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  1. No problems here. I put GRAW into heavy rotation on my 360 for a week or so after it came out and it hasn't killed the console. That isn't to say it isn't killing other consoles, but at this point a) I'm sure dying consoles are a very, very small % of cases, and b) I don't have anything to believe that it's GRAW specific as far as triggers go.
  2. Ahhh, sunova... Edit: Never mind, 3DR to the rescue
  3. Society? Where's my blazer? Where's my pin? Where's the secret handshake? Hehe, other than that, I'm in total agreement. While I understand why (and think it's usually quite reasonable) dev teams tend to stay away from the community, especially in the pre-release phase, I think it's totally cool that GRIN has gotten "down in the pit" with us and shared as much as they have. Words can't properly describe how much I appreciate that as a gamer. Thanks a bunch, GRIN.
  4. Ack, he's in this thread now. *activates active cammo*
  5. Well, desmond22 may have beat me to providing a translation for the interview here, but it looks like I've been given clearance to share my subtitled* video work anyways Besides, I've got desmond beat. I mean why would you want to flip between your video player and the forums anyway? GRAW BO Interview - translated at file front. Thanks to Rocky for throwing this up on FF for me. I'm working on getting a mirror for you guys at the GR Retreat as well. Edit: Fast download at 3d Retreat mirror here And thanks to GRIN of course. Hope you enjoy * (It should be noted that my only qualification for doing translations is having dropped out of Chinese school after 6 years )
  6. NOOOOOO. I just got done translating and subtitling the video too! (( I was just waiting for approval to share it..
  7. You know, everyone else is right. You really should play the game. If you can't wait, play the 360 version. There's a very simple, in game explanation why the M1A2s are there, presented in the story. It's not overly complicated or disbelievable either--it in fact is something that happens all the time in foriegn relations. Since when does mexico have M1A2s? Since a certain event immediately prior to the start of the game. That's when
  8. I dunno guys *scratches head* I didn't really expect to see one of these in mexico either.
  9. Hahaha. I remember getting close enough to hear them shout stuff at me as the shot and I thought "well jeeze, that doesnt sound very polite"
  10. Congrats on getting that comitted 8hour achievement
  11. Goshdarnit, just go and take all the fun out of experimenting, why don't ya? I mean, hey, some of these guys are in college for pete's sake! Thanks Mr. Rooster!
  12. MORE GRAW! Seriously, 4 mission co-op campaign is only going to defeat and humiliate me and my buds for so long. Some day, we'll get it...and then we'll get it a lot and look for more missions! Aside from that, I'm hoping for another GR in a more drawn-out conflict. I think GRAW was a great change of pace going with a majorly urban, 3-day, high-stakes affair. And I don't mind being Urbanized a bit a gain, but if I have to save the president again, or the world from nuclear/biological/chemical catastrophe again, I'm going to be a bit upset. Basically, I hope whatever it is, GR doesn't start to suffer from "Rainbow saves the day again" syndrome. I mean we're elite, yes...but we're an elite <i>light infantry</i> unit, not some super secret black-ops, 4-man Navy Seal "team" that they they depict in the B-grade action movies that Showtime shows at 2am.
  13. Going to their camera view selects them. Like selecting a UAV, Tank or Ghost Squad in SP (if you played any SP, eheh ). Basically whatever's show in your crosscom is what's receiving your orders (either up to go there/attack, or back to fall back on me). I'm not sure, but I suspect if you select a player in your crosscom and send a go-here command, everyone on the squad gets it instead of just that one person. I can't tell you that 100% though.
  14. Select a person in the crosscom, and either use your ret, or the tac map and press "up" for the go to here command. That'll set a waypoint... ...though I don't know if that sets a waypoint for one person or the whole team. If it's one person, I don't know how to do the whole team
  15. Does it happen only/mainly when you left-trigger in? My friend was complaining that it was jumpy when it left triggered...basically really slow, or really fast. I had no problems with it on my end, and we thought in the end it might have just been the aiming mechanic...and the same for both of us but being interpreted in different ways. Personally, I don't have a movement problem when trying to aim, just an over-shoot problem, but these are still the smoothest console FPS controls I've experienced. :S
  16. Hehe, did you notice that going left trigger activates the aiming laser mounted on your weapon? It's really hard to see far out (unles you scope in), but I've used that tiny pin-point dot to bring bullets on exposed knees and feet RAWK!
