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  1. Aye. MK46 is the SAW, and I thought they were using the MK48 in this one (basically a 46 rechambered for 7.62)
  2. Well it's been discussed/revealed before... so someone can fill you in on the rest I don't remember. I can tell you this much, from what I remember hearing/seeing: - You can issue commands to the whole team and to individual members of the team. So yes you can split them up. - Commands get waypointed, so you can issue commands to follow a certain path you designate. You can also tell them which way to face. - There's an execute button, but I don't think there are multiple go-codes. It doesnt look like you can put in multiple halts, but at least you can issue commands and tell them "go" before you do it. - I'm not sure, but it looks like when you get them to "look" in a dirrection, you can also tell them to focus down range (for longer sight distance), or wider, to cover more area.
  3. Have you tried Silent Storm? That's a great squad turn-based game. The voice acting and story are a little off but the gameplay itself is excellent IMO. ← Hehe. Yeah, I've played Silent Storm 3 times so far...though I've never finished it I love it, and I love using the destructable environments to my advantage (tearing down walls with MGs, or collapsing structures on/under my enemies). I want something a little more modern though...plus with more management (JA had mercenary management, XCOM had base/technology management, etc). Silent Storm just didn't have the strategic element I loved so much from the older games. I was looking at the second SS title (the mercenary one), but I never picked it up, and really don't have any inclination to at this time..
  4. GB Crush

    Arm Joe

    You probably won't find out all that much from the articles... Anyway, looks more like a KOF take to me. Looks like you can play a number of characters (Valjean, Javert, Eponine, Cosette (she was added later), ...etc). There were two characters the created added on his own, a bunny and something called judgement. I know there's a Robot Valjean (or was it Robot Javert?), though I'm not sure it's the same person. There's some discussion on it on arstechnica I believe, someone's played thorugh it and mentioned some stuff. (Like how Cosette has a cheap sliding attack, and that when she kicks, Valjean appears and adds an extra hit or something). There's also a move list out there somewhere. Gonna fire it up tonight and see what's up
  5. GB Crush

    Arm Joe

    any of you like Les Misérables? OK, now do any of you like fighting games? Hehehe. I grabbed that puppy this morning. From 1up's column: You're going to want to sit down for this one. It's a little hard to tell from the title, but Arm Joe is, in fact, a Les Miserables fighting game. Seriously. No fooling. It's almost exactly as if someone had lifted the characters directly from the book and replaced all the tragedy, angst, revenge and redemption with fireballs and back-brain kicks. More screenshots and an interview with the creator here.
  6. w000tage! Been waiting on this for a while now. It's been ages since I've had a good Turn Based Tactical...*grumbles* or at least as close to it as you can get. Sorry sup, I'm an XCOM fan first...but JA (especially JA2) was good. (JA2 was also a PITA, but, eh ). I've been waiting to see how this and JA3 turn out. Definately looking forward to the "Real world" weapons systems and management I liked so much about JA2.
  7. Assuming you're red, right? You'll be forced to get it back. You need an unbroken line from your "base" to a point you're trying to capture. There's no way to "supply" a base from a forward base that's also been cut off. Going from everything I've heard, anyway.
  8. GRIN, you have my many thanks. The enthusaism you have put into building this game is more than enough to be grateful for. That you chosen to spend extra time with us is well...quite appreciated. Likewise, it may not be what you want to hear right now, but to the staff and admins of GR.net, thank you as well. Thank you for giving us the chance to speak our minds--for better or for worse, and for trying to keep this place orderly and welcoming to anyone who visits...especially on busy days like this. And if I can be so presumptuous, I'd like to thank the rest of you for "going light" the rest of the day and avoid the negative commentary (no matter how much you think someone deserves it) Remember that the people who run this place already have to deal with the fall out of the day, have had to close a score of threads as people tried to ask for the same things over and over, and have had to deal venting their anger with personal attacks...all without having the spotlight of being a developer. They're already keeping a tired eye on every thread, don't make it any tougher for them.
  9. I'd be willing to bet that's a "NO" I know the directory structure says "PC," and I think I even remember that picture beingcalled a PC screenshot, but that is DEFINATELY a 360 style hud information pane, and I'm pretty sure a render of the 360 G36K. It also bears remembering that before the 360 release (and when there was almost no PC media), several 360 shots were categorized as PC shots (Gamespot was particularly bad about this). Also, it would generally violate one of GRIN's 4 rules about putting "new guns" in the game, since a similar purpose and feel would be occupied by the M8 we know is in there. Hell, since we even have shots of the "Mexican" side using M8s in multiplayer (the i27 photos that FPSForces took), I'd even be willing to bet that G36Ks are not a player-usable weapon. Of course, I could be totally wrong on this
  10. Does anyone else find it amusing to see Xenosoft reply to Xeno?
  11. It means the development is done, and that they have produced a "master" disc which they send off to manufacturing for mass production. in other words, out of development's hands, approved, and is on the way to shelves shortly
  12. Well now, the same interview is up at C&VG, in that same old "we'll post another Q&A without clearly stating where it came from way. It's funny how this is one of their forum rules: - Pasting copyrighted material from other sites If you’ve spotted something on another site that you want to share with fellow forum users, by all means provide a link to it or summarise the story in your post. Don’t just copy and paste huge chunks of text directly from another site – chances are it’ll be copyrighted material, and chances are, they won’t be too happy with it appearing un-credited on our forums. But I guess top level content isn't the same as a forum post
  13. *grumble 2* OK, this is old news. I know I've read these exact words somewhere else? Previous C&VG review just with the date pushed up to today? they seem to do that alot. edit: whhooops. found it. they lifted it off the GRAW UK site.
  14. don't worry folks, this one is also amazingly short. They interview like a sparrow edit: *grumble* forgot about the pseudho html
  15. I've have access to the an RSE forum archive from the R6 days. I'm sure I can find one for you from back then
  16. They're busy tipping a few back. Sheesh you rabid dogs, let the swedes drink in peace:D
  17. Oh hell yeah! Optimized Streaming Experience my behind
  18. I just don't get this.... The game got delayed because it was unfinished. The membership here had a fit!!!! Some even said put it out unfinished and patch it later. Now the game has gone gold. It's going to be released, but not at the level to everyone's satisfaction. However, it has already been stated that it will be patched to continue to meet the demands of the community, but people are still complaining almost as much as if it was delayed again to include more MP modes. ← In general people (rabid fans especially) want to b#@$%, want everything, and want it now. About the only thing in the world that can satisfy all three cravings are people b%#@^ing about everything right now.
  19. I saw the other topic on the GRAW PC forums, and for some reason started thinking about Rum. Rum and GRAW-a-cola. Hmmm. Think it'll rum on my PC?
  20. He said it's tomorrow, read the thread again ← Heh. Snag an actual video file instead of a stream, and I can subtitle it for ya
  21. What a damn shame. May you find a better place, Goliath
  22. My speculation: I'm wondering if you'll actually see that in game or not. That seems to be an old sound asset, possibly back from the E3 demo days. Another thing to note is the guy says "Major, the VIP..." Contrast that to the 360 version. I can't ever recall any Majors being addressed in the 360 version, let alone in connection with any of the VIPs. Plus we know that the PC version is utilizing many of the same sound assets. I'm not saying it couldn't have changed, but the GamesRadar grab of the HALO insertion shows the same opening briefing as the 360 version for one. This trailer has a (quite apparently) dubbed over "Go go go.." and a "looks like you gotta hump it the rest of the way" which is definately pulled from a later instance. thoughts?
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