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  1. It is trustworthy as far as not jamming and easy to maintain but there are some problems that the Brits have run into using them...if i'm not mistaken and if i am sorry.
  2. I'll give ya...100 billion dollars! MUWHAHAHA
  3. I didn't even think about that when i saw the screens...thanks guys!
  4. Is the European Version of GR exactly the same as the North American one...i saw this on a site and didn't know if it was GR or not...click here ====> European Version???
  5. argyll those are some of the nicest models i've seen in a while good work bud.
  6. Embassy in the windows of the bank...and i don't know theres probably others...noone really uses them online or in SP (at least i don't think so).
  7. I know i'm late in posting and this may sound rude but i don't think his question warrented that kind of reply Piccolo...
  8. http://web.sanet.ge/usembassy/ I knew it existed i just didn't know if the map was accurate sorry about the confusion.
  9. Red storm games have always had cool maps...the maps in GR are awesome. Thanks for the hard work boss!
  10. what about the embassy in Tibilisi (spelling?) if it even exists?
  11. nope just deactivate it and activate it again to change the main menu screen.
  12. IN GAME SERVER BROWSER! IN GAME SERVER BROWSER! I'm sick of using UBI or having to punch in IP's.
  13. Is that map up for download it looks sweet!
  14. Yeah i'm also in school and have a while til i get home! Good Work on the mod guys!
  15. What about Lindy? That OICW does kick major a**!
  16. I didn't think there were MP cheats in GR!
  17. They definetly need to add a way to communicate with teamates (speaking), more interaction with vehicles, coordination with air and ground vehicles (calling in support from heli's or planes), and other stuff that i'll post later cause i gotta go haha!
  18. they really need to add a way to communicate with your fellow GR players. I hate using RW or any other programs. The ability to jump over obstacles might add a little to the game too...its kinda fake when one of the most elite soldiers in the world can't climb over a little fence. It would be cool to see vehicles integrated into the gameplay more too. So many things so much time until GR2....i can't wait!
  19. woah that would be the ultimate weapon!
  20. is IP. It will be up often and other ASF members can edit the server. ALPHA STRIKE FORCE
  21. However, I have one argument.... BRUINS ALL THE WAY!!!
  22. I want to put up a dedicated server for my clan but i forget how. I remember a little while ago a tutorial about putting up a GR dedicated server but can't find it. Could someone help please?
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