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  1. Wow, looks like it. good catch. ...are you sure it didn't just hit the lip of the gunner's hatch?
  2. Same question that was raised with GR1. It's a way of life
  3. Hey, where's oblivion? This is a very bad time for me. I'll likely play GRAW PC and 360, plus Oblivion, plus some PDZ, plus some pick up games of GR1 when GRAW makes our crew nostalgic, plus HOMMV, plus some other 360 titles I'm anticipating if they actually reach here, plus.. Gah, and I wonder why I've been slow to find a new job out of state. :S
  4. I've got a related question you guys can hazzard a gues at. One of my GR buds is looking to upgrade his machine. At present he has a: P4 2.8c 1 GB DDR400 9800XT Originally, he wanted to add another GB of RAM and upgrade video card to "extend" the life of his rig a bit (and hold him over until he decides to build a new one). Now it seems he can only afford to add new RAM. I was thinking he would get more milage if he could find a way to upgrade the video card instead...but I wanted to get your opinions before I turned around and mentioned it to him. Thoughts?
  5. I just took offence to the other developer showing up in here and telling us not slobber all over GRIN and to wait untill the game comes out to be happy. As much as any dev would like to see fans excited over their upcoming product, that's actually pretty good advice to begin with. (and for what little my opinion is worth, I'm kind of tired of seeing some fans punch-drunk-drooling over a yet to be released product one moment, only to be angry claiming "betrayal" when the product doesn't live up to their overhyped expectations) And second (and I could definately be wrong about this) I don't think John was replying to or dirrecting anything towards desmond or the rest of GRIN so much as he was replying to fan comments, and the presence (and expectation/effect) of "realism" in games. It's possible that desmond may have mistook something for being directed their way, or he may have legitmately taken exception to something all the same, but in all fairness I have yet to see Mr. Sonedecker knock their game. In fact, I even recall him commenting that "that looks hot" when a set of screenshots came out a month or so ago. But as far as that is concerned, devs are big boys and girls...they're certainly capable of handling such things between themselves.
  6. LOL. I thought most of you were allowed to post? Well, I'm grateful that you and the others stopped by to post, answer questions and other things, ...despite all sorts of whining, speculation, and giddiness crap you probably had to endure. So thanks to you guys too
  7. Bet it reminds you of the old RSE forums, especially in the later/Post RS days. *sniffs the air* ahhh, nostalgia
  8. God Bless Summer Sequels ...and people with too much free time
  9. My two thoughts: spawn on leader is probably like you said (UbiRazz mentioned this in the I27 video clip actually). And you're reading three seperate lines of information as one. Instead of Unassigned team tactical points, I'm venturing it means simply Player (Seven) Player's Team Status (Seven has no assigned team) Player's Tactical Points (Seven has earned 135 points)
  10. While you're waiting on the rooster, let me offer my own thoughts and speculation: Tons of reasons, just like any other military development project gets axed. - OK, so there's your standard DoD politicking (not to mention HEAVY lobying from Colt) - Budget crunching, + increased spending on Iraq and soldier pay/recruitment/benefits. - lobying / politicking from other potential arms providers who complained that the XM8 got unfair consideration (it was spun off the OICW programme, instead of entered into a general call/competition for a new service rifle). - It was a child of a canceled development project (OICW), that was over budget and overweight. - It had it's own weight issues. Through several revisions, they still couldn't get it down to the target empty weight (though they got closer) - It had several other prototype issues (some of which were solved later) such as short batery life for the optical site. - (mostly total guess), bad project management in general, lack of clear design requirements and general logistical anxiety about replacing existing weaponry. --- I'll also throw in for consideration: - It did not accept the standard M16 magazine, which the DoD seems to be a BIG stickler for. This probably added to the logistical nightmare association too. - As a "family of arms" the picture wasn't complete. the LMG/SAW variant did not have a belt feed capability (another big DoD stickler), or the ability to change the barrel very quickly, as you do with the m249.
