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  1. Good advice. It is loading fine now. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, Kimi. 2 & 3 are great. I couldn't find 1.
  3. Coop/adversarial maps: Bridges (Island Thunder) Stronghold (Island Thunder) Depot (Desert Siege) Riverbed (Desert Siege) Ghost Town (Desert Siege) Adversarial maps: Roadblock (Desert Siege) Island (Island Thunder) Treatment Plant (new) Mining Camp (new)
  4. I expect to be around 0/15. Maybe we can just keep meeting in E5.
  5. "We were unable to complete the missing game types to our satisfaction in time for the release deadline. Rest assured the game types will be made available in the future." - Me (but you know RSE's response would be something like that) I can wait. I've barely scratched the surface of the things to do in this game.
  6. I'd like to be able to map the B button back to grenades/last used weapon. This is an impressive game if that's all I can find to gripe about.
  7. I was expecting fireworks and dancing in the street when it happened, but all I can report is a post by UbiRazz: "It's gone Gold already with a release date of Friday, 9th March 2007 in the UK" March 8th in US/Canada.
  8. You know it'll play out that way once in a while, just not by plan. Those moments will be great, if you are on the right end of the rifle.
  9. I think Rocky Coast and Shoreline came up in the vids because the reporters couldn't remember the name of Rocky Cove. I've been wrong before though. In 1993.
  10. My guess... or wish... 6 new adversarial+co-op maps 8 new adversarial-only maps 4 retro maps (Embassy, Quarry?...) 3 time settings (day, dusk, night) ? weather settings. Anybody know if there are any?
  11. Nope. Take your time, get it right and we'll enjoy it for years. Rush it and it'll be gathering dust after a month.
  12. Waypoints were the greatest thing to happen to MP. Quick communication that made teamwork easier. It isn't realistic, but I don't care.
  13. Ahhh, then I'll be the one cowering behind the bush in the corner. You'll never find me, unless nervous incontinence gives me away. Really though, I think your post just triggered my reflex complaint about the blurry blob vision. I wasn't disagreeing with you.
  14. I'd prefer it was set on some fictional island. The devs wouldn't have to honour any real geography, and could design the maps the way they want to. Want snow maps? Add a mountain range or put in seasonal weather. Similarly, I'd like fictional factions. The opposition in SP could have the same toys as us, and it wouldn't have to be US vs. US in MP. I want night vision. If there has to be thermal vision, map it to some other button. There are night maps in GRAW but, with the thermal/night vision, I just turn up the brightness and turn them into day maps.[/MandatoryNightVisionRant]
  15. Easy there, Ick. This did start out as a PC thread. And there are a bijillion places to discuss PC vs. console. To the topic: Are the Clancy games relevant? I have to say yes, but that is in part because they are the best things going. The games have been sped up and simplified for the masses, there is enough of the old spirit left in them that they are still great.
  16. Good stuff, Ick. Thanks for the long hours you have put into compiling all that information.
  17. I too want the GR night vision back. If there has to be thermal vision, keep it separate from the night vision.
  18. Play with me and you'll have bulging trigger muscles again in no time. GT: Maulasses
  19. Enjoy those faceplates, Twisty and Boozer. And I'm not bitter about losing... Honest. Thanks, Rocky, for making this happen.
  20. Good point, Wing. The ports you need open on your router are listed HERE.
  21. Things you can try: 1) Have everyone test their connection speed (Visualware is one such service, but there are lots of others). Whoever has the highest UPLOAD speed should host. 2) Mute your mikes before you launch the room, and keep them muted for 5 or 10 seconds after the rooms starts. I don't know if this helps, but it can't hurt. Best of luck!
  22. Having MP-only maps means they have been tailored to get us into action ASAP, which to me is a good thing. The game is no longer about picking a weapon as fast as you can, running flat out to the middle of the map, stopping and peaking. Now there is only a few seconds to get out of the spawn and from then on the game is all stealth. Do you really miss the 90 second dash on Bunker Hill/LMS? Or the 4 minute hike to take the long way around on Peaks/Siege?
  23. Now I see what you are saying, Ghost. If there is a 360 version, then the old Xbox version won't be back compatible. Pity, they could have sold me two games.
  24. Not the crossover games... Will the GRAW for the old Xbox run on the 360? It would have to be backwards compatible like GR2SS.
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