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  1. WOOOOOOO someone got it working! Thanks
  2. Crap didn't work....delete topic please
  3. The f-117 has only carried 2000lb. laser guided bombs up to this point but it will most likely be modified to carry other munitions in the future.
  4. umm thats an f-117... *now that you edited it my post is kinda useless*
  5. When will the next patch come out for GR? I hope they change the look of the m-16 and m4 back to the way they looked before. Is there anyway to uninstall the patch so that they look the way they did before?
  6. Sound = M60 I love the sound of the m60 in GR! All Around = RPK
  7. Yeah we need demo charges that you can set off by yourself and claymores that go off when the enemy gets within a certain range.
  8. I forget what the real AUG looks like, does anyone have any pics?
  9. What a ######! Its a war movie of course there is gonna be death!
  10. I used to have my gamma setting on 50 and I realized that GR was really dark. So i switched it to 60 and it is better. What is the best Gamma setting?
  11. Embassy- there are trees to the right of the embassy in the xbox version. Map 6 (castle)- there's a river in xbox version. Moscow- the GUM mall that leads to red square is not in Xbox version, instead it is 2 long hallways with boxes. the maps just have minor changes to them but they have the same names. *those are just the changes i noticed*
  12. The X-box maps are different from the PC maps. There are minor changes to most maps but others are changed alot.
  13. I recently played GR on Xbox and i like some of the Xbox's maps better. Is there any way to convert them to the PC.
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