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  1. haha thats great imagine being in the tank at a 90 degree angle upwards lol
  2. "hey Ramirez! did you grab my compact before you got on the bird?" "no... dumb b..." "what?!" "nothing ma'am." haha
  3. I would probably just go in and have the military pay for school and then get out...but who knows. As to what branch, i'm not sure yet. I always wanted to be a pilot but i don't have the grades or the dedication to go for something like that (however i may get a civilian pilots licensce).
  4. hahahha i know i'm a little late but this was great...
  5. If you think the Xbox version is hard the PC version is atleast 5X as hard heh...
  6. heh thats probably better then me, i'm only about 5'6" and weigh about 130.
  7. yeah i know, i don't hate people heh, i just have been described as quiet/shy before so i'm somewhat worried about that.
  8. Right now..hmmm the new guster album that i got signed when i met them in Boston....and soon probably the white stripes album <=== avatar!
  9. Nice work!! When can i download it?
  10. can't say that i have but i'll check it out...from which entrance? the top of the hill or the bottom?
  11. I really want to go into the military but am worried that i won't enjoy some aspects. I'm pretty sure i could pass the physical fitness test now and i'm only a junior in HS but i'm worried about making friends and stuff like that i still haven't made the decision yet but i have 2 more years.
  12. also the ability to customize your weapons and attachments would be nice...and each soldier should have ATLEAST 1 grenade.
  13. I was thinking of something similar to Operation Flashpoint the other day. Imagine in missions where the ghosts were going to move in and take over a city, such as vilnius, but before they do they send in a sniper who has to record the prescence of enemy tanks, apc's, etc... but can't be seen... those kind of things really improve the storyline. That sniper part could be an entirely different mission it would be really cool.
  14. I hate waiting in the lobby while people play! atleast let the people watch the game thats going on! I don't know what the guys at RSE were thinking when they came up with that idea. Thats just one more thing to add to the list of GR2 fixes.
  15. Wow argyll! You da man!! Great work bud!
  16. eh ok nm i can't do that, i was going to try that thumper mod but its an .rar file so forget it.
  17. Ghost Recon on both PC and Xbox = Fun Teaching Ghost Recon to someone = not fun haha
  18. I love the SAW in that mod..and the other guns as well. I usually just use the SAW but I love the sound of the M60.
  19. I want to personally thank all the modders of any mods for GR!! I was looking at the games on my computer and I realized that the only game I really play anymore is GR. Why is this you may ask? Well its because of the amazing talents of the modders in the GR community..This may seem random but thanks guys for all your hard work and please know that it is appreciated...I would mod myself if i had the brains and the time. You guys rock!
  20. I know i'm late but Excellent Job Ruin!
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