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  1. I don't have the hard quotes to back it up, but everything I can seem to remember tells me no ...which, aside from a bunch of googly-eyed-guys getting kicks out of playing girls, I think is a real shame. It's the small details that are making this demo for me, so I imagine it's the small details that are keeping some of the girls from feeling as "there" in the experience. ...but heck, I could be wrong and just mixing in what I heard about the 360. Co-op seems to use the character models too, so maybe you can play as an "Alicia Diaz" player model in full MP.
  2. I gave it another day or two of play and thought and have collected my general thoughts, along with a few screen shots. They're up over here
  3. Yeah. I was a bit surprised, but I just called one of my friends that works at an EB Games, and the DVD Rom version looks to be the only SKU they're getting in stock. sounds to me this may be a DVD-only release (and a bout time!) like Oblivion was, or at the very least another DVD-first run release. That suits me just fine.
  4. No, F is just more important. F = reload, R = rate of fire for me, ever since the R6 days
  5. I actually can do it quite quickly without thinking, most times. Two things helped me though, I switched my "switch weapon key" to T, the same way I had it in GR1, so it's right there without having to bend fingers really. Second, my scroll wheel doesnt fly around, and it's not too stiff, but still has noticible clicks. Switching between my M8 and the attached GL, for instance is a matter of hitting T and tugging down on the wheel just so, simultaneously. Basically, I can do it by feel while still eyeing the center of the screen....but sometimes I do screw up
  6. Didn't I tell you? That's why the Team Lead has the SCAR. Everyone else gets M8s to remind them to provide ADEQUATE COVER FIRE for him...or sacrifice their AI-body-robbing lives if need be
  7. Oooh mikey, me rikey! I didn't futz around much with the settings, just tested the default ones I got. On my system: A64 3500+ 2x512MB RAM (Corsair UL) 7800GTX It ran smooth as silk and pretty enough, even without upgrading video drivers which I will. The body has weight (as well as, well, a body and legs and feet) and this is taking some getting used to, but I love the feel it's imparted. I also have to get used to using the "change stance" system instead of having a one-key crouch...perhaps my only gripe, but it's been good to lean UP over something too. And heck, I did more running in GR1 than I did here. Definately have to be cautious which is good. I'm a big fan of no FPW, mostly because I "don't think it" when I'm concentrating down range...but damn, I like this. RSE once said they took it out of R6 (you can re-enable it in the original if you play around) because they wanted to do it right and the resources just werent there. Well this feels this feels pretty well damn done. Gotta go back and play around with it some more, experiment more with the AI both friendly and not, but I'm loving this demo so far. Job well done.
  8. Heh, did you only take two guys with you, or did you lose one along the way?
  9. Heh. That never crossed my mind. :S
  10. but if things don't work out that way too well, I just picked up my copy of Ace Combat Zero! Anyone else enjoy this series? Heh, of course, I'm hoping to be able to play GRAW PC Demo quite well...which will either lead me to a very odd juggling act, or no more than 4 hours of sleep tonight.
  11. Like someone else suggested, if you have any other games to play, especially games that'll stress your PC more, give that a spin and see what happens. If it's anything physical, though, my money is on bad RAM, not a PSU. This is also a symptom of a hole in your memory, and something I've seen myself a few times. It also seems to happen disproportionately on higher end systems as people either a) try to push their rigs harder (tighter timings, etc) or just manage to get faulty components (it happens, even straight out of the factory). Anyway, what are your RAM timings set at? do you know? I know some of the earlier batches of A64s have issues with tight timings of 2-2-2 or so. If you wanna test your memory, memtest86+ is a good tool.
  12. Dumb question, but what OS are you using, and are your drivers WHQL certified? I built my newest rig as an MCE box, which appears to be a bit picker on the drivers for some reason. For the longest time, I'd upgrade to the latest drivers, but I just could not find anything above 1024x768 in 99% of my games..even though I was running a 7800GTX. Then the latest drivers started getting WHQL certification again, and after I installed them I got the full suite of resolution options to pick from again.
  13. Someone mentioned this in one of the demo threads, but it quickly got lost in the swamp of posts as more people got their hands on the demo. I figured I would break it out here: Anyway, it seems the latest beta drivers here for nvidia cards seemed to have offered them much needed performance improvements. So I posted that over to the folks I play with on our forums. One of the guys I game with also had performance issues that these betas cleared up. If you have an nvidia card, maybe these will help you? Give them a try and let the rest of us know. I fully intend to try it myself when I get home from work.
  14. Just a thought, since I can't test it myself yet. Is there any way to "lean downwards", to get a shot under like that?
  15. OMG! and people thought I was joking when I subtitled that interview video!
  16. Well heck, that's close to my configuration... er... I mean, well heck, give your demo to me, I'll play it
  17. You mean the demo, right? *steers this thread back on topic*
  18. I think you missed my point. there are no classes (edit: darn bbcode, grumble grumble)
  19. There are no "classes" to build bonuses off of in the PC version. Grab a gun and have at it
  20. hehehe. Thankgoodnes ZJJ gave us the static photoshopped one. VIACOM acquires xfire
  21. ! It's about time they started delivering DLC for PDZero. Shame though it looks like its more deathmatch/adverserial type maps. The game type is fun, but co-op is absolutely where it's at. Hopefully they'll start offering some real content. And unlockable stuff too, like they hinted at. Collecting is a cheap gimmick, but it arguably part of what made GoldenEye and Perfect Dark so fun
  22. *grumbles* you're right, I'm being lazy.
  23. Well, if LowProfile is still interested in the GR scene, I'll see if I can pitch the idea to him...you may get at least a couple maps that way. Of course, my guess is that he's still totally absorbed in customizing his 1200DVD changer home theater
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