  11. heh, there goes another one. It of course, had its troubles too shame, though, it looked like a promising project.
  12. *cires* I hope not. If I can't show off my 0.01% accuracy with 1000+ rounds fired and "most team kills", I don't know how I'm going to find my worth in GR games anymore :S
  13. It claims another one. hehe! *goes back to hiding in shame* :S
  14. Yes. matty, sorry to start with such a basic question, but you have some sort of storage device, right? either the 360 harddrive or a memory card unit. And when you start a new campaign, a 360 blade pops up asking you where you want to save your progress, right? Assuming that all goes well, then Big Ol Brain is right. The game saves your progress once you reach certain intervals or objectives in the mission (usually, its at every objective). So, in the first mission for example, the game will save when you reach the rally point. If you die after you reach the rally point, you can start from there, instead of from the begining of the mission. If you're dying before you get to the rally point, then the only thing to do is to slow down. Make excellent use of cover and of aiming. check your corners as you pass the, and don't run aorund corners blind.
  15. It's already been stated. You get 8-base weapon bulks.
  16. I don't feel really screwed. Infact, I'm kind of glad to see a streamlined weapons selection. It feels like you belong to an army and infantry unit, that standardizes around a set of weapons for a set aof situations, instead of the bigges tlibrary list they can cram in there. Plus, you really need to look at what you're comparing to. Let's take one set of guns for example: SCAR-L Carbine SCAR-L CQC SCAR-LCQC/EGLM SCAR-L/EGLM That's all the SCAR-L, and that's all covered by the SCAR-L in the PC version too. Add a supressor on the end and you'll get what the SCAR-L CQC was in the 360 version. Add a grenade launcher and you get the SCAR-L/EGLM Add both you get the SCAR-LCQC/EGLM (plus I'm going to guess you get to retain all the firing modes). then take for example, a SCAR-L w/ supressor w/ grenade launcher w/ a 4x scope. You can build tha tin the PC version, but you didnt get it the 360 version.
  17. *shakes ironclad fist* I'll get you next time, Gadget, next tiiiimmmee... ← LOL. Do you honestly think I would not pass this word around as fast as I could as I have been a big opponent of SF since I first had a taste of it? ← Actually, I figured you were probably done and satisfied after posting that GRAW would not have it (and with Bo confirming that in thread later).
  18. *shakes ironclad fist* I'll get you next time, Gadget, next tiiiimmmee...
  19. Well, it looks like not only is GRAW gonna be StarForce free, but so is the rest of UbiSoft, potentially. Ubi Drops StarForce Remember kids, boycotting (entertainment) products generally doesn't work, especially in an industry already used to low sales numbers. There was a good editorial somewhere, that said the best way to make a publisher like Ubi turn around on such a policy is to make them uncomfortable, even ashamed, to be associated with it. Corporate image is a very powerful tool indeed.
  20. Heheh, this one is all over the place, but I'll answer it. The "football" reffers to the briefcase that follows the president of the united states around everywhere (usually carried by a secret service agent, I believe). Inside are the authorization codes to launch a nuclear attack. Basically, it's what enables the president to order nuclear weapons delivery wherever he is. Recovering the football in this game is very different from saving the world cup
  21. Back to the topic of lethal range (and this is potentially dangerous, so forgive me), did anyone ever play Sniper Elite, or the demo? For the dificulty settings, they had two choices for the lethal grenade range. Realistic (like 17m if I recall correctly) and Hollywood (21 or 25m). I laughed, but then it got me thinking. I agree, it seems like games generally needed to increase the lethality radius of hand (especially fragmentation) grenades, where as Hollywood really needs to tone them down. What do you think? Heh, and I loved how in R6, RS and GR I would occasionally think if I can just get the grenade over there, I'm safe here...and BLAM! I would take myself out all the same
  22. This means you're NOT gonna kill me, right? (hope there wasn't any offense given) But um, yeah. I think it was the pepsi
  23. +1 here. More Co-Op Campaign from RSE. Those 4 maps (and missions) were the absolute best of it all.
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