  17. Here's my quick take on that, and on your take: First, to me, those are all game-play elements. Most aren't "gameplay" in and of themselves, but after having taken it for a spin for a few hours last night, I will definately say they affect the way I play the game, the why I play the game, and the way the game "feels to me." It just so happens that those things are also "new"...and shiny things get lots of attention, especially when you're not going to write down everything. And in all honesty I dont expect, don't want, and sometimes event don't like exhaustive "everything" reviews--because a review is a reivew. It's a thumbs up or thumbs down and here's why...not a description of everything. What a game has should be revealed to the player by playing it themselves--and long-ass total indepth reviews are not only boring and spoilers, but also just opinions. Again, I think the "just keep it to things you feel you have to talk about" tends to keep reviews focused on the "shiny things." I think given the Hype this title has generated, most reviewers have played a good deal of GRAW. More likely than not, they don't care about the same things as you do. *deep breath* *pant* *wheeze* Boy can I ramble. see what I mean about exhausting? To answer some specific concerns you brought up, last night I did a ton of co-op with some mates. We got flanked from the sides (and sometimes BOTH sides simultaneously) got taken from behind (and not by troops spawning behind us, but by stragglers we let go because we had new formations to deal with), and we got rushed. Enemies tend to move in squads so starting a firefight means stirring up a hornets nest usually. Some will stand out in the open, but just as many will go prone or use real hard cover. They lean/peek, and seem to respond to supression fire (hard to tell since I don't like to dump down if I don't have a chance of hitting the target)...I've never seen an enemy I know was behind hard cover peek out while I was pelting his cover with lead anyways. They frag, oh geeze do they frag And they're smart too, because it very quickly turns my positional advantages into a "move and got shot or stay and get shredded choice" I've even saw smoke once, a lot so I think it was a smoke grenade and not just from a car that got toasted, but I haven't confirmed. They also move. Some will stay by objective/choke areas, but the vast majority of squads I see move. They go on patrol, and when they here a firefight they advance towards it. If you also managed to disengage yourself from a firefight long enough without getting detected, they'll start patrolling back and forth again. It was enough that I found myself changing tactics from just being careful and taking a positional advantage to wanting to hit and run to avoid being fixed, and to use the edges of the maps to give them less avenues to flank...
  18. Hmmm. That's interesting. Reminds me a lot of observing in GR1 PC, actually. If I watched someone after I bought it, the crosshairs on my screen would always be left of the target. I'd tell them "LOOK OUT, MORE TO YOUR RIGHT"...but they'd fire and what do you know the target would go down
  19. Hmmmmm. this looking down at the ground thing, are you seeing it in singleplayer or multiplayer? In singleplayer I haven't had any problems, but I'm rarely using it to view through my soldier's eyes as I'm usually forward more than they are and/or in a position that gives me an overwatch capability if I try to set them up for an ambush or something like that. Hehe, if it's in MP, maybe you just need to get your squad-mates to look up more? I haven't noticed any problems there too, but half the time I have the cross-com set to the drone (very handy, btw), and if things are hairy, I don't have time to pay attention to that window. I will say though when I'm sitting back, and enjoying a beere while my mates are doing the hardwork, I have no trouble with the crosscom seeing the badguy right infront of them that kills them.
  20. I tried the X on the controller but all that came up was "turn off your console/controller." I must have missed it. Cool..I'll have to try that once I find the weapon I like most. Thanks. ← BoB - Just tap the big X (start button) once to bring up your Gamer Panel. You hold it down for 3 seconds or so to bring up the shutdown console/controller menu. The Gamer Panel is very handy as it's now a standardized way to check your friends list in the middle of anything (a game, a movie, pizza, etc. ) ...well, except for downloads. That's alos how you're going to invite friends if you decide to host a private game. Just host the game, then bring up your gamer panel, go to your friends list and start highlighting friends and hit X (the blue faceplate X button). And shame you missed Docks. Docks is the SEX. Very dangerous though, especially in co-op. There's lots of nooks and crannies for the AI to come at you from. Gulch has no cars, btw, but rather a big canyon feel to it with a bridge overhead. I'm thinking you played on "Nowhere." Did you give co-op a try? the 4 co-op maps are GREAT, and trying to achieve all the co-op objectives without dying is a PITA Oh yeah, and my first impression? I'm not cleared for using the GLs yet. First three times I picked it up, I sauced myself and at least half the team
  21. I have noticed (in single player anyways) you can't shoot the moment you switch your guns, etc. I also have to pull the trigger all the way back. There's enough play in it that I can squeeze the right trigger a little, then fully back when I want to fire.
  22. RAWK! Scorage, and Good luck, Cobb!
  23. Wow. I was gonna say how surprised I was you didn't pick my early review, but I just clicked on those links and boy do they suck
  24. Ha! Here's what I can tell you so far. The plastic wrapping around the case smells good and fresh. Slightly toxic, in that "just made plastic" sort of way...very comperable to the new car smell. Spending another 4.5 hours+ at work, by contrast, doesn't smell so good right now :S
  25. Bubblegum Bubblegum in a dish... Or better yet, 30-way Rocks Papers Scissors
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