eBay ... very cheap.

  3. What OS are you using? Do you have a cable modem or are you on dial up? Do you have a hardware firewall/router?

    If you have a cable modem and WindowsXP try this ... right click on your network connection and choose "repair". Sometimes that works.

    Also, if you have a hardware firewall/router, try unplugging that and pluggin that back in. That works for me sometimes, too.


  4. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

    Here is the thing .... I really want to store Ghost images. I imaged my HDD and there are 5 files totaling almost 9GB. The files are about 2 GB a piece. Does anyone know if there is a setting within Ghost that will split the files to 650MB?

  5. I know one (or more) of the experts out there will have an answer/opinion on this. I am considering getting an external hard drive for backups and general storage. Maybe something in the 40 - 60 GB range. I was also thinking about the possibility of going to a computer show and getting a used 25 - 30GB HDD and then buying an external case for it.

    Any thoughts?



  6. I recently built my first computer with a lot of help from the people here (Thanks DarkRanger, WhiteKnight, and a lot of others). It was really easy to do. I used newegg. I found they had good prices and they have a GREAT reputation. See my sig for the rig I put together. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me.


  7. Hi everyone. I have a GForce4 Ti4200 and am running the 41.09 drivers. How are the 44.03? Any problems? I was thinking about updating the drivers, but want to make sure that they are stable.

    Thanks in advance.


  8. Here's a wierd thing. All of a sudden GR has an echo when I play. I don't recall changing anything. No other game or application has an echo, just GR.

    Any thoughts? I may have to uninstall and reinstall .... any tricks that I need to be aware of?

    Thanks for your help.


  9. See I knew I forgot something! The mobo has on board 6 channel sound.

    @Stinger ... you bet I am going to fold. I have been folding for GR.NET since the beginning although I only used my 600MHz PC. That is why my score is so low. It takes FOREVER to complete a 400 work unit!! :)


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