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  1. I'll be offline for couple of weeks while my dsl transfers to new place, moving sat, so I'll get lots of time to have a play around with my map and env and see what I can come up with then. And I'll let you know if I work anything out.
  2. I'm attempting Night Docks from GR, not sure it will be up to Biro's standard but I'll give it a go
  3. Yep like Biro said most of what you need to start with is in the tutorial, I think a few minor things were missed. But unlike me, make sure you read the tutorial when you're wide awake Thanks to Biro for putting me right on a few things! And you can always post here if you have any probs along the way, plenty of nice folks to help out
  4. Now, now children Deleyt could've maybe worded it better, but....it was concise and to the point, what more can you ask for? Move on
  5. looking great so far from screens, keep it up
  6. No command to show fps in game afaik You can use fraps to display it, or the ts overlay also displays fps
  7. I know, but I'm bored now Thanks Tinker and Evilducky for the link to the plugin
  8. I'm also attempting some landscapes in 3ds, shouldn't be too hard. Just the texturing I'm not 100% up on. Anyone have the plugin for today, save me having to reinstall graw??
  9. Same issue,but wasn't patched out. There was a TK-1 mod, by FNG(if I remember correctly) that did punish the team for a tk
  10. http://www.fileplanet.com/123603/120000/fi...eenshot-Manager Small download, print screen autosaves, and no install necessary
  11. Well that didn't work lol Install over put me back without the 19th July update so GRAW wasn't even detected. And complete reinstall, downloaded the 19th's update immediately, but now the game just closes after the load videos.
  12. Mine's doing the same, toucan error. Might be a dll. Going to attempt installing xfire over itself to see if that helps. If that fails I'll try complete xfire reinstall. And post back if it works.
  13. Do not use the filefront link, it's corrupted. Comes out at 657MB but takes just as long. Myself and someone else both got the same.
  14. ok figured that would be the answer, I'll just set the shutters to half open or something
  15. Thanks guys, got it working kind of! The audio is a 4 second clip. Added to the sound . txt in mapeditor lists. Added the sound through igor's sound volume editor, which created the effects.xml. In the map editor I put the sound for forward and reverse for my door. Works fine forwards, but when closing the door it doesn't play the sound until the door has completely shut. Is this normal? Or have I missed something?
  16. One other question I had, that I couldn't find answer to on here.... Is there a way to change door opening sounds? I've made some working roller shutters, look good, but stupid with no sound
  17. you beat me to the post! Checked it earlier, had room2 instead of room 2 duh! Problem was, when I tried another quick map I was using the same list Thanks guys
  18. I checked everything more than once, spelling, settings in map ed, plus i tried the dl'd max scene-the stair tut, which I know worked fine before. Are there any other small 3ds maps around I can download to test, or even just a 3ds file with scenecenter/levelheights which I can make a small map out of, most older links are dead, all I could find was the stair tut. Yea with the stairs I did try boards, didn't know they had to overlap. Will definitely check that if/when I get the levels to work!
  19. Decided to have a stab at finishing a map I started waaaay back last year. I knew my last save was good and worked in game, but after exporting to igor seemed it had become corrupted. Anyway, started over, went through the basic tuts made a map with a few rooms and some stairs. Exported fine, loaded up in game and fell through stairs! Try again. Exported fine on 2nd attempt, but only one level showing in igor, checked everything was ok in max file. But still no joy. I've tried to do around 10 'basic' maps to test if my levels will work, even trying the stairs tut max file(found in the forums somewhere), with inc scenecenter and shermanlevelheights. Igor still says level 1 of 1!! Worked fine one minute, not the next. Reinstalled GR, checked plugins, everything, still no luck. Anyone know if I may have hit a setting in max by accident that could cause this? Or maybe some software/hardware causing compatibility issues? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hey guys, good to see there are still mods cropping up here and there. Keep up the good work.
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