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  1. You better listen or he'll take it down. 72% thanks for asking.
  2. Thankyou WhiteKnight I'll look into that. My Wife chose my name, not sure why she picked that but it sorta stuck with me, but your reason sounds alot better.
  3. Thankyou for your reply. Is their a tutorial on how to make the maps with 3d Studio Max, and how I pull the plugins off my DS CD?
  4. Having played Joint Operations and Delta Force Xtreme for the last couple of years, and getting into map making in a big way, I am wondering if this is going to be available for GR:AW? I have just installed the original GR to my computer to get the feel of gameplay before the new release sometime next year (March Hopefull). I know map making isn't available in the first game (if it is I have missed it) but would think it would be awesome to do for this game after viewing some of the SS, and I think it would only add the staying power of the game.
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