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  1. In download! I don't know if it's the right place to ask about this , but I don't want to open a new thread and I'm interested in the 3rd person mod, I spent a lot of time looking to my wordpad but nothing work to show the head. The rest work superb! Maybe is impossible just by tweaking .xml , so please say to me :"It's impossible dude!" before I get blind.
  2. Sadly true! I would like to change more than camo patterns but I' m not so good,About editing new characters maybe with the second chapter coming soon people lost their interest.
  3. I tried 'em both and basically it seems to me that Ruddy's upgrade adjust the camera settings ( while you're running the camera is centered now ,solved lean issues and add the crosshair while aiming that is the big question to solve now ), personally I prefer some of the previous "Tps" settings in particular running with the camera not centered is less shacking for me . Display a crosshair that works good with all weapons while aiming is what we need to solve to make this wonderfull mod 100% playable, I'm sure that someone in this forum will be able to do this, we just have to wait or try by ourselves to do something.
  4. Just unzip in your Local Language folder ex: ....../Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter/Local/English
  5. I really would like to know, couse I'm curious and I spent few times trying to display a dot while aiming , If you could share the part ofthe script you use for the green circle will be great.
  6. I moved to linux in the last few month so I'm training with the gimp too, to flatten layer with gimp you should go to the layer menu' and select "Merge down" or "Anchor Layer" or from the image menu you can select "Flatten Image" or "Merge visible layer".You can try with the ctrl+m key command also and In this way it should work.
  7. It looks great and works fine too with the m4!!
  8. I'm trying your mod and is great!It works good in 3rd person too and here it comes my question, I use the peq2 couse It give me one refer while aiming in third person is there any way to manage the dimention and the transparency of the red light ?
  9. It's impressive , I love it!but Just one stupid question , is it possible to leave the crosshair while aiming ? I'm trying editing the crosshair_scar1.xml but maybe is not the right place.
  10. They will use this new equipment only in 2013 so probably there's no reference yet . It's a joke! PS:Nice skins !
  11. I really like the helmet and the camo pattern !Really cool!
  12. You could activate high-quality textures by editing the renderer_settings.xml in wordpad just by replace "medium" with "high" for characters and weapons.I did in this way couse My pc is really old and slow. Ps.Nice work!
  13. You have to save skins in DXT5 format , setting it from the last drop down menu.
  14. Really nice skins Lancer . And Italians as me so.........Thanks a lot!
  15. Really nice work , I will download it as soon as possible ! The camo pattern is great!Respect
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