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  1. STELMACK'D!!!! Hehehe, I see one of the brothers in the second picture. I don't know if they're both still working there though
  2. Excuse me, did I miss something? Isn't the "launch" date now the 17th?
  3. It's actually one of the "holes" I'm worried about made in terms of more accessible (And understandably, easier to design) gameplay. My guess right now is that no, you won't see civillians scurrying about, let alone large numbers of civillians. I also remember reading literature/summaries/press info etc. that (portions of?) mexico city had been evacuated in the face of this coup, and that it was up to your Ghosts, already on the ground to go in and clean stuff up. Only, you know, any recent look at Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will show you how quickly people can "evacuate" out of a city. Never mind that this city is constantly vying for the "most populated city on earth" crown and has huge swaths of population without the means to move themselves out rapidly. And never mind that these events, as it now seems to be revealed, drops out quick ...over a period of several (as little as three?) days. Sort of a big logic hole to deal with, and while many might be crouching down in their residences and offices hoping not to get nailed, I'm sure shanty-town walls and roofs are gonna provide great cover against mini-guns wiping enemies off of structures and the errant AT round. ...though it's certainly easy enough to see why such depth of environment wasn't addressed, both from a development point of view and from burdening the player with many more logistical, moral and unpleasant dealings. The last point also brings up another question of mine. Why is there a giant minigun assembly blocking the crew door of a blackhawk, and why is Captain Mitchel, professional ground-pounder manning it instead of Crew-Chief Charlie...you know, professional blackhawk weapons station crew chief?
  4. Awesome! Someone who remembers LP's work. RS Castle was a lot of fun for GR. Mission/Tango hunt on it was a PITA in that good, GRRRR I'm gonna get it way
  5. You know, you put some good thought into that. Care to make it interesting? *double checks the forum agreement* Talking about presidents Lincoln and Jackson are allowed here, right??!
  6. Wow, I can't type. Heh, it's all right. I still have to finish the first book, something I'm teased preiodically about. But, hey, I'm a slow reader, and a heavy gaming habit isn't helping things much either !
  7. I don't hang around these forums much, so I've only just recently seen you post (in fact, today was the second time). I did take notice of your sig immediately, though, and and I have to say I think it rocks. I also admit being surprised to see it turn up in a place like this, but hey, whatever. Far be it from me be against good reading. Would you mind if I posted in my blog? I'm sure my girl would get a kick out of it when she sees it and hears where I found it.
  8. I probably should've asked this earlier. Much earlier ..like I could make a difference. heh I noticed two things on the new PC screends I didn't notice before. First, I'm worried that the models might be doing the 'warped barrel' thing. You know, where the end of the barrel and the body of the gun are drawn to two seperate vanishing points...so that the barrel looks like it's firing towards the center of the ret/screen while the gun looks like it's being held straight out from the body if a little to the side. Someone tell me if im imagining things. I hope so Second is the ammo counter. Are we actually getting bullets/magazines? And are we actually getting tracked magazines (ala R6 / GR 1) instead of the magic 'dip into ammo pool and top off the capacity' trick? I know this was an issue that came up during GR2 development, and RSE said they would be looking at mag tracking for the PC version, but the magic pool thing worked well for console expectations. All though GRAW, I've been seeing (small number)/(Insanely huge number), which made things look doubtful. Of course, we had early builds and mostly 360 ones at that.
  9. See, that's what I always remember hearing when I think about it. They wanted the player to feel like they actually had a presence in relationship to the environment and what they were doing. You can see that pretty well, I think, in a lot of the OTS 360 clips... But you gotta ask yourself, if you're locked into first person (blame the fans , how are you going to show that? Better, how are you going to show it with the classic no FPW view? Mind you, I've always been a fan of the No FPW for immersion factor from the angle that when you're snapping away at a target 50 meters down range, what you see past the sights fills your consciousness, not crisp gun detail. But, um, I still can't answer that question of 'how do you present what your body is doing?' from that view. If GRIN can deliver on what's been suggested, dropping the gun in movement, guns rising higher when you're pressed against the floor, or angling differently when you're trying to take shots around the corner (and differently for left/right) I'd be very happy. I've always hated this 'gun held out and centered while I'm running at a full clip and the external character model shows me holding it against my chest'-decal type junk.
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