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  1. I'll add that it is currently 20% off (from $19.99USD to $15.99) on Steam until February 11th.
  2. This may be somewhat of a late reply but try www. xpadder.com it will let you config just about any controller you may have. And if you have an Xbox360 controller there is a config (www.tiny.url/6573 )already made that allows it to work with GR. Regards, Alfonso (F0NZ)
  3. One problem in multiplayer that is driving me crazy is the fact that even though I turned "OFF" the music option, the damn music is still on.
  4. I can't wait, it's 9:10 am and I'm just waiting for my local EB to open (it opens at 10:00 am) so I can go pick up my copy.
  5. Maybe, just maybe, it's a weighted average. That is, they give a higher importance to, say, "gameplay" and "value" than they do to, say, "graphics" and "sound."
  6. Ditto. It will spoil it for me to know that there are enemies behind some wall or building.
  7. Welcome to the darkside. If you get on Live be sure to send me a friend request. Gamertag is F0NZ.
  8. I take the above quote to mean that OTS view does not allow you to use camera angles to view over or around objects anymore, which if true, is good news indeed.
  9. After watching the video (nothing new really there are no major spoilers) I have to say that the first thing I'll be doing is turning all those damn diamonds and triangles off.
  10. Well, the good folks over at www.ghostaholic.com have it on their video page, just in case anyone else may be interested. http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-560.html
  11. I second that motion. I don't play respawn games, too arcady for my taste.
  12. Hopefully, it will be an announcement on when the demo, or perhaps a market place video, may be available for download.